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South Africa whip India again

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TIgers at home, cats abroad
by Narayan on Nov 27, 2006 10:39 AM

Tigers at home, mewing cats abroad.. this proverb holds very aptly for Rahu(l) and his rangers in the South African safari.

When the hell will this so-called Indian team learn to keep the pressure on? I guess Dada would have made fewer mistakes than Rahu(l).

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Bhupinder Chawla
What to do with the Indian team?
by Bhupinder Chawla on Nov 27, 2006 10:25 AM

You would want to know what happened with the Indian team - it is all about leadership.

Nice guys do not make good leaders.

When the going is tough, the leader is able to get the team together and motivate them to the next level.

The leader is aggressive. Can call a spade a spade and is not afraid to take up cudgels with the opposition.

The leader fights for his team members. He cajoles a great performance from his team mates, recruits new talent & nurtures them.

Sorry to say our current captain does not have this capability. However, he is a nice chap who gives maximum for the team. You need these players in the team but these kind of people are led - not made captain.

All the management theories fall flat for great leaders. And rare MBAs are ever successful entrepreneurs - as they are too analytical & risk averse who spend more time on developing risk mitigation strategies than executing one.

So is the captain on the field. He needs the support of such chaps in the team (and off) to provide the information (or data) for taking the decision in real time and gets his team together to believe in his decision.

Find right captain, give him freedom & see result

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SA whip again
by Hemant on Nov 27, 2006 10:24 AM  | Hide replies

Thank you for your ball to ball report.Just tell me,is there any other occasion when a team down at 76 for 6, went ahead to score 274?Why does it happen for India only?Why everybody make a world record against India?I missed that portion of the match and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the score.To any sensible observer of cricket, the max. score should have been 150 or so.I really felt sorry for Rahul who batted like Rahul this day and didn't throw his wicket away till the no. 10 batsman was on the field.This is a well come gesture.Don't blame Sehbag, he had done the correct thing.The ball was not coming fully to the bat.Sachin should have realised that, though his shot also I would support totally as it should have given him a four.The team changes also is praise worthy, though everybody wondered for Karthik. Never mind,with this spirit we may see a different result in next two games.

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RE:SA whip again
by Sarkar on Nov 28, 2006 11:14 AM
Your cricketing sense is excellent.
You have written: " Don't blame Shewag, he did the correct thing".
Yes, fully agreed with you. He did the right thing by getting out for a duck! The mistake has been done by the selectors or captain who chose Shewag in final 11. He is a good for nothing. Dravid even didn't use him as a part-time bowler. What is his utility?
We are hoping that some day Shewag will spark and grab a win for India single handedly. Can you guess when?
Send him back to domestic cricket like Ganguly and after some good performances, bring him back. This may be a post World Cup schedule.

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Tapas Moulik
Change of Opening Partner
by Tapas Moulik on Nov 27, 2006 09:56 AM

I think Indias humiliating losses against South Africa, because of Opening Partnership. Now India's think tank should think that `Opening' slot should be changed. In the next series Ganguly & Laxman can open, because one is aggressive and later is a technically sound. Sachine should bat at No.6 & if Viru may get another chance than he will bat at No.7. Rahul will play only Test Cricket.


Tapas Moulik, New Delhi

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Anil Vashisht
South Africa whip India again
by Anil Vashisht on Nov 27, 2006 09:51 AM

With a strong batting order, starting with Virender Sehwag, it is obvious to have this result. Friends, does Sehwag deserve these chances ? Why is he getting chances after chances ? Should Sourav Ganguly be not given another chance ? I am sure he will score more than Sehwag.

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by Vinny on Nov 27, 2006 09:43 AM

Why can't Indian team ever take those final few wickets? If they would have, they would have ripped South Africa?

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South Africa whip India again
by CricFan on Nov 27, 2006 09:41 AM

Just Bring Back Ganguly ... all we need a good captain to motivate our team in the right way ....

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team composition
by S.Kathirvel on Nov 27, 2006 09:00 AM

The team composition esp batsmen is the real problem. Very few specilist batsmen are in form and others are not really experienced to handle the present conditions. The team needs specialist like VVS Laxman to strengthen the line. Earlier, bowling used to be our worry and oflate batting. The scores look pathetic and its high time, the team management tried a few specialist batsmen as we do have genuine all-rounders, to bring back the confidence levels.

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SA whips India
by partha on Nov 27, 2006 07:38 AM

sack rahul as the captain.

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Tony Correia-Afonso
India's Tour of South Africa
by Tony Correia-Afonso on Nov 27, 2006 07:38 AM

There is nothing wrong with the Indian Cricket Team, apart from the fact that they can neither bat, bowl nor field!

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