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Sehwag fined for over-appealing

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Robin Varghese
Heights of injustice( Dhoni's the culprit)
by Robin Varghese on Jun 10, 2006 03:39 PM

Alongside fining Viru for appealing, the umpires and the referee should have made an appeal to the ICC to make 'ball-snatching from umpires' legal. It defied common sense to have let Lara off, after his bahaviour on the field. Some people might want the rules to be changed a bit for Lara's sake for 'the sprit of the game' which Lara was apparently trying to teach Dhoni, Dravid and team India when he tried to justify his aggresion the next day. The reason for Lara's aggresion was Dhoni's bat and not the 'endangered' spirit of the game. If anyone is to blame for the incident, it is our Mahi. It is his bat that brought about the superstar's frustration. And if Lara cannot acknowledge Dhoni's bat in a sportive manner, it is him that is posing a threat to the spirit of the game. Viru's fining could possibly have made some sense if Lara would have been banned for a couple of matches atleast. As it stands now, it is both outrageous and laughable of the concerned officials. It is heights of injustice.

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Gutless BCCI
by Shyam on Jun 09, 2006 07:19 PM

What happened off the field is certainly not cricket. The christian teams have succeeded by not showing the other cheek. It is the Indian and SriLankan (re: the Murali issue) teams who have shown the other cheek and got their faces rubbed in the dust of the pitch by what they consider to be the "propah" cricketing behaviour.

Shame on the ICC for not correcting the injustice


Shame on the BCCI for not protecting their players.

Our players will keep quiet because they stand to lose a lot of money if they go to the press with their actual views.

But this is just another sign of the Indian officials behaviour towards their own people in other countries. Would the Brits or the Aussies allow their people to be denigrated or singled out by the officials in other countries?

Words are not sufficient to describe the inaction of our officials.

Shame on the ICC and the BCCI - !!!!!

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Sehwag and Lara
by subbaraman on Jun 09, 2006 08:54 AM

Fining Sehwag but letting off Lara is absolutely poor justice by ICC. Icc does not play cricket but kills it.

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Sehwag fined
by Ramani on Jun 09, 2006 06:29 AM

While enforcing the code of conduct on the erring players is welcome, the same should be evenhanded. There is no report of any action having been taken on the gross abuse of cricket etiquette by Brian Lara in the dimisaal of Dhoni. Lara deserves suspension for his unprecendented reprehensible behaviour

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Bharati C V R
Sehwag fined but Lara allowed to go scot free after misbehaviour
by Bharati C V R on Jun 08, 2006 11:13 PM

It is surprising that Sehwag has been fined for excessive appealing while the same ICC has let Brian Lara go scot free for creating a fiasco over Dhoni's unnatural dismissal during 4th day of the first test match at Antigua.
It seems there is nothing called fairplay even in the justice system.
CVR Bharati

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isn't this bias??
by Ashutosh on Jun 08, 2006 07:25 PM

Sehwag is fined while Lara is allowed to go scot free???
There was a discussion some time back that ICC is biased against Asian cricketers. This certainly adds fuel to fire. Somehow, the Aussies,Kiwis, English and Windies go scott free...

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sehwag fined for over appealing
by TJ on Jun 08, 2006 05:48 PM

lara showed disrespect towards umpire and in a unsportsman way asked dhoni to leave the field also lara snatched the ball from the umpire in a indecent manner still he goes scot free and sehwag is fined 20% of his match fee for excess appealing,hope one knows the reason i remember wasim akram"s word " its high time that dravid should stand by his players"
wake up dravid stand by your players it wont fetch you good results by staying goodie goodie with all I mean the coach the board member etc.

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Rajeev Sharma
Sehwag Fined
by Rajeev Sharma on Jun 08, 2006 05:20 PM

Really double standards. Asad Rauf did not consider complaining against Lara who snatched the Ball from his hand. It looks that the ICC Code of Conduct is only for India. Real Racial Discrimination. It is high time that India should protest and press the case for equal treatment.

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by sgpal on Jun 08, 2006 04:48 PM

What are these Indian cricketers? Some kind of jokers or what? If Lara did what he did and got away why is Shewag being fined?Indians will be stupid where ever they go.They can not stand up to an injustice. ninkompoops

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