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by satender on Nov 26, 2010 05:04 PM

"Ham log" was a true picturisation (not a story) of our society which represent our common people on the tele in the early begining of doordarshan. A great effort done by the "Ham log" team. I want to see or buy the serial again in form of CD or DVD from Doordarshan.

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F p
few more...
by F p on Jul 14, 2009 12:03 PM  | Hide replies

wat abt "Phool kheele hain gulshan gulshan" use to come on sunday morning... if iam right.. then star treck, different strokes(two nigro children adopted by a whiteman)..and then one hindi comedy serial (don't remember name ?), evening spiderman, vikram aur betal and then hindi movie..also chitrahar twice in a week...

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Re: few more...
by SURESH S on Jul 15, 2009 10:40 AM
Also " Gul gulshan gulfam" and Doctor Sahib starring Parikshit Shani.

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Jimmy George
Re: few more...
by Jimmy George on Nov 05, 2010 11:26 PM
different strokes followed by close-up and showtime on sundays, then afternoon serial with Shekhar Suman & Kiran Jnneja in the lead.

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A very good serial portraying life of common Indian family
by PS on Jul 13, 2009 11:44 PM

Hum Log is one of the all time best serial because common people like me are associated with it like their day to day life,their problems,solutions.They all were presented in a manner which were of interest of a common Indian family who lives happily after tackling problems of life.
The main aim of todays serials are related to TRP.
Nowadays any tom dick or harry can make a serial so there serials are of less interest.The daily time table for a 30 minute serial might be somewhat like this for one episode
1)5-8 minutes of advertisement
2)Organize all characters of serial in front of each other on some needless occasion and flash camera on their faces for 5 minutes continuously.
3)Show some meaningless things not related to the subject till 5-6 episodes.Just do time pass
4)After 2-3 episodes again come back to main track,create suspense by adding few more characters and turn the track of the whole story.
Mostly in todays serials,the negative characters are more focussed like his/her activities,conspiracies etc and the main positive character is given less importance.
In this way the brainless thing continues years together without story and theme for thousands of episodes.
Considering the worst states of today's serials,The serials in past like Hum Log,Buniyaad,Yeh jo hai zindagi,nukkad,circus,fauji etc were very good.The directors of these serials had a clear idea about entertaining the public in a positive way then the negative way of today's serials.

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Hum Log, Yeh jo hai jindagi & Circus Serials
by MGR on Jul 13, 2009 07:43 PM

Hum Log, Yeh jo hai jindagi & Circus Serials were very popular in 1980's. Ashok Kumar's expert talk at the end of Hum Log, Yeh jo hai jindagi's comedy & Shah Rukh Khan as Sankaran in circus are still fresh in my memory.

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some old shows on mumbai dd
by zatka on Jul 12, 2009 03:51 PM  | Hide replies

we used to get magic lamp,santa kukdi,whats the good word,sports world, kilbil,chaya geet,and one more show aamch mati aamchi manse.hass paryhass and on saptahiki..then for cricket experts comments we used to get Lala amarnath ,tiger patuadi, etc

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king long
Re: some old shows on mumbai dd
by king long on Jul 14, 2009 12:45 AM

good one, Z. I had forgotten most of those shows.

What a time it was.

Unlike now.

Compared to those shows, the current offerings on TV are an open cesspool of fetid excrement.

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by SURESH S on Jul 12, 2009 03:23 PM  | Hide replies

Rediff is blocking my messages on old serials

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suresh vaggannavar
Re: Moderator?
by suresh vaggannavar on Jul 12, 2009 04:52 PM
Mukli hidi maniag nadi

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Good old days
by SURESH S on Jul 12, 2009 03:21 PM  | Hide replies

I still remember serials like I love Lucy, Khuch koya hai khuch paya hai,The world this week (as another member pointed out, it featured Loy Mendonza's music and the unforgettable Tabla beat), India quiz (Sidhdhartha Basu and Vandana Mohan), Sports quiz by Dr Narottam Puri, (the sports quiz now on air in DD chennai by Dr Sumant C Raman brings back memories), Bharat ki khoj, Bharat Ek Chap, The great Ramayan and Mahabharat, Kakaji kahin ( a political satire starring Om Puri), Dil Dariya, Sanja Chulha (it featured a Shahad Kirtan as a title song), Quile ke rahasya, Jeevan Rekha (lifeline- a serial featuring Doctors), Fauji (remember Shrukh Khan as Abhimanyu Rai) , Hum panchi ek dal ke (a serial featuring street kids, aired on Sunday mornings), Kissa Shanti Ka, Mr Yogi and one more children's serial I am unable to recollect.

I remember newsreaders like Geetanjali Iyer, Neethi Ravindran, Tandon, the late Tejinder Singh, and the unforgettable Shobana Ravi in Tamil (DD Chennai).

I remember advertisements like the first one for lehar pepsi starring Remo Fernandez and Penny Vaz,(there is a link in youtube- this forum does not permit links. just google "remo fernandez, penny vazm pepsi ad dd) and another for solidaire ( "solidaire for sports time, for action time.." jingle) and also Saptahiki to know about timings.

Of course the Tamil favourite was "Oliyum oliyum".

I miss the good old days.




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Srikrishnan V
Re: Good old days
by Srikrishnan V on Jan 15, 2012 10:28 PM
there was a person called Shammi Narang as well.

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Jimmy George
Re: Good old days
by Jimmy George on Nov 05, 2010 11:25 PM
Hi, razor sharp memory! yes those serials and characters are still vivid in memory. maybe because content was excellent and so too the milieu and messages. I would say it was the golden period of Indian TV serials.

Also Close-up and Showtime on sundays, Kashish, Tamas...and on and on.

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Message deleted by moderator
bevarsi soolemaga
So old serial......
by bevarsi soolemaga on Jul 12, 2009 03:12 PM  | Hide replies

i dont remember watching it........but i can recall he man,street hawk when i was a small kid....

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suresh vaggannavar
Re: So old serial......
by suresh vaggannavar on Jul 12, 2009 04:54 PM
halkat sollemaga yelli pa ???

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bevarsi soolemaga
Re: Re: So old serial......
by bevarsi soolemaga on Jul 12, 2009 11:48 PM
yeno boli

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