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Australia thrash India, regain Border-Gavaskar trophy

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by MANOJKUMAR on Jan 21, 2012 04:16 PM


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amlan chakraborty
by amlan chakraborty on Jan 21, 2012 11:03 AM

Out of 9 Cricket playing countries in the world except INDIA every team utilize the UDRS which is very sad and frustrating too.

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rama anne
@Mani Shankar Aiyyar
by rama anne on Jan 17, 2012 08:07 AM

Mani Shankar Aiyyar on NDTV asked some right questions
are CWG 2010 STADIUMS be useful after the games if so how ?

are CWG stadiums be accessed by Indian school kids and college kids ?if so how ?

I feel he is right in asking those questions ,even today after so much corruption ,I feel if any even NEW DELHI school kids access those stadiums after school hours by travelling on METRO ?
instead FUNDS must be infused at school level and college level

he has some valid points there as well

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rama anne
@is there a National Policy - in Cricket or Hockey
by rama anne on Jan 17, 2012 07:59 AM

Can anyone tell me
even Today in India if one wants to be a cricket player
only New delhi ,mumbai ,hyd ,bangalore are possible places

even in those places ,one has to hire coach as per discretion and just practise hard

otherwise some CRICKET ACADEMIES like Azhar has set up in Hyderabad
or Ifran Pathan bros will set up somewhere in GUJARAT (not yet )

but how many Indian kids can access AZHARS cricket academy - defintely only Rich kids (upper middle class from Hyd and secunderabad cities)
rahul dravid must have studied in some christian missionary school at Bangalore ,fortunate the school has proper ground in some sense
likewise many others ex players and current players
Most Indian schools do not have grounds ,if they do they do not have any access to kits or stuff
(Iam talking about zph govt schools and some Private schools as well)

so really CRICKET is accessed by
New delhi elite kids

sachin was exception ,he shifted to his aunts place and got up at 5 am and practised at Sivaji park

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rama anne
@Lack of facilities and sports institutes
by rama anne on Jan 17, 2012 07:51 AM  | Hide replies

if Indian men won six olympic medals
until 1956

That means - 6 X4 = 24 years Indian hockey was world champions

during the same period PAKISTAN was playing good
after that both India and Pakistan lost world rankings and are over taken by Europeans and Aussies


even last CWG 2010 games HOCKEY - aussies thrashed India by 10 GOALS
so what are the reasons
i)I feel lack of facilities like Synthetic surface at school level (Grass roots)

ii)Lack of professionalism in Indian hockey board more political appointees rather than Players to oversee administration and other matters

iii)Lack of using more Technologies compared with Germans or aussies
Questions are
why does TELUGU film actor Nagarjuna send his school going son AKHIL all the way to australia for Cricket Coaching ?
why does west bengal police send NAXALITES who gave up arms to sports inst in GERMANY for soccer training

answers are
we do not give importance to PROFESSIONAL SPORTS INSTITUTE ?

ok they did CWG 2010 GAMES And those stadiums ,I have serious doubts which school kids in NEW DELHI will acess those facilities ?

Even BCCI all it does is gets some Foerign coach or physio thats all

Does BCCI have a min white paper or policy standards
like what are the minumum practise that Indian team should undergo before embarking on a tough tour like AUSTRALIA?

I feel nothing at all - it is left

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rama anne
Re: @Lack of facilities and sports institutes
by rama anne on Jan 17, 2012 07:53 AM
to Team Coach and his discretion
same way Hockey adminsitration too

That is why I feel ,Indians are not able to win overseas in Cricket or even Hockey

It is not due to lack of talent
it is due to lack of professionalism and proper facilities at national level

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rama anne
@Better Practise and Facilities makes the difference
by rama anne on Jan 17, 2012 07:38 AM  | Hide replies

To all people out there
It is just not CRICKET

even when with so many PUNABI sikh players ,Sonia ,Rahul etc watching CWG 2010 finals

INDIA was thrashed 10 goals by AUSSIE mens team
samething with the NET BALL TEAM aussie women thrash Indian women netball team (again many PUNJABIS too in the team)

IT is not because we lack talent
It is because we lack preparation and foresight by BCCI

HOCKEY we lost beacause ,not many Indian schools or even colleges have HOCKEY ground even if they do they do not have SYNTHETIC surface
same way BCCI for last TEN YEARS never bothered to lay GREEN TURFS AT home

make attempts to have INDIA A team tour overseas and play tournaments in Australia ,west indies or South Africa

etc are all from INDIA UNDER 19 youth team that won WORLD CUP(UNDER 19) AT KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA years ago

BCCI should have either made Ranji Trophy more competitive or laid Green turfs at home

or better should have sent every year - overseas to Australia(Pura Cup)
South Africa domestic tournamnet
West Indies doemstic tournament

just like how Vic bush rangers and NSW Blues and others toured India for IPL tornament

That way those 19 years olds would have been exposed to pitches and conditions overseas

coupled with that BCCI should invest in indoor nets with BOWLING MACHINES and hot spot technologies so Indian batsmen can review their shots with Hot spot technologie

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rama anne
Re: @Better Practise and Facilities makes the difference
by rama anne on Jan 17, 2012 07:43 AM
even the Time between last English tour and this Aussie tour

neither BCCI or technical committe of the team

atleast bothered to procure BOWLING MACHINES

Have some professional batting camps especially how to negotiatte bouncy tracks

if DUNCAN FLETCHER has conducted such camps at some Mohali or Bangalore somewhere
there would have been chance to correct senior Indian batsmen technique

for example
when to attack swing and pace bowling with Front foot

when to play shot with Back foot

most Indian batsmen especially seniors are all playing with backfoot and minimum foot movement

so already ,an impairment ,added to that ,they are just opening the face of the bat and always it took an edge to slip cordon or behind the wicket

see how Laxman
Gambhir (mcg and scg tests )
etc got dismissed

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Call the team back
by bindu on Jan 16, 2012 04:40 PM

Ban the complete team, make a new one's with young talents

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Vijay Kumar
it really hurts the way India lost.. :(
by Vijay Kumar on Jan 16, 2012 08:49 AM  | Hide replies

deep inside it really hurts a lost..we lost without a fight...in just 2.5 days...

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sumeet jaiswal
Re: it really hurts the way India lost.. :(
by sumeet jaiswal on Jan 16, 2012 09:01 AM
India was so bad that the first question that came Clarke's way at the press conference was "did it feel as if you were playing Bangladesh?"

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A Singh
Re: it really hurts the way India lost.. :(
by A Singh on Jan 16, 2012 09:14 AM
The way we are improving, there certainly is a great chance of the Adelaide Test finishing on the second day.

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Anumakonda JAGADEESH
MS Dhoni retire gracefully!
by Anumakonda JAGADEESH on Jan 16, 2012 03:47 AM

MS Dhoni please step down from Captaincy before you are sent out.

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