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I wont agree with you
by shankar on Apr 18, 2005 03:57 PM

Hi All,
Just read thru all ur comments. Though our players just slipped the series from being two up from in the series, there is no doubting their abilities or talents. The same team which won laurels when they came close to beating Australia in their home, is now facing all these hard criticism on performing bad. I agree that they played some poor cricket, but there is plenty of talent in them and the only problem is with their attitude.

Its disheartening to see the first comment which says yuvraj singh as a no-talent. I completely disagree with this comment. He is the same man who won a match at Lords, and played many invaluable innings for the team.

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Cyril Z M
Over rated cricket players
by Cyril Z M on Apr 18, 2005 03:32 PM

its high time that our over rated under performing cricket players sacked from the team. we should also bring performance based salary for the players like the australian board. it is better to have more new faces in the team than having superstars.

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India's current tour
by Mala on Apr 18, 2005 02:35 PM

After the lost series against Pakistan, India has to think ahead for the world cup, India is currently no. 8 in the world. Indian one day side is in need of a change in attitude. After Ganguly's 6 match suspension India need an attacking captain. Ajay Jedeja would fit perfectly in the role of Indias one day captain. Recently his domestic form as Delhis captain, he has performed outstandingly. India is in need of a good captain, and also an improvement in the lower order of batsmen.

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Santosh kumar Upadhya
Indias cricketing fate
by Santosh kumar Upadhya on Apr 18, 2005 02:21 PM

Hi prem

I feel more than sourav it is tendulkar who is responsible for the debacle we had in the series.

First test match we lost due to sachin going for his record century. 3rd test the way he batted in 2nd innings he made the average Pak bowlers look like demons & when his team mates see that the so called "WORLDS BEST BATSMAN" struggling to keep his wicket.....When kumble could make runs why not him.... India was destined to loose.

Even in ODI's It is always his self centric game. Whats the use of getting one odd century against your name when your team looses the match.Instead of Ganguly it is our loving Sachin who should be made to sit out in a couple of match. Rather make him the 12th man who runs around taking drinks to others to pinch him out of his whatever u call it.


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Indian Team
by Ratnakar on Apr 18, 2005 01:09 PM

I personally feel that you sack Mr. Sachin and Mr. Yuvraj becuase they are not keeping consistency.
They are world Class players. Look at Shoiab malik, he playing each and every match. These guys only making records and not even making 30-40 runs then what is the use.

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