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South Africa whip India again

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How come you have so much confidence in Kaif?
by ravi on Nov 27, 2006 11:34 AM

Hi Prem,

Most of your readings on our players is very apt. But i am continually surprised at how you still hold kaif & sehwag very high. I can't think of any player in recent times, who has been given as many chances as kaif. When he bats, he gives no comfort whatsoever on how much experience he comes with.

Sehwag, i think is just waiting to don the Captain's role to come back to form. I guess he probably just wants to see Dravid axed from his captaincy, which in mind may happen before the worldcup

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Dravid was funny y'day
by MSR on Nov 27, 2006 11:34 AM

What was Dravid trying to do, standing in the middle and giving strikes to who ever came to bat like Harbhajan, Agarkar, Karthick etc. It looked very funny, as it is now the captain who has to take the lead and show the way. Dravid has a defeatist approach to anything else he is rank useless in one-day games. Remember, Ganguly created a place for Dravid behind the stumps for him to justify a place in the team. The same holds true now and such a guy trying to lead a team is very pathetic. I earlier thought Greg is a great coach, but from this game it is abundantly clear there is a huge comm. gap between him and the team. He just is not able to give proper advice or make them understand what he is saying. In tamil they say 'Vilangaliya?'.

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by Bhairav on Nov 27, 2006 11:28 AM

One question: Where's Shreesant? The guy is good but our selectors don't seem to be recognizing talent. Just like Mohanty or Balaji, this guy would dissappear from the team overnight.

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south africa whip india
by suman on Nov 27, 2006 11:13 AM  | Hide replies

Except Ausses no other team defeated SA in their soil bcuz SA team play better cricket and they deserve to be win nobody can take the credit from SA team. Team India failed to handle pressure and lost match bcuz of poor fielding.
Team India din not win series in SA from last 3 toursWhen ganguly's leadership team India did not win any series against SA..

team india did not win all mathces under gaguluy's captincy ganguly was captin for 146 matches( five and half yrs) while dravid is for 51 matches.(18 months). It is not right to compare captaincy of drvid with ganguly as a captain.
Even recent ranji league match agaist pubjab ganguly misbehaved with umpire does such manners not matters??

Team Inda scored lesser runs against kiwis and lost series s when ganguly was captain and team spirit/ commitment/ bla.. bla.. was too high.

why did not these politicians make noise during that time? Why politicians did not comment against hocky team or some other sports.???
Ganguly is only player who got support from the politicians.
media did not highlight the good performance of these less famous players ind omestic cricket

best of luck to team india

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RE:south africa whip india
by Newton on Nov 28, 2006 09:29 AM
Suman, r u sick?? If you need some treatment, let us know. We will send some medical advisor for you.

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RE:south africa whip india
by Sarkar on Nov 28, 2006 11:33 AM
The comparison (Dada Vs Dravid) should be there.
When Ganguly got captaincy, the team was loosing and was under baiting controversy of Azhar. The quota policy and the favourism were going on. Just remember the body language then.
1. Collected and united the young cricketers from all over India.
2. He made Steve Waugh wait for toss. Can you imagine it from Dravid?
3. Took off his shirt after winning Natwest (I don't support this act, but feel the aggression)
4. How many interviews John Wright gave to media?

Ganguly was a motivator.

Dravid is leading the same young bunch Ganguly collected.
Ganguly should learn consistency from Dravid.
But what Dravid should learn form Ganguly?
The list is bigger:
Innovation in bowling change, team selection, batting order and field placing

Think dear, you will find some more.
Forget 146 matches, get record of the same number of matches Dravid captained and compare with that of Ganguly initially leaded, you will find the direction of transformation.

Today, coach comes to press-conference instead of captain, players are training kho-kho!
Who will play the cricket?

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still with team India
by Ayush on Nov 27, 2006 11:08 AM

I don't know whether this is optimism or craze for cricket.
I see a silver lining in sunday's defeat. All the batsman were out while playing attacking shots quite opposite to whatt we saw in durban.
I can see Team India bouncing back in the remaining games.
The same team has a record of highest no. of successful chases while not again.
Some wiseman said " History repeats itself" and I m sure it will. India will surely come back in the series.
Common Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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This Team is gone......
by Robin on Nov 27, 2006 11:07 AM

Don't watch the match......If ganguly is not included before world cup 2007 then ............

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sack greg
by SUKESH on Nov 27, 2006 10:45 AM

india will lose in southafrica. they should change the team .

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..........And the pussycats got whipped again
by Bhaskar on Nov 27, 2006 10:43 AM

..I am not very critic of the indian team...but the margin at which it is losing, well there is something wrong...why blame the coach, the players???...we should try and find out the root...It all started when that idiot ( More ) took charge..he is to be blamed for all these...he made a total mess of once no: 2 team in the world..he always had a personal agenda...blame him and not others..The problem lies in the fact that BCCI is not at all accountable to the players/fan or anybody..

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