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''Now Sachin has to be careful''

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changes in team
by ajay on Dec 17, 2005 10:30 AM

ganguly is a unexpected change in team,he had made 79 in two innings and on the other side gambhir doest makes any useful runs as a opener.

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Wadekar out of mind
by Surojeet on Dec 17, 2005 09:51 AM

"He has won so many matches for India as a captain. How can they do this to him?"

So Mr. Wadekar, you mean to say that the one who helped India win a lot of mathces, in HISTORY, should be a permanent pain in the a** for the rest of Indian cricket, even if he continues to fail without fail everytime ?

You mean to say, once someone has scored well in past, he earns a permanent seat in the Indian squad even if he adds nothing to the value ?

I think only because of this totally illogical and complacent mindset, Indian cricket team has been kicked on the back by even the weakest team of the World.

But not any more ! I think its time you retire from giving such ridiculous and baseless statements which proves nothing but your sympathy to Ganguly, which I think is totally personal.

Last, not in the least, about your comment
"Now even Sachin has to be careful. All the experience and whatever you have done for the country over the years is not worth anything. You can just be dropped without any reason."

Nobody is greater than India, not even Sachin ! If his day will come, he too will be kicked ( dropped to be polite ), and Sachin very well knows that.

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by santosh on Dec 17, 2005 09:28 AM

It is not required to make so big issue on this as even after re-entrance of Mr.Ganguly he has not done a good job ,and the present team is the best team under control of Mr.Rahul Dravid, so it should go on as it is. And no body is so bigger than a nation .please do not raise issue in parliament and dont waste the time.We have lot of issues to discuss there which are more imporant for nation .Ganguly is not important than nation.

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Chappel a curse
by Malini on Dec 17, 2005 12:03 AM  | Hide replies

From the time chappel put his foot in India there problems he has divided the team and spoiled the spirit if he says Ganguly doesn't make runs then even his favorites yuvraj & viru r not consitent and now even sachin have made it to this list then he should ask the selectors to drop all these he is trying to do what he wants.this is not expected from a coach

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Message deleted by moderator
wadekar's comments
by ashish_edkee on Dec 16, 2005 11:56 PM

r u sixty years old??
..in marathi there is a kahavt , sathi budhi nathi..
in hindi, tu sathiya gaya hain..
tera advice apnepas rakh..
Ganguly aur tujhme yehi farak hain..
He'll come back strong..he's not going to run away like you.
Ganguly, the whole nation is with you...we support you.

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what rubbish he is talking
by basu on Dec 16, 2005 07:44 PM

hi Ajit ,
actually you are a loser, that's why you went for Retirement.so' please son't suggest retirement for Ganguly.

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