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What Sharad Pawar needs to do

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tired of the constant bickering
by rayker on Jan 07, 2006 12:27 PM

i think indians owe a better and clearer view of bcci's workings. we are making a mockery of ourselves. and the only persons who can stop it all are bcci. they can stop all the public tamasha. they can advise players to exercise restraint, and avoid playing war like the ambanis.last year was the decisive year, we'd seen enough sqaubbling! please, we dont need any more crap like it.

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dungarpur states Ganguly is the laziest in the team
by arun on Jan 07, 2006 12:24 AM

Hi prem.
Could you ever think a person like Dungarpur will give such statement against own player in a foreign opponent's land just before the start of the series thereby lowering nations image as well as BCCI's, also thus slinging mud on himself? Should BCCI not take any corrective action on such loose comments? your comment please.

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Ashutosh Shukla, USA
New Idea for Mr. Pawar: NRI-XI in Duleep Trophy
by Ashutosh Shukla, USA on Dec 11, 2005 06:23 PM

New Idea for Mr. Pawar: NRI-XI in Duleep Trophy

Did you know that 1 in 50 Indian is an NRI

Total population of India neraly 100 Crores
NRI Population nearly 2 Crores

Of these 2 Crore NRIs nearly 40 Lacs (20%) live in USA, 15.2 Lacs (7.6%) in Russia, and 14.6 Lacs (7.3%) in Germany

Here is a New Idea for Mr. Pawar..Instead of County team / England A/ Bangladesh etc. they should invite NRI XI to play in Duleep trophy. I know that it would be a logitics nightmare to chose such an XI but then attempt should be made. (Only 1st and 2nd Generation NRIs should be allowed else entire team will come from WI ;-))

Newly formed ministry of NRI affairs can take lead on this. This will help Indians settled abroad to have stronger ties with their motherland.

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Balaji Krishnamurthy
What Pawar needs to do.
by Balaji Krishnamurthy on Dec 08, 2005 07:29 PM

Mr. Pawar's election has halted the drift that was there for the last year or so in Indian Cricket administration. What he needs to do is put in place a highly professional set up at the BCCI. The BCCI has been lucky, it has had people who have served it out of their love for Indian cricket(Mr. Dalmiya must be included in this list whatever people say). However, time has now come for systems to be put into place. Let Ganguly's place be decided on the field of play. The selection committee should be de-zoned. The selectors should be put on a salary. This has worked wonderfully in Australia, it has brought in accountability, which is totally absent in the Indian context. Mr Pawar should not let Dungarpur or Bindra dominate too much, they were as bad or as good as Dalmiya. He also needs to check where the money earned by Indian cricket is spent, and how is it spent. It is time to let Indian cricket be run by cool heads. The fan can be passionate, the man running the show has to be objective. If Mr. Pawar can achieve this, it would be the best legacy he leaves for Indian cricket


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Vijay Venkatesh
What Mr. Sharad Pawar needs to do
by Vijay Venkatesh on Dec 04, 2005 11:21 PM

The article misses an important point. The issue is not if Ganguly has or has not been given a raw deal, but if his presence is for the overall good of the team. The past year has seen the indian team suffer in terms of its performance, and part of the blame can be attributed to Ganguly's pre-occupation with his form. Team India is no different than a private company. If you want to affect serious and sincere change, you have to take tough decisions. In this case, it was to replace all of senior management(read BCCI president, selectors, coach John Wright and captain Saurav). The saying, "the team is more important than the player" shouldn't be treated as just a cliche. It should be remembered when it comes time to make tough decisions, and stick by them.

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Sharad pawar role
by CHANDRA SEKHAR on Dec 02, 2005 05:38 AM

Now the future of the indian cricket is in the hands of Sharad Pawar.He has to justify his role by taking the right decisions in changing some of the recent issues. Hope he will do the justice by keeping away the Indian Cricket from Indian Poli'tricks'.

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What Sharad Pawar needs to do
by M.R.SRINIVASAN on Dec 01, 2005 11:03 PM

Mr.Prem is right on the ball. Ganguly-bashing has been a national pastime for some years now for the highly prejudiced, the petty-minded and the less informed people. All the talk of his poor form is a load of rubbish as the figures will reveal. If Ganguly has to go it is fine. But why the same yardstick cannot be applied to others as well [including Sachin] when they run into poor form? Why cant he be given a graceful send-off for what all he had done to Indian cricket? It is utterly disgraceful that a committed player, a highly successful Captain who has done to the team things which no other past captain had done, is hounded like this. But this is hardly surprising given the caliber of the people we have.

Mr. Prem has rightly observed that the selection committee should be empowered to speak frankly on the subject of Ganguly.

When Ganguly met the Review Committee to explain his side in response to the carefully "leaked" e-mail of Greg Chappell, he was reported to have submitted a detailed and well written memorandum meeting each every point of Greg [which, the Committee had very carefully given back to Ganguly, after reading]. For a starter, why dont they make public, this document? Otherwise, the matter seems terribly one-sided.

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What Mr Power should do
by Rahul on Dec 01, 2005 07:44 PM

Bring sanity to the selection committee.Non bias.

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