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No majority for anyone in TN

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TN Election 2006
by sankar on Apr 16, 2006 03:53 PM

I expect the votes will get divided among the various parties. Key contest is between ADMK and DMK only

The victory will be by close margins

TN voters always elected single party whole heartedly

Amma is my choice to win

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Polls in WB : Nightmare for roads
by Prashant on Apr 16, 2006 03:06 PM

A fine Sunday morning in Kolkata, I went to drop my aunt to airport and started well 2 hrs before time, usually it takes 30 mins to reach. But the CPM cadre on more then 500 2 wheelers were on the way streching from Dumdum Park to Haldiram's on VIP road, the main road to airport... The result: flight missed, not only for one person, but many remain standing with missed flight, so who will pay for compensation of ticket, harresment and alternative. Is election commission cant restrict such hooligans from making the city stand still.

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My Vote
by Muralidharan on Apr 16, 2006 02:43 PM

Though I am not residing in Tamil Nadu right now, I feel that Mr. Karunannidh should be given rest for his Great Services!!( The founder of corruption scientifically !)

Jayalalitha Should come back to power and she has got the guts to lead the state.


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Its very cheap and shameful.
by vinod on Apr 16, 2006 02:32 PM

In my opinion, I state that Mr. Karunanithi is running sort of his youngbloods in his party. Thats what he is announcing some free schemes for the voters. He doesnt care about the poor roads in every part of the districts, sort on electricity and unemployment in this whole state. He is targetting the poors those who are uneducated and attracted towards free schemes like " free colour TV, Free laptop and a Iridium mobiles for all". I feel he lost his confidence and youngbloods in his party very much.He is taken some test market survey of his family's magazines like "kunkum" when ever who buy the book they will get atleast 5 to six FMCG additional products free(sometimes free sim cards).So Mr.Karunanithi believes that the Segment C votes will be most worthful to lead him towards the next CM of tamilnadu.

Let see this hide and seek game in may 8. His real face will be come out.

So all the educated people must vote for their respective parties.

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support to D.M.K
by vivekanandan on Apr 16, 2006 12:49 PM

I will vote for D.M.K. If u get change in c.m it is good for tamilnadu as well as state people.

At his last age let him as cheif minister.

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Balaji K
Election Results - Tamil Nadu
by Balaji K on Apr 16, 2006 10:34 AM

It is too early to predict. But I don't feel there will be a landslide on either side. Unlike her previous stint as CM, this time Jayalalitha is much more mellowed down. Her handling of the situation post Tsunami and the floods last year was excellent. Talking about the stampedes, who the hell spread rumours at 3 in the morning. Surely there were other factors at work.

Another thing that may favour the ADMK is that M Karunanidhi is looking more and more physically decrepit. There is no clarity on whether he will become CM or his son Stalin. Stalin does not inspire. The DMK may get the commited vote but the floating voters may just decide not to vote for the DMK.

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Centre and State Govt should be in sync...DMK should win
by Rajasekaran on Apr 16, 2006 04:16 AM

Though I am not in India, I keep reading the articles and various dailies to know whats going on in tamilnadu.

Everytime in the past, a single party has been elected to rule with full majority.

This time, it sounds to be a hung assembly for me.

The present ADMK government has NOT done anything great except taking revenge against the DMK members, shuffling their own ministers and fighting against the central govt.

Jaya could not do anything to the people except being the fact that she had been a good administrator.

But, just being a good administrator wont help the state. She was not able to get much funds from the central government and everytime she was blaming the DMK central ministers.

Whats the use of DMK being in the central government and ADMK ruling the state? Do you think its going to help tamilnadu ? Certainly, it wont.

I will vote for DMK since they are representing the central government too.

Also, in the past the allaince had been a deciding factor for the electoral results. But, this time I dont think the alliance really matters. Everyone knows that its just an electoral allaince.

I also feel that PMK vote bank has really gone down.

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A.Ganesh Nadar
poll predictions
by A.Ganesh Nadar on Apr 15, 2006 05:49 PM

poll predictions particularly sponsored ones reflect the opinion of the sponsors. as far as tamil nadu is concerned jayalalitha has a head start. now it remains to be seen if the opposition can catch up.
the bjp and vijaykanth will not be a factor in this election. if he persists then vijaykanth can be a factor ten years from now.

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