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No majority for anyone in TN

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Anitek Bhattacharya
Regimented Society
by Anitek Bhattacharya on Apr 15, 2006 04:35 PM

Regimented society
I am borne and brought up in Kolkata and for last 15 years residing in other State. What I feel is that for last 29 years, West Bengal has become a regimented society. The edcuated people also speak in unique style giving no access to new idea. The idea delivered and spreaded by the party through cadres and sympathizers (the madrasa of these people are student unions, trade unions and so-called intellectuals of west bengal ). They will argue at any length and would not accept their fault. If there is fault, that should be admitted only and only by Mr. Buddhadev Bhattacharya. It is an unbelievable situation.
As we see during long period of ruling of Pt.Nehru , the entire bureaucrat ( IAS, IPS ) were reflecting the language of Nehru govt. The same thing happens today in West Bengal. The IAS and IPS (except under the pressure of Election Commissioner )say the same language that is spoken by the ruling party, because they know that this party will remain for ever. The bureaucrats are not neutral. It is very dangerous.
If the party raise one slogan in Kolkata the same will vibrate in Siliguri or Asansol. This is a regimented society.Anitek,Jabalpu

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Hung assembly in TN
by Sugavaneswaran on Apr 15, 2006 02:49 PM

In my opinion and trends predicted for this 2006 Tamilnadu State assembly polls, here are the possible outcomes

AIADMK + allies: (110 - 140)
AIADMK: - 90-110
MDMK: 15-25
DP: 3-4

DMK + allies: (80-90)
DMK: 60-70
PMK: 6-10
Congress: 1-5
Others: 3-5

Others + Independents + Vijaykanth's Party: 20-25

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Simple Majority for AIADMK
by padmanaban on Apr 15, 2006 02:03 PM

Now the trend in tamil nadu AIADMK will get simple majority in assembly. There is no anti encumbancy
factor in tamil nadu. Even Opposition is also
struggling to find errors in ruling govt. Now DMK
itself gets fear thatswhy they are offering Rs. 2 kg
rice, colour TV etc. This kind colour TV Anouncement
no where in india.

General Observer

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DMK needs to come back to power
by vtraj on Apr 15, 2006 01:33 PM

My vote is for DMK because under the DMK rule TN benefitted immensely. Take a look at Chennai. Inspite of all the defeciencies the city was given a definite face lift in the form of various infrastructural improvements like fly overs, roads etc., What has the ADMK govt done during the past 5 years. They only exploited Tsunami and Floods to dole out money and try to garner votes. No investemnt has taken place on the strength of the govt's proactive measures.Every one is talking about family rule. In our country this is not an exception but a rule. Starting from Nehru to Karunakaran and Karunandhi every one has to be blamed for this. When Vaiko blames Karunanidhi for trying to crush his party it looks strange. Does he think after elections he will be given the same respect by Jaya. The first step she will take will be kick him out. That's definite. But for karunanidhi's penchant for promoting his family I don't think there is any thing wrong with the rule of DMK in its earlier tenure.

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Son and Sun
by D.Kumar on Apr 15, 2006 01:12 PM  | Hide replies

Dear TN electrorates,

First of all, wish you good luck and pray the Almighty to bless you with good government.

Please look into following aspects, b4 cast your votes.

1) Reliability of a leader, who really wants to serve you
2) Atleast, who will not disappoint you
3) Not offering any free products (You know, nothing can be offered free, you are paying for it)
4) Who is against terrorism, corruption and respect all religions
5) who is capable of handling natural disasters
6) Who will not make back-door entry to his/her relatives

From above,
1) you can knock out MK and Ramadoss
2) secondly, you may consider Jaya for her ability to meet the disasters and relatively better governance
3) Strongly believe Vijayakanth, the right choice

(I am neither a fan of him nor a starcrazy)I strongly believe, he can do, what he promises. Pls use first option as Vijayakant. Should you need second option, you may choose JJ.

I am surprised, how MK chose colour TV instead of a "free shelter" to install a colour TV. This clearly shows, his intention to promote Son and market Sun.

Let good sense prevails this.

Vazhka Valarka

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Message deleted by moderator
Vote for Lok Paritran in TamilNadu
by Ravindran on Apr 15, 2006 12:34 PM

This election is going to be do or die contest for both DMK and ADMK ,if anyone comes to power then the other one will be crushed.

People here are bored of these two Dravidian parties,they are looking for an alternative.Young ,cultured and educated peoples will vote for alternate parties like Lok Paritran ,a party formed by IITians.

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Senthil Kumar
AIADMK back to power
by Senthil Kumar on Apr 15, 2006 12:23 PM  | Hide replies

I have been born and brought up in Chennai. I can state this for a fact. Whenever DMK is ruling, there has been rowdyism, goondaism and katta panchayats menacing the common people. At least, in AIADMK's rule these things are highly controlled.

Based on these alone, I would vote for AIADMK back to power.

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RE:AIADMK back to power
by rajesh on May 03, 2006 08:20 PM
amma will get no more than 30 seats. let her pack her baggages and settle in karnataka from where she hails

this means u just dont vote ur vote is a waste

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Dr Asok Kr Datta
WB Election
by Dr Asok Kr Datta on Apr 15, 2006 12:20 PM  | Hide replies

The LF will do it again.They are organised,not affected by corruption(see the list of their expelled/members-unthinkable in any other party),their nurturing of each & every areas of West Bengal throughout the year-not just during election times,a manifesto or programmes.So is it surprising? Look at the opposition-they dark days of 1970s,heights of corruption at new levels,internal bickerings,no programme & no organisation other than during the few days of any election

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Message deleted by moderator
Election Tally - TN
by D.Kumar on Apr 15, 2006 09:23 PM
My prediction is as below:

ADMK - 95/100
MDMK - 15/20
VC - 03/05
TTL - 113/125

DMK - 61/50
PMK - 10/10
Con - 15/15
Oth - 06/04
TTL - 92/79

DMDK - 25/30
OTHERS - 04/00
TTL - 29/30

There will be no majority to any party. H'ever Vijayakant will play a key roll to form the next govt, possibly go with ADMK.

please take one more prediction:

If, there is a reverse swing, both ADMK and DMK alliances will secure between 140/150 seats and the swing will favour DMDK to secure 94/84 seats, b'coz of the votes from electrorates, who have fed up with both parties and also from younger generation.

Pls mind it, the fate of TN is going to be decided by younger generation this time, who is looking forward a government, who delivers not deceives.

This younger generation not interested in castes and creeds, but interested in welfare of the state. And they deserve a good government to secure their future in right hands.

One thing is sure, this election will decide the survival of DMK + PMK or ADMK.

Lets look for a happy beginning.

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