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Why Archie should marry Veronica

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Riff Raff
And they lived happily ever after......
by Riff Raff on Jun 01, 2009 03:22 PM

I guess in keeping with the American divorce rates, Archie and Ronnie will call it quits after some time, when they realise that marriage is a differenet ball game altogether. Meanwhile Betty wud have also moved on, and got married to a, probably, jerk... Arch & Bets will have a chance meeting somewhere, and catch up on old times. One thing will lead to another, and soon in issue no 645, you may have both of them getting married to each other.... and live happily ever after ???

And i thought everybody else got married atleast a second time to nybody else who was married earlier to somebody else, and not after they themselves were not married to nobody else. Else, it ain't AaMMeRiCa !!!

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Fazal Curmally
Why Archie should marry Veronica
by Fazal Curmally on Jun 01, 2009 08:35 AM

Ive been reading Archie Comics for around 50 years and more. Archie should dummp veronica like a bad disease and marry Betty.

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Archie will marry Betty if at all they decide to end it that way,
by june on Jun 01, 2009 03:37 AM  | Hide replies

I live in America and I know how Americans think. Betty is what the Americans would love to call 'an american sweet heart' and there is NO WAY veronica ,a snob would be a choice if the magazine has to satify million Americans. Raja sen obviously has little knowledge of west life and uses such strong language to make one simple point which indicates a limited knowledge of English. Anyway boring or not the typical american sweetheart for Americans is gonna be Betty so suck it Sen in American style.

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wizardo id
Re: Archie will marry Betty if at all they decide to end it that
by wizardo id on Jun 01, 2009 10:34 AM


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karn vir
It is Gimmick
by karn vir on May 31, 2009 05:43 PM

I was a regular reader of archie's comic till the age of 17 after that I out grew that got on to more serious reading. But this article took to those nostalgic days...Knowing everyone's character in Archie's series...when did Archie ever have a say in anything to do with Veronica..Veronica decided what to do and with whom, Reggie, Archie or some new handsome dude.....and in same vein she will decide as what to do with her life....veronica will decide whom to marry than it being any other way.... and Jughead would always protect Betty and then Archie's interest and he used to always find ways put Reggie in trouble, keep veronica at bay and somehow save archie from disaster and Betty from sadness...so the publishers are probably trying to generate interest to increase sales..

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if Archie marry Betty then it would be obvious and hardly interes
by mihir on May 31, 2009 04:36 PM  | Hide replies

if Archie marry Betty then it would be obvious and hardly interesting. now people will read and read and wait when they get divorce. if Archie marry Betty it would be THE END to the story but not now. so a clever decision from producer.

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Sona Sahai
Re: if Archie marry Betty then it would be obvious and hardly int
by Sona Sahai on Jun 02, 2009 12:06 PM
I agree.

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My RealFather
by My RealFather on May 31, 2009 09:28 AM

Why these idiots are wasting time and space for these characteres..its just a comic strip..Grow up guys..

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Anirban Das
Raja Sen in Comics
by Anirban Das on May 31, 2009 09:19 AM

I dint realise it is a Raja Sen article till i went back to the top of the article after completing it with disgust. One good thing rediff has done, moved him from movie reviews to comics reviews. Quite aptly, The COMIC for the COMICS.

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Jignesh Patel
by Jignesh Patel on May 30, 2009 04:29 PM  | Hide replies


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seventh sun
Re: wannabe
by seventh sun on May 31, 2009 12:08 AM

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