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Time to breed young blood into the Indian squad: Gavaskar

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Third Test
by Viswanathan on Jan 14, 2012 06:19 PM  | Hide replies

This test was lost on the first morning itself due to spineless batting by our famed batting line up. How the team management decided to drop Ashwin in favour of Vinay Kumar is inexplicable.Apart from Tendulkar he is the only one who has batted sensibly and decently.
If at all the team mangement decided to go with four seamers then Mithun should have played in place of Vinay Kumar. Having selected Vinay Kumar in playing XI Dhoni should have opened the attack with Vinay Kumar along with Zaheer Khan as he is basically a swing bowler and might have got the break through.

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sandeep singh
Re: Third Test
by sandeep singh on Jan 15, 2012 11:50 PM
is Ashwin included for batting?
If Aswin played scoore will be like that :
India 1 : 225 ( Add aswin 50)
Aus 1 : 600 for 4 (Warner 400 becuase of aswin) look at 2nd test
India: 240 all out ( add aswin 60 again)
Will it make any difference
Bowler should take wicket & Batsman should make Run
Once in a blue moon they can change little responsibility.
Otherwise throw the person out ASAP

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Frodo Baggins
Australia has introduced Hussey to bowl
by Frodo Baggins on Jan 14, 2012 03:10 PM

because the advertisers and tv channels want the match dragged to the third day

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vinod Kumar Kansal
Money power has spoiled cricket
by vinod Kumar Kansal on Jan 14, 2012 03:08 PM  | Hide replies

The player who performs couple of times becomes hero, and stopes regular practice and playing Ranji and other country matchs, and spends more time doing ads and appearing in television show. The media has done greater harm to the cricket.Indeed regular participation in local cricket should be made compuslsory for selection in National team

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Rivka Mishra
Re: Money power has spoiled cricket
by Rivka Mishra on Jan 14, 2012 06:01 PM
I went for a Ranji match in Bombay recently, and I was wondering if I was the only spectator. People turn up for rubbish T20 matches, but not for Ranji matches. It's the fault of the Board which doesn't promote anything but instant cricket.

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why is their no quota system
by MANOJ INDIAN on Jan 14, 2012 02:46 PM  | Hide replies


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Vailixi T
Re: why is their no quota system
by Vailixi T on Jan 15, 2012 01:10 AM
When will you guys get out of your religious mind set and quota begging bowl. Irfan is a good player, period. He must be included for his game not for his religion. No wonder the country is a non progressive beggars' nations in spite of the favourable economy. Shame on you, sham patriot.

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Frodo Baggins
At this rate
by Frodo Baggins on Jan 14, 2012 02:36 PM  | Hide replies

ICC rules will be changed so that all matches India participates can be made into three day tests

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Bhai Bahan
Re: At this rate
by Bhai Bahan on Jan 14, 2012 02:43 PM
Any possibility of 2 day tests? Then India can get more draws.

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Face Dude
Matter of shame
by Face Dude on Jan 14, 2012 02:24 PM

People have stopped regarding Sachin's or Dravid's wickets are priceless.. because it has become so common place to see them gift their wickets to minnows and greenhorns... that they have stopped mentioning in press that they were fortunate to claim sachin's or dravid;s wicket anymore!

Gavaskar has a point.. if the team has to score only 160 odd runs then it can be done by other minnows and green horns.. not the so called world class batsmen drawing millions in advt contracts and the publicity...

Acute shame!

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M indi
INdian cric future
by M indi on Jan 14, 2012 01:05 PM  | Hide replies

One more reminder( Repeated several times since time immemorial) : Let's again face the truth that we don't have the required stamina to play sports and games of high standard. It is the media who created hype during the last 20 years that cric is our national game and we are one of the top teams. In England b'coz of soccer , they lost interest in cricket. Otherwise England, Austraia, SA, NZ are always technically far superior than the third world countries. WI has the great gift of physique. Indian players who keep on playing ( in the name of talent) actually are insecured of easy alternative occupation , think that till they are kicked out from the squad by the selectors can continue. But the selectors(who are of-course of low quality also) do not have any alternative and have to continue with the bad rather than the worse. Unless the opponents fix the match ( b'coz of other business reasons) India stands no chance.

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Re: INdian cric future
by shubasrikrishna on Jan 14, 2012 01:15 PM
Very rightly said. That too in team games we never stand a chance as we are genetically weak. Cricket is the least physical of games and that too played by about 9 countries. We do not have sporting heroes and unfortunately the country and media have to hang around with these non performers...I still we should give more support to the likes of our Anands, Bindras, Teniis players, and even Hockey players who perform much better in a much more competitive sport.

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Face Dude
Re: INdian cric future
by Face Dude on Jan 14, 2012 02:33 PM
There is another angle to India failing in team sport of any kind... Team sport in general requires both physical and emotional commitment of higher order to beat the best in the world..

We are a "country" of 20 states which are like fire and water - no synergy or similarity socially or culturally.. people regard their own state players as greats and selectors have their own bias. Add to this playeers cannot converse in one language that is not english... its not a office situation where people can say Hi and Bye and get along.. there has to be emotions and feelings shared in terms that are related by all equally. This is not the case with the Indian team.

Countries that dont have this ethnic and regional diversity have all flourished in team sports like Hockey and football irrespective of the size. Its pathetic that India with 1.2 billion people cannot shine..Eu countries like Belgium are 1/100 of India in size and they beat us repeatedly in Hockey. in football india is no where in scene!

Look at it closely and diversity could be a major factor to be reckoned with!

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