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No majority for anyone in TN

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Saravana Kumar
Bogus Votes
by Saravana Kumar on Apr 17, 2006 04:27 PM

What about the votes of s/w engineers in onsite and those working away from their home town? will they be turned to bogus votes? will the EC come with a new solution to make these votes counted ...?

S/W Engineer

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ADMK - More Chances
by Prabhagar on Apr 17, 2006 09:25 AM

I think ADMK have the better chance than DMK. Even Vijahkanth is not going to get a single seat, he'll share few votes. Because he can get min 100 votes from every village. That would be favour to ADMK.

The following are the + and - for the both parties...


Plus : Vijaykanth, Vaiko, Jaya's braveness

Minus : Past Mistakes


Plus : Alliance

Minus : Color TV, 2 Rs Rice, Alliance, MK's age factor, SUN TV's domination

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Vinod Kumar
Why DMK should win?
by Vinod Kumar on Apr 16, 2006 07:19 PM

DMK built flyovers, bridges, ports and improved airport using Central and State Govt resources. Also projects like Sethu and Nokia are happening because of Central govt. Jaya is claiming credit for a lot of central govt measures and funds. She also complains of 'family politics'. what about Jaya's family dealings with Sasikala family. Her cronies like TTV dinakaran and Natarajan have occupied half of Madurai. DMK gives good administration and infrastructure projects. Jaya's claim to fame is doling out flood money which killed 60 people in stampede. Vaiko is a big mistake to trust Jaya!! Look at Vajpayee, Vazhapadi, Moopannar, Jayendrar Saraswati, Karate, Ponnaiyan and a long list of others who have been used and then shamed by her.

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Vote-off Primitive thinking
by Shiva on Apr 16, 2006 05:32 PM

Its disappointing that parties are still convincing voters with their primitive thinking.
DMK- on one hand is pretty much ruled by a person of 76yrs+ who still wants to stay in active politics by convincing people with promises which are not totally related in any way to the current issues that any ordinary person is facing right now. Instead issues like Free Television are given importance. What was he thinking? Is there any person in their party who thinks about real future in educated way? Do they have any leaders who can think beyond the boundaries of family needs?
AIADMK- the other one which tries to take decisions based on political revenge. Most of the best days of tenure have gone in blaming the other parties for its failures. Dont they ever stop? Bring policies that are totally opposed by the people who work for the govt. during the tenure, but during election time bringing proposals of being supportive in terms of bonuses and salary incentives.
Dont people learn that these primitive thinking makes a mockery of the whole Democratic system. Disgusting to caste my vote for waste to such parties and people. Bring in parties who dont think and use politics in this way.

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It is AIADMK again!
by R.Padmanabhan on Apr 16, 2006 05:00 PM

I am a committed DMK voter but it is a foregone conclusion that AIADMK is going to be back to power. Reasons are simple

As a single party, AIADMK still has more popularity. There is no doubt about this. If MDMK was with the DMK alliance it would have been really close. Since MDMK has crossed over to AIADMK front (as it always does) it makes Js task easier. People talk about arithmetic, grand alliance of Lok Sabha election etc. It is relevant and logical to look at the kanchi,gummidipoondi bye-election results rather than Lok Sabha results.

Also the small parties like Vijayakanth's will hamper DMK more than AIADMK
TN has alwyas given a decisive mandate. So all this talk of hung assembly, no single party getting majority is very unlikely.
TN makkal dont have an alternative till a third person comes to replace J or K. The natural choice is Js poes neighbour, Rajini and he is unwilling to enter fray when K is fighting the elections.
So people are left with only J or K and they prefer J now. So whether you and I like it or not,this election is a repeat of last one. I m foreseeing a poorer performance from DMK in chennai city, considered to be its fort.

Let us wait!

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We dont want kings rule under MK
by Mohanram on Apr 16, 2006 04:59 PM

Even though high powers are there with Rahul gandhi, Jothir aditya Sidhya, they just elected to MPs, they are not got any Ministership. In the case of Dayanithi Maran, he first time elected to MP and then got the cabinet Minister post. Is the party of DMK not having single person who having equal talent of Dayanithi?. No its all about the selfishness of MK. In the DMK party also more decesitions are made by MK's family member. So we tamil people dont want kings rule. We should vote against them. Other wise it should be the acceptence of Kings rule.

DMK wont get more than 50 seats this time.

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All Predictions go wrong if educated can vote???
by uma on Apr 16, 2006 04:48 PM

Hi all,

People who are educated are not going to vote. So please stop all the predictions and find the ground reality that is nothing but the common and uneducated votes to party that he decides should come next. Whether they give TV OR A/C does not matter. I am little bit harsh on the persons from the IT back ground commeting this things because they are the first persons who will not go for voting.

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TN Election 2006
by sankar on Apr 16, 2006 03:53 PM

I expect the votes will get divided among the various parties. Key contest is between ADMK and DMK only

The victory will be by close margins

TN voters always elected single party whole heartedly

Amma is my choice to win

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