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Aditya Venkat
Waste of time
by Aditya Venkat on Jan 23, 2009 10:10 AM

What this tapeshwar character should do is to file a case against all the slum dwellers for ruining the beauty of every city, causing law and order problems, disrupting the social peace and spreading diseases. That will be something good for out country and our honour in this world.

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kp kp
Where is the love for real slumdogs?
by kp kp on Jan 22, 2009 11:57 PM  | Hide replies

People are attacking the real slumdogs and gloating over the exploitation cinema that seeks fame and fortune out of exploiting slumdogs. Who the hell is really getting fame, publicity and money here? Real Slumdogs have no right to even protest. It show who much love they have for real slumdogs

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rahul khan
wat a shit
by rahul khan on Jan 22, 2009 03:23 PM

who d hell is this tapeshwar? and wat he is trying to do? just for publicity or does he has ample time to do all thse nonsense? where the hell he was when 100 of bollywood movies were made on slums and the vulgarity shown in movies? we all should feel proud that being an indian rehman has took our name to global platform. i think this tapeshwar really need somthing chiil to take. anyways it doesnt matter to rehman nor to anil kapoor if any such case files against them. because non of them were the writer of movie not director.

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fayaz udeen
no other work
by fayaz udeen on Jan 22, 2009 02:03 PM  | Hide replies

that was well said , just because u change the name u cant change the facts , so if we change the name from slumdog to slumgod will the person jump in joy , when will these people change , god help them , make them broad minded, useless complaint against rehman he has done so much for the country and all he gets is a case for giving some good music

for heaven sake please watch a movie like entertainment , do not take silly feelings this is not going to help us grow

jai ho

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Geetesh Talajia
Re: no other work
by Geetesh Talajia on Jan 22, 2009 04:37 PM
Why ppl come on streets whn a song was potrated as "Ha mujhay pyar hua Allah Miya"

That was not even a title of a movie.

We need to accept that by calling slumdog is not atall in good taste & if someone calls slumgod, film would not have done good earnings.

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Publicity seekers
by Singh on Jan 22, 2009 01:17 PM

Success has many fathers but failures none. Filing a defamation case is nothing but to share a pie of success. Publicity seeking mongers must be dealt appropriately for ever.
Court must draw a line to prevent the publicity seeker to file a case otherwise publicity grabbing antics will keep wasting valuable time and money of court.
Indian censor board is the organization responsible to allow movies screening in India. Board scrutinizes movies based on the set of guidelines. After getting a movie clearance from censor board, if some one opines, film contains some objectionable scenes or dialogues, then it is not the film but the board and its review criteria should be challenged. Censor board must be accountable for all its work. Anyone can challenge the movie in a court but case must be against censor board official not against the actors or directors. Court must review the criteria used in approving the screening of movie. If found any deviation from the guidelines, action should be taken against the board officials.

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Make this change in India!
by firefly on Jan 22, 2009 11:45 AM

All people living in Slums should be either relocated outside Mumbai or their living conditions be made at least "Viewable" for people coming from baroad India.

If these people sell our pverty we are to blame! Everyday poor people come to Mumbai and settle and bulid huts and stay there for years provided by the support of politicians. But this has done major harm to Brand India.

India should now think of improvising states like Bihar and kicking their politicians for personally using their tax money.

How come we can allow some people to shit on the road? Is it in our culture? No!!!!

Then why refelect such a culture to foreigners? It is our mistake!

Heavy fines or Jail be induced to parents who allow children peeing/$hitting on road.

I dont know what u guys feel but the time is now to make India a better Image for the world!

Congress has used our poverty to keep their pockets full for 60 years.

There is poverty in other countries too...but they dont stay in slums. They dont litter places.

All those slum dwellers think first! that this is our country...we were not slaves! and Congress is not a AAM JANTA ki party!
Rather it wants to reflect India as a third world country...which we are not!!!!!!!!

Keep your surroundings clean. If government doesnt help...build your own "Italy type" chawls and make it cleaner than a Green Patch of land!

Think that someone has insulted us and our culture for staying like beggars! Burn that Anguish and Clean up.

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public should be ashamed
by dj on Jan 22, 2009 11:18 AM  | Hide replies

i think its the public who shud be ashamed of watching a movie in which they themselves are being made fun of. if this kind of tendency isnt curbed, people from hollywood will keep on making movies with such titles, and next time they may call us a bast**** or bit** and we people wil still appreciate telling its a good movie, no matter what we are being called. but its not right to sue anil or rahman, instead, that movie should be banned and the creator of that movie should be asked for an explainataion.

