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Sad end to my Olympics

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We indians are truly emotionaly fool.
by shams on Aug 31, 2004 01:19 AM  | Hide replies

Yeah i have gone through this aritcal Mr Pillay need to understand that hockey is team work and how u can say that u played better then others first of all for getting into team u take support of political party that no geniue sports person will do insist of doing good to indian hockey u did worst for that y don't u leave indian hockey to our youngsters hand. Don't try to be father of hockey or whatever no doubt once upon a time u were gr8 player but u know even strong building collapse one day and pople grow old its natural y don't u give your time to train youngsters as just crying for yourself u r truly selfish and we all indians truly emotionaly fool bcuz of this emotions we are not able to perform better in any sports we indians easily make a person as synoname for sports and if some one critize that person we think critics is fool becuz we think that sports is recognized by a person where as we should think a person is recognized by the sports not vice versa. So kindly for the benefit of indian hockey please quit its my personal view don't cry like a child and spoil our national game .

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RE:We indians are truly emotionaly fool.
by saby on Sep 03, 2004 02:31 AM
yeah whatever you have said applies to you also..I wonder how many times you have seen playing Dhanraj pillay in real life or on TV ..i think may be 1-2 times ..you should better look at the game he played before comenting on it ..and moreover if you think if playing excellent hockey for last 16 yrs he doesnot have the right to say anything about the game situation in india..then guess what u dont have any right to say about Hockey anything becoz i am pretty sure you have never played it..better you go watch cricket ..and wonder if you remember how the cricket players bullied the Board members into submission on Advt. money problem just before cricket world cup .but that was right..becoz u think so ...if that was even right partly the statement by pillay is atleast 90% right..I wonder why we give different treatments to our cricket players then players in any other game...I feel pitty for the game and the players..they deserve better then just ham handedness by some fools who think they know everything and MR>KPS GILL is one of them..this is not Punjab Police Mr.Gill

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dhanraj pillay
by rahulkaks on Aug 30, 2004 11:51 PM

what ashame that one of india's greatest hockey stars in recent times ahd to sit out at his farewell olympics match. we all know that he's an excellent player and turn fortunes india's way single handedly. this episode brings to the fore the corruption and selfishness which has become deep rooted not only in the indian sports system but throughout india and repeatedly leads us to humiliation in front of the world.hats off to individuals like dhanraj who are still fighting against the pathetic "system" in india.

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Dhanraj u r the best
by Amit on Aug 30, 2004 10:43 PM

Dhanraj I personally watched all the matches that India played in this Olympics and I have no doubt that u were easily the best in this team. U truly r a champion!

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by SS on Aug 30, 2004 10:26 PM

I am sorry but it might be that India's performance is bad in games due to Mr Pillay himself. He has to go soon. Goodbye Mr Pillay you had your party now its time to set the house in order.

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by kyle on Aug 30, 2004 09:20 PM

Who on earth is Mr Rach to decide when Dhanraj should retire.If he has the gumption let him say he is dropping Dhanraj..and instead not ask him to retire.All those who watched Dhanraj at the olympics will definitely support him for some of the goals that were set up by him in crucial times of the game.He may not be among the scorers but if one has to see the replays of the goals scored by India,Dhan will in my opinion be the main architect..oNLY ONE REQUEST TO DHAN IS,TO AVOID WRITING COLUMNS.THEY SEEMED TO HAVE LET HIM DOWN.iT IS FELT THAT SOME OF THE THINGS IN HIS COLUMN SEEMED TO HAVE GONE AGAINST HIM UNNECESSARILY....HOPE YOU ENJOY GOOD HEALTH AND LET NOT YOUR AGE COME IN THE WAY TO PLAY FOR AT LEAST A YEAR..DHANRAJ.

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jitendra vishen
The person who plays Hockey with Heart and Courage.
by jitendra vishen on Aug 30, 2004 08:51 PM

Dhanraj is one of the players who had the capability to motivate the whole new generation to play hockey ,but the way he is being treated is a shocky.The hockey fedration could have used his talent to make more Dhanrajs in this poorly star starved country.federation could have handlled him in a better way.

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Olympic Hero
by Lakshmanan on Aug 30, 2004 08:32 PM

Hat's off to Our Hero Dhanraj,one tree cannot make forest.we need many many people with character and attitude,Dhanraj should be made as IOC chairman to make our youth to fit in Olympic stream.

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by Ezhil on Aug 30, 2004 07:22 PM

Danraj you are shown incredible performance in many matches, you made india to win in many occasions.Its a shameful act by the Team management. I think they really dont want India to win. Your retirement is a great loss to Hockey.

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Dhanraj- a sad end to an era
by V.T.Raj on Aug 30, 2004 06:59 PM

No doubt, Dhanraj was the best India had produced in recent times. The unfortunate thing is that he was born in India where machinations and subterfuge rules every activity, sports no exception.This is a foolish country where cricketers are idolised.Hockey players are made to feel like smaller guys in front of them. Only when cricket is banned other games can flourish , of course, ensure no politics in the management of Hockey.

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