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India's poor stats testimony to Down Under disaster

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Matte Matte
by Matte Matte on Feb 23, 2012 11:16 AM  | Hide replies

Too much beating around the bushes!! Moral is, we have again failed as a team and our great arm chair experts as usual have someone to blame, be it Sachin or youngsters or Sehwag or Dhoni.

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youngsters vs seniors
by sonu on Feb 23, 2012 11:15 AM  | Hide replies

there is a big difference between present time younsters n the past younsters who r seniors nw.

Sachin scored 88 in his 3rd overseas innings vs hadlee, Morrison, sneden n team ws struggling at 218/6
Scored 119 * vs eng. , in his 9rd overseas innings , saved match against malcom, frazer, lewis, target ws 408 n team ws struggling at 183/6
Scored 114 vs aus. , in his 18th overseas innings , team ws struggling at 159/8 against mcdermot, Hughes, whitney, reifell

Dravid scored 95 in his 1st overseas innings vs lewis , cork, mullaly
Dravid scored 84 in his 2nd overseas innings vs lewis , cork, mullaly
Dravid scored 148 in his 8th overseas innings vs Donald n Pollock

Ganguly scored 131 in his 1st overseas innings vs lewis , cork, mullaly
Ganguly scored 136 in his 2nd overseas innings vs lewis , cork, mullaly

Now which YOUNGSTER other thn kohli hs played such brave innings OVERSEAS,

Raina ? Yuvraj ? or captain cool dhoni who hsnt scored even a single ton in 7 years after playing more thn 100 innings, whose overseas batting average is 29.

Its easy to criticize seniors bt wht Sachin, Dravid, ganguly or Laxman hv dn n achieved, all these youngsters including rohit/ jadeja wl nt be able to achieve 10 percent of that.

Youngsters need to learn many things (discipline, temperament, skill) frm seniors only then we wl hv a strong future team :)

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Re: youngsters vs seniors
by deepu on Feb 23, 2012 01:30 PM
superb agreeing with everyone

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Matte Matte
Re: youngsters vs seniors
by Matte Matte on Feb 23, 2012 11:28 AM
I agree Sonu. But please dont call Rohit/Raina/Kohli as juniors. They are more than 50 matches old, Raina close to 150 or so.
Seniors have failed, true..... No one denies that. But to say "we prefer to lose matches with youngsters" carries no meaning. And if they are so bothered about age rather than performance, they should have fixed an age limit (say 35 yrs) instead of barking like this.....

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abc_xyz abc_xyz
Re: youngsters vs seniors
by abc_xyz abc_xyz on Feb 23, 2012 11:29 AM
excellent point.

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Sanjay Mehta
Re: youngsters vs seniors
by Sanjay Mehta on Feb 23, 2012 11:31 AM
very true. before this also media was after sachin to retire and he came back with a bang and became the first to score 200 in one day. if he has not succedd which indian player has succeed recently baring one two innings from gambhir and kohli? just wait till he comes out burden of 100 100 which i fail to understand why to take/ just play your natural , you are still disastar for all the bowlers in the world. all the best sachin.

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