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sumit mukherjee
Re: public should be ashamed
by sumit mukherjee on Jan 22, 2009 01:47 PM
please do not think that the western world needs to accept us or portray us in glorious light. what they think of us is not what matters. what matters is what we think of ourselves.
the reason why this movie is hurting our sentiments is because it portrays some reality. we know we are surrounded by slums and we know of the slum-dwellers. they are all over the place and an undeniable part of our society. accept the fact.
how does it matter if the name of the movie is slumdog? does it change anything if the call it slumgod millionaire? facts will not change by changing a name.

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fayaz udeen
come on india grow up
by fayaz udeen on Jan 22, 2009 10:51 AM

oh my god , what is wrong with this people , why the hell should they file a case for this , come on india grow up , by the way what did rehman and anil kapoor do , they just contributed to the film , rehman has really given some good musiq to india he is awarded for that in one hand and in other a case , you people dont have anything else to file a case,
what will danny think about india , he must me laughing at the guy thinking "these people will never change " . the movie is really a good movie ,

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vinayak me
It is Sadistic movie
by vinayak me on Jan 22, 2009 10:38 AM  | Hide replies

I think the director wants to satisfy his sadistic instincts by showing india BAD way. Westerners cant digest that INDIA has pool of Talent. Indians General Knowledge about world is much higher than the Westerners.

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Re: It is Sadistic movie
by VijaySagar on Jan 23, 2009 02:45 PM
Dear Vinayak, i hope u move out of ur rich towering complex buildings and see the real Bombay, and India in general. There is nothing wrong in showing the truth. If ur so ashamed of our poverty then try and change it. Westerners dont care about India, just like we dont care about them. Yes, Indian talent is in demand outside, but so are the talents from most other countries. We may have a better general knowledge, but unfortunately we rank really low when it comes to basic hygiene and cleanliness, and respect for the law. And all our general knowledge will not help us change that.

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geby jacob
Re: It is Sadistic movie
by geby jacob on Jan 22, 2009 01:10 PM
Were u born dumb or is this a new development ? Wat do u mean by ur statemen? What was shown in the film was the truth !! I guess u're one of those guys who live in castles built on clouds.. If this was a Hindi movie with some Khan or bachan, u wud've said, " wah, kya acting tha".. Boyle is a sensible director.. its coz of farts like u that his work never hit home.. And in the end, he needed to come to India to realise his dreams.. The movie is a winner.. probably u wud have heard some friend say all this n are trying to show off ur critic sensibilities.. get a life dude.. n accept reality..

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Geetesh Talajia
Re: Re: It is Sadistic movie
by Geetesh Talajia on Jan 22, 2009 04:41 PM
hey jacob,
I think you are watching all the movies directed by boyle. British & stoctish ppl are always looking to show India's bitter picture. Why they dont show the real picture where India has marked its exsistance & offered world a better place to live & offered a world calss software professionals.

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Re: Re: Re: It is Sadistic movie
by VijaySagar on Jan 23, 2009 02:48 PM
'offered a better place to live?? ' is a very funny observation. I guess u havent stepped outside of India to see that we are still about fourty years behind the west when it comes to anything called town planning, and aesthetics. India is a better place to live only if you have an obscene salary and can therefore cut yourself off from the real country, or if you are one of them from the so called backward/exploited communities who have organised themselves as vote banks to milk our system for ever. It is surprising that the so called world class software professionals are working for the west, when they may as well have done something for our own country. That is because they would not be able to earn as much or enjoy the better standards of living that the west provides.

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vineet menon
Re: Re: Re: It is Sadistic movie
by vineet menon on Jan 22, 2009 06:42 PM
dude...real india????...what the hell are u talking about???...are u blind???...50% of mumbais population are living in slums are abt 60 to 70 % o fthe ppl are living below 1$ per day....tats the real india...accept the fact u ignorant

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kp kp
Re: Re: Re: Re: It is Sadistic movie
by kp kp on Jan 22, 2009 11:49 PM
Real story behind people living bellow $1 per day is that they are able to live, and milions of them do it as a testimony to low cost of living, resiliance and hope that only only India can provide. Try living in NY for $100 per day. We don't measure progress by how much money it takes to survive and live, we measure it by how little it takes to be able to live. The poverty exists because you guys want to raise the cost of living so high that only rich people can survive, rest perish like dogs.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: It is Sadistic movie
by VijaySagar on Jan 23, 2009 02:42 PM
Nope, the real story behind people below $1 per day is that we have far too many low class people who breed like insects, and instead of trying to change their social status they are happy off being vote banks to unscrupulous politicians. Remember it is true, most people in India are poor because they want to be poor. They have similar choices like many to move up the social ladder.

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