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India retain winning combination

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Best wishes to Indian Team for Future
by Nit on Nov 03, 2005 09:04 PM

India has won a series though in India but convincingly.
In all the messages I have observed one thing that most of the people have stressed on a particular person's return to Indian team(Reason could be different). Why not Indian Team?
Does that mean,India will perform consistently like Australia over a long time(or like West Indies)?
What is the fact with Australia's consistent performance except some losses? The reason is that the players have been performing very well(Consistently)for the last few years.They always play like a team representing their country. That's why it's never a single player effort.
A team wins only when it plays like a team.
The success of team lies in the fact that all the players should perform. The credit can't be given to a single player for the success.
The fact is there is always a chance for improvement. If somebody is not performing well for a long time & does not want to improve or can't improve than a different player has to be considered who will perform well & consistenly.The aim should always be to perform good (consistently).It does not matter who(Star players) are playing.
"I wish that India shall perform well consistently"

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bhavi sethi
ganguly should be back
by bhavi sethi on Oct 30, 2005 09:50 PM

Ganguly is most successful captain of Indian cricket team; he is responsible for what Indian team is today foundation of this Indian team was put by him. Talking of his form he was not in a good form for a long time but every one recently appreciated his performance in domestic cricket in Duleep Trophy. Even he is left for 3 one dayers he should come back in team not as a player as a captain. Rahul dravid is back born of Indian cricket team. But giving him the responsibility of captainship is not correct because without any doubts ganguly is the best available for the captains job. The coach should think about the team not about his ego, if he got any problem with any player he should try to solve the problem not to put the player out of the team. In the end this winning team is incomplete without their captain and batting odder will be more strong with the presence of PRINCE OF KOLKATTA

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Mahadev Patel
selection of Ganguly
by Mahadev Patel on Oct 29, 2005 02:52 PM

I personally belive that Ganguly must be involved in Indian team and Gaguly should open the inning with pair of Master Blaster Sachin Tedulkar and Shewag would be onedown.if this sort of combination would be done, indian will shine accross the world.
Mahadev Patel
Deesa-Banaskantha Distric-Gujarat

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brijesh s vyas
by brijesh s vyas on Oct 29, 2005 02:19 PM

india is perforama is good and it should good.

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strange shot by the selectors
by somak on Oct 29, 2005 11:41 AM

i dont think selectors have done fair job by not including ganguly.he certainly does not deserve this,a brutal and uncanny politics is going aganinst ganguly.he has proved with a sizzling century,4 wickets n a win in the duleep trophy,what else he should do to be in the team,its a chappel's personal scaring of ganguly making him out of the action.its not worth,we should protest.

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sourav ganguly not picked up
by saravan on Oct 29, 2005 10:38 AM

Why there seems to be a hue and cry when ganguly is not picked up?
Recently Laxman / Wasim Jaffer after scoring a century also were not picked up for ODI's. Same was the case for Kaif in Zimbabwe Test match recently.
Why that time heavens did not fall?
Zaheer Khan , L.Balaji even after a fine performance in bowling also didnot get a ODI birth.
Why that time heavens did not fall?
Because Indian team has to give plenty of chances before judging Ganaguly's poor form? But after Only one Century in Zone matches , we have to imagine that Ganguly has rediscovered form?

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rahul arora
Ganguly, Laxman, Zaheer should have been included
by rahul arora on Oct 29, 2005 10:30 AM

Its really very strange that the man (Sourav) who changed the way we played our cricket is left sitting in the cold. The reason mr. Greg Chappell & Mr. Dravid dont want him in. Mr. Chappell should not forget that Sehwag , whom he considers captaincy material is Ganguly's prodigy. Had it not been for Sourav, Yuvraj, Sehwag & others might have not been in the Indian team today. Chappell has yet to prove himself whereas ganguly has done that long back.

As far as the selectors are concerned God only knows what goes through mind while they select the team. Consistent performer like Laxman is made to sit out if he fails once but some like Dravid who never was a ODI batsmen are persisted with. Even Yuvraj is an example of the same kind. I even cant recollect the last time he scored runs.

I dont know what Zaheer needs to do to impress the selectors. Probably you need a strong lobby among the selectors to get into the team. I am sure nobody can forget the inclusion of Dinesh Mongia at the expense of Laxman for the last World cup.

Mohinder amarnath rightly said that our selectors are a bunch of jokers & nothing more.

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On Ganguly
by Anselm on Oct 29, 2005 10:15 AM

If it is said that Ganguly is not a best Captian for India as they were loosing Matches then do one thing keep Sir.Sachin Tendulkar out of the game and see whether under Dravid's Captiancy India will win a Match or no, Only after Sir. Sachin comming in the game Shewag is playing good, otherwise he also should be removed as they removed Ganguly for not batting well.

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