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India's poor stats testimony to Down Under disaster

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sehwag must go
by Raj on Feb 26, 2012 03:21 AM

Without Arun Jaitley this guy would be out of the team long ago. Arun - board member of BCCI - is propping him up.
Time to go Mr Sehwag

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Remove sachin
by venky on Feb 24, 2012 06:22 PM  | Hide replies

we won only one match in the tour, that is when sachin was not playing

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Re: Remove sachin
by stockstalks on Feb 25, 2012 03:39 AM
You had problem of Half Memory. Its a new one. You can only remember, what you likes. Check the stats first

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Voosan Raj
Sick of people talking about Team composition.
by Voosan Raj on Feb 24, 2012 12:21 AM

How many times people have come up with the team compositions and expressing their version of the team?

Looks like you guys don't get it. The problem doesn't lie with the team composition. The problem is much more deeper. You can come up with a team composition for a match or two, but that is just a short term fix.

In order for us to feel good and be a competitive professional team that everyone can contribute and something that fans can be proud of, there is lot more work to be done in grass roots level. Picking a player here or there, moving the order up and down isn't going to solve this problem.

Look at SriLanka for example, there are so many new comers, most of them are unknown, but they are performing amazingly well. The team is trained well, everyone in their team is super fit, the field well, they bowl and bat in a discipline manner.

With so many stars in Indian team, the team has lost discipline. With so much problems within the team i wonder how you can stick to a game plan and play as a team.

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David Coulthard
all f i x e d
by David Coulthard on Feb 23, 2012 09:13 PM

Dont worry. India will ultimately land up in the finals, albeit with all those points, net run rate, this-rate, that-rate, last-ball finishes, etc. Havent we seen such things happening since BCCI went into fully commercial mode rather than looking at cricket as a game as well (well, they see it as a good gambling game, of course).

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cool dude
My indian team
by cool dude on Feb 23, 2012 08:50 PM  | Hide replies

Kumble (he can still make 100 wont get out easily)

Middle order:
Irfan pathan
Sadagoppan Ramesh
Ajay Jadeja
Virat Kholi
Ricky ponting (He apply for indian citizenship and get chance here, he also get IPL as otherwise no one is taking him. He will tell us secret about australia.)

wk-keeper captain: M S Dhoni

Sachin tendulkar (on his spin bowling alone he can be selected in team, his batting is plus)
Ravi Shastri (He is mature and handles situation well, plus he is friends with umpires so he will get lbw decisions)

Fast Bowlers:
Zaheer Khan
Umesh Yadav
Mohammad kaif (He is the fastest bowler in the world bowls at 170 km, india should not save him for world cup 2015)

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Message deleted by moderator
War down under
by indira on Feb 23, 2012 07:43 PM  | Hide replies

The war of words between captain and vice captain shows the Indian team in poor light.
Instead of redeeming some pride by winning the ODI tri series, the captain and the his deputy
are throwing muds at each other and making themselves the laughing stock. They have no shame. Dhoni should be blamed first. Being the captain, he must have shown some restrain
during press conferences. Sehwag also shoud not have reacted like this. Whatever be the
problems, it should have been sorted out within the dressing room. That Sehwag act
of resting Rohit just to insult Dhoni is childish. The coach is useless. How the board chose him --God only knows. Sachin, being the senoir most player should take the responsibility of sorting out the issue.

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giri dhar
Re: War down under
by giri dhar on Feb 23, 2012 11:28 PM
Did you realize that half the problem is revolving around Sachin... How do you expect him to help sort out the issues? By sitting out, on his own?

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