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PM slams Dikshit, Gill at emergency meet

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MMS is educated & honest PM.........
by India on Sep 27, 2010 07:30 PM

I respected him but he has failed to

control price rise

security issues like Naxalism

soft on terror & poor handling of Kashmir

Too fast rise in corruption& chaotic or absence of governanace.....

MMS is time Pass PM.

He has no will,energy and courage to take country ahead in rough weather.
He is too oldi.e 78 yrs.
Request MMS to reliquish chair pl...

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sanjay patil
by sanjay patil on Sep 25, 2010 04:36 PM

CWG = Common Wealth Gains

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daljit kaur
Be a true Indian
by daljit kaur on Sep 25, 2010 11:59 AM  | Hide replies

Dear All, This is the time to say GOOD LUCK to India rather than indulging in CWG mess. I request every Indian to show sports spirit and support India. Our foriegner guests here and this is time to prove ourselves a good host. Our media should also play quality role now. Rather than showing CWG mess, they should divert attention of the guests to the beauty and achievements of India. Its for sure we will not forget to punish all culprits as its a biggest shame for us but its not the right time to show our anger. Good Luck to India to get a lot of Medals and we wish to have good Medal tally for India in CWG. All Indians should be a part of CWG now and show sportmanship. JAI HIND !!

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Re: Be a true Indian
by shaank on Sep 25, 2010 03:31 PM
except for badminton n a very few games, these medals hv no weight in international reckonings as this CWG is limited to hardly 10-11 nations which were under Britin's rule , point is spending such whopping money of 40000/ crores on city of Delhi for such a limited sports value event is not called for whether guests are there or not, whether it is unsportsmanlike ,one should look at the areas where this much of money could hv been spent gainfully, the positive point of this whole episode is this has exposed n bared the nexus of contractos-engineers-IAS n Allieds- politicians in this game of 40000.... ,we cant wish away this n welcome n show sports spirits,infact we shud nt lest we become a party to it.....

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Re: Re: Be a true Indian
by reeba on Sep 27, 2010 03:36 PM
shaank common wealth countries include 72 countries. u people just know how to criticize but have no knowledge at all. CWG is 2nd to olympics and world championship.

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Rajan Daniel
Re: Be a true Indian
by Rajan Daniel on Sep 27, 2010 05:38 PM
We should simply say "there is no proble" as usual.
And keep denying until world falls on you.

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by drax on Sep 25, 2010 08:08 AM  | Hide replies

How active our PM is.....getting charged up even though more than 24 hours are there for the games village to open. Indians need such active PM's.

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vijay bhaskar
by vijay bhaskar on Sep 25, 2010 11:16 PM
Problem is with turban he wears.
It takes some time to let words pass through it. ;-)
Thank god that he heard before games got over.

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Contribution of UP, BIHAR people in Nation Building
by anuradhakumari on Sep 25, 2010 08:07 AM  | Hide replies

No DEVELOPMENT WORK is complete without active participation of UP, BIHAR Engineers, CONTRACTORS and WORKERS!

For a robust growth, WE NEED THEM or else become/ risk a outsourcing country

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Message deleted by moderator
jay chandran
by jay chandran on Sep 25, 2010 08:05 AM  | Hide replies

the news about prime minister being upset over the arrangements for cwg is only a scene of this drama..i am sure the people in india has seen this many times before. what is his reason to be upset now at the eleventh hour..??? newdelhi is not so far away from his home..wasnt he reading news papers or tv channels???..if he is so truhful to the nation, he would have asked kalmadi and team to quit and show this country that he is firm againest curruption. but it seems that he also want to show the poor illeterate voters of this country that he is so upset over this issue. it is not yesterday we got the opportunity to do cwg in india,,almost 7 years we had to prepare all the arrangements. why they waited till last minute.?? it is crystal clear that the organisers wanted this cloud created and then spend money like water to protect the image of the country. if they did their job in time, there can be many questions about how much money spend,,and they would be answerable. now all the criminals involved are safe ,at the end of the cwg, everyone will forget this chaos now and kalmadi and team will be freed.
sonia ganghi keee jay, manmohan singh kee jay..!!!!suresh kalmadi kee jay....!!ho....!!!

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Message deleted by moderator
Bala shankar
by Bala shankar on Dec 24, 2010 08:12 PM


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No Infrastructure development without UP, BIHAR
by anuradhakumari on Sep 25, 2010 08:02 AM

To regain INDIA's lost pride and glory, PATNA should be made venue of next event, games etc. (if world give us a chance)........

UP and Bihar People (popularly referred as BHAIYAs in some aprts of this Great Nation) will leave no stone unturn to make any event a GRAND SUCCESS!!!!!!!

BIHAR and UP occupy ancient pious place in HINDU Religion. The present UP is home of many HINDU Gods and Goddesses and BIHAR is great Land of Gautam Buddha and Emperor Ashok.....

Present day/ era also, people from these regions are very hard working.... though they are often targeted by some people/ society due to envy..............

No DEVELOPMENT WORK is complete without active participation of UP, BIHAR Engineers, CONTRACTORS and WORKERS!

For a robust growth, WE NEED THEM or else become/ risk a outsourcing country

What I mean to say that we in INDIA never repent on our lack of prfessionalism, lethargic work atmosphere, discuss how to make INDIA as a whole --- a great and strong nation. A country which emphesises quality utmost but WASTE our TIME in useless kicking of some poor people (of some ethnic, language group) to get some votes, discussing a matter least significant for the benefit of Common INDIANs

Time is running! Let's wake up.....

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by antoniopope on Sep 25, 2010 08:00 AM


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raman govindan
CWG accommodation, bathroom and toilets
by raman govindan on Sep 25, 2010 07:57 AM

one should visit the government offices to know the picture for cleanliness of toilets etc.

the toilet attached to the head of the office and his next deputies will be clean, spakling and no smell. no spitting of paan will be observed and no cigarette/bidi butt.

but go down to the one for use by the the lower grade employees and common citizens, it will present a pathetic picture.

the attitude of buracrats should change as well as the common citizens.

for understanding and rectifying the attitude, the private toilet to the top officers should be closed and they are made to use the commoner's toilet.

similarly the top railway officers should be forced to travel by sleeper or II class accomodation in trains.

the vehicles of the state transport officers should recovered and they be asked to go by the buses operated by them.

the state government ministers and top civil servants should not be provided transit accomodation while on tour at government guest houses but made to use the public waiting rooms and toilet facilities.

the government school teachers should admit their children only in the government schools. if they do it in private schools they can be demoted to one step lower.

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Bodh Ramdeo
CWG: a nations lament
by Bodh Ramdeo on Sep 25, 2010 07:57 AM

Only now he's upset about the shameful shoddiness and ineptitiude???
Where was he all these past seven years??
Everyone knew since 2003 that this country was hosting the games, and worse, His govt has been in power all these years- UPA-1 & UPA-2.
It's a bit late in the "game" to start pointing fingers.The buck stops at his desk!

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