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No majority for anyone in TN

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polls 2006 tamilnadu
by balaji on Apr 15, 2006 12:15 PM  | Hide replies

my prediction is


DMK+ 90


software analyst

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Tamilnadu Elections.
by N.S.Murali on Apr 15, 2006 11:52 AM

In My opinion DMK and their allies will get an absolute Majority based on the strenth of individual Parties in the allaince.Jayalaliutha should have included BJP,Forward Bloc led by Karthic and TDMK led by Actor turned Polition Vijayakanth in to her fold so that she would have given DMK and allies a neck to Neck competition. But unfortunately her Ego doesnot allow her to have alliance with these parties for which she will regret later.

However it is not good for the state and People of tamilnadu to have a DMK led Govt at its helm as Karunanidhi and his men will misuse the power as they have done on earlier occassions when they were at the helm.Now with 13 ministers at the centre with prime posts and if the state administration is also in their hand(IF they won) then there is no checks which is not good for a Demacracy. Karunanidhi will promote his son and his family members only as he ha sdone in the past and Mr stalin will be CM in course of time.

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Mani kandan D.
by Mani kandan D. on Apr 15, 2006 11:30 AM

It is pathetic to note that poor public is taken for ride in every election.

DMK's election offer of free tvs, Rs.2 per kg rice, etc. Is he going to pay from his pockets? NO, it is only thru Govt. exchequer. As per few estimates, Rs. 80 - 100 lakhs per month will be the nett income thru ads, etc.. for SUN TV++ thru free tvs offered to the public. What had he done for the upliftment of the public and state during his tenure of 4 times as CM. He had generated the massive wealth of few thousand crores for his family alone.

Present CM may be having some administrative ability but it is too autocratic. NO minister is functioning independently. Her recent sops are only because of her defeat in the latest parliament elections. She did not handle the govt. employees strike professionally and diplomatically. It could have been handled in better way (initial sacking was OK but employees would have re-instated within 01 month with strict warning, not after losing in lok sabha elections).

Vaiko: opportunist like others.

Public is looking for alternative option. Mr. Vijayakanth may be the next option, his intentions are clear, he has bright future and long innings to play.

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AIADMK is better
by atul on Apr 15, 2006 12:25 AM  | Hide replies

I personally feel that AIADMK has done a better job in terms of law and order, taking bold decisions and better governence. Compared to Mr. MK, Ms JJ is a more efficient and capable leader.
The gifting of TVs is nothing but a political gimmick. How long will our leader be talking like this, instead they must work out a way to improve the quality of life in the state and weed out corruption.

I really cant understand how gifting of TV will help people in anyway. It is rather going to be more difficult for the low income group people with extra electricity and cable bill.

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by Vinod on Apr 14, 2006 06:58 PM

Jaya is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Have you forgotten that she toppled the central govt twice because of her arrogance and greed? She is claiming credit for Tsunami, investment and bank loans. If you think carefully, most of this is because of central govt funds and aid from others.
Secondly, the political/naxalite/Telangana problems in Karnataka and AP have caused investors to turn to TN. If ChandraBabu was still in power in AP, not a single investmenet would have come to TN. Credit is also due to Maran/P.Chidambaram for bringing Nokia, Alcatel and other bank funds to TN.
Jaya is the worst when it comes to family politics - the SasiKala family. If you travel to Madurai you will realize that half of the district is now owned by TTV Dinakaran.
DMK built roads, bridges, schools and provided better administartion that Jaya. My vote is for DMK alliance.

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Tamil Nadu Polls 2006
by Priya on Apr 14, 2006 03:33 PM  | Hide replies

Seeing the response Dr.Kalaignar getting from the Tamils where ever he goes for campaigning , it seems that the following will be final tally.
DPA Alliance


AIADMK Alliance


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RE:Tamil Nadu Polls 2006
by rajesh on May 03, 2006 08:10 PM
ur wrong. amma will get no more than 30 seats. let her pack her baggages and settle in karnataka from where she hails

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sam k suresh
Amma All the way
by sam k suresh on Apr 14, 2006 08:46 AM  | Hide replies

There is no incumbency factor in tamilnadu and according to the recent survey by very renowned opposition supported English daily reports that 67% of the voter are satisfied with the present functioning of this Government headed by Jayalalitha.Then how do we expect the DMK combine to garner so many seats, i doubt very much in my prediction AIADMK should win this elections hands down.
Sam K Suresh
Commodity consultanat

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