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Review: Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

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gaurav chakraborty
rajkumar santoshi dissapointed everyone
by gaurav chakraborty on Nov 29, 2009 11:26 PM  | Hide replies

this was the worst movie made by rajkumar santoshi.terrible plot,poor dialouges and the common thing is that everybody in the film had overacted

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sudhir dhar
Re: rajkumar santoshi dissapointed everyone
by sudhir dhar on Dec 01, 2009 10:34 AM
U R a id i ot

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sudhir dhar
Re: rajkumar santoshi dissapointed everyone
by sudhir dhar on Dec 01, 2009 10:33 AM
U R a id i ot

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ranbir rockzzzzzzzzzz
by manunnair on Nov 28, 2009 01:03 PM

ranbir rockzzzzz.... just watch it and be happy...

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mugdha wagle
Ajab Prem..... Review
by mugdha wagle on Nov 21, 2009 05:11 PM  | Hide replies

Has your sense of tastefulness fallen so low, that you give 3.5 stars to a movie in which one character tells another, "Marry my son or he'll rape you (with the consent of your adoptive parents)" What were you thinking, Raja Sen? Or rather, just how much were you paid?

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Neetu S
Re: Ajab Prem..... Review
by Neetu S on Dec 17, 2009 01:18 AM
Oh my God...Did you really write this? ITS A FILM...and the character was to be portrayed as a BAD CHARACTER...Did someone send around a memo that bad characters have to be nice now? They have to be politcally correct AND villanous at the same time?

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Amit Mallik
the worst movie by Raj Kumar Santoshi
by Amit Mallik on Nov 15, 2009 01:57 AM  | Hide replies

Raj Kumar Santoshi has terribly disappointed me and most of audience I believe.. There is nothing that catches attraction in the movie.. Sluggish acting and poor direction same old same old story.. Looks like he was trying to make a 2nd "Jab we met" but generally he is better than copy paste???

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Re: the worst movie by Raj Kumar Santoshi
by Guest on Nov 24, 2009 05:32 PM
this is the simple movie but filled with coco icecream

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Baba Ramdev
My Rating : -1 STAR, For better review....
by Baba Ramdev on Nov 14, 2009 06:27 PM

I refer TOI reviews in papers. After checking 3-4 reviews on Rediff, I concluded that Rediff is not professional as far as movie rating is concerned. After writing my own review of 2012, I checked Times of India's website and found that they have more professionalism. Even you can rate movie just by single clicking. I checked movies that I saw recently and compared my ratings to those. I was satisfied with their ratings. They tell you about story, performance, background score, photography, direction with and - of it. Thus overall rating is given considering all. So switch to TOI and dont give much attention to rediff as rediff might be wanting us to post a lot of comments and earn few bucks from advertisers by showing them clicks on their page. Bye bye Rediff.

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Gaurav Sharma
by Gaurav Sharma on Nov 13, 2009 05:24 PM

well well well... I mentioned some time ago that I am a big fan of your reviews... But I have to say you have a very poor sense of humor... This is the second worst movie of my life after Love aj kal...Utter CRAP man.. Do not disturb was better... I doubt now .. which reveiwer to trust.. grow up mate

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