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Shilpa: I will not apologise

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by KJAY on Apr 24, 2007 08:03 PM

First who should apologize? Richard or Shilpa. Just like the debate when Justin and Janet at the Superbowl everyone blamed Janet, yet then man was never blamed, who moved first? People are we so blind the girl does not need to apologize. Hey all you closed minded lady haters; who ever creates the problem should be blamed not the victim. The person doing the wrong doing controls themselves and no one else. Try changing your mentality. Than again it wasn%u2019t a big deal in my eye I just wanted to give you another perspective. Check out Fashion care a great supporter for campaigning for aids, educating through a unique way. If you thought the kiss was bad.

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Shilpa....we are with you
by on Apr 24, 2007 08:58 AM

there is no need for shilpa to apologize because she has done no wrong. people who are making an issue out of it are those who watch vulgar films and do vulgar acts at the backdrop. it's easy to point out a finger to someone but when it comes to oneself, where does the so called indian culture disappear? even i am an indian and am proud to be one. the kissing scene was a mere act of friendship and nothing else. people who are talking against it are the ones with narrow minds making an issue out of nothing. where does one's culture disappear when he/she is having an extra marital affair or sleeping with someone else's wife? just because it's not in the news, so they are safe and pure and their acts are ignored? shilpa has rightly said that when india is the second largest country with HIV patients, people should not maintain double standards, right? these people will pay upto hundreds of rupees to watch movies with all those vulgar jhatkas and mataks. where does culture go at that time? and most important, it is shilpa's personal life, she can do whatever she wants. who are we to pass a judgment against her?

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well done silpa!
by on Apr 23, 2007 08:18 PM  | Hide replies

so good to see that silpa has the guts to defy the demands of goondas in the grab of "defenders of indian culture". who has entrusted them to monitor indian culture? Culture is not a dead rock, it keeps changing. Kissing is an expression of love widely accepted the world over.Besides it is something between silpa and her friend. why shud others bother?

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RE:well done silpa!
by Champak on Apr 26, 2007 05:26 PM
I am with shilpa. I hope I will get a chance soon

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faiza asad
by faiza asad on Apr 19, 2007 10:08 PM

this is a society of hypocrites....showing ladies who drop almost all of their clothes on the drop of hat and liplocking passionately with the heroes,not to forget the elaborated love making scenes which are a part and parcel of hindi films plus those item numbers with these ladies wearing practically nothing and seducing the crowds with the ample skin show and vulgar jhatkas.
Why dont all of u burn their posters like mallika sherawat with her shameless acts in MURDER and not to forget all those Rakhis and Nigars...whr is your conscience at tht time guys....huh

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This is truely ridiculous
by john on Apr 19, 2007 05:42 PM  | Hide replies

I am not supporting these protesting activities in somewhat violet manner, but truly our culture should be kept in a decent way when in a public place.
its most ridiculous that an actress like shilpa shetty supports richard gere for this act. i wanna say miss.shetty that just once more saw the video clipping and think over it that is it fair to have a public display of kiss in a violent way is good to be here in front of people. sure a person came from indian tradition cant accept it truely.
we have seen a man kissing a woman like as the actress says in public places but not in this violent and vulgur manner. we have seen the same when leaders from outside kisses their foriegn female counterparts, but its just a kiss which is in suitable manner for a public place. its not a violent kiss. kiss should be for purpose. one man shouldnt kiss like this to express his friendliness and decency in such a violent manner. Mr.gere should regret about it.
As an art of living devotee, its most ridiculous and shame ful act from shilpa that she doesnt apologise for it. we cant blame for that incident as it was not preplanned, but surely she got lowered her dignity by saying that she is not apologising for it or she doesnt want gere to do same.

this is not a matter of indian culture.
but we can have a thing to b done to sufficient but its shame when we do the same thing in an
"over manner". its part of human culture, not indian. any person with a common sense doesnt do the same act as gere done in a public place.
shame on the actress to support him.

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RE:This is truely ridiculous
by on Apr 25, 2007 08:29 AM
Im not an indian.. but i feel that.
He should at least respect indian practice while he's in India, then he'll kiss d actress..
probably miss actress is happy to be kissed by him.. that is why she doesnt wanna say anything. Nature of women!
Shame on Her.. :)

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Ishan Mitra
RE:This is truely ridiculous
by Ishan Mitra on Apr 19, 2007 07:32 PM
if Shilpa doesnt have a problem I dont understand why others should...its none of their business

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RE:This is truely ridiculous
by on Apr 23, 2007 08:22 PM
Culture is not a dead rock. It keeps changing with time, ever renewing. different cultures came into being in the past due barriers in transport and communication. now that the barriers are broken, there would be more give and take. A world culture is evolving...whether we accept it or not!!

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rahul singh
This is just that stupid Shiv Shena
by rahul singh on Apr 19, 2007 12:22 AM  | Hide replies

That stupid so called governmental party should be destroyed, instead people are encouraging them. They are the one who destroy India. They got upset because Richard and Shilpa kissed and what about them who go around burning photos of other and what does this show to us young generation? Isn't this equivalent to Violence which brings bad message to youth? As Shilpa and so many people have said here that there are other so many issues to talk about. Why not focus on them which bring harm to our societies rather than this so called issue (I can%u2019t even what harm they have brought by kissing, despite the fact that its shiv shena who is bringing bad messages to people. And about those students who are protesting, they are not even that clean. I think I am even more shocked than Shilpa

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RE:This is just that stupid Shiv Shena
by on Apr 23, 2007 08:27 PM
organisations like Shiva sena are a disgrace to a civilized society. why shud they poke their heads in the life of individuals? If they dont want to kiss let them not do it. Yes, we know they like killing and spreading hatred more than kissing!!!

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Arunav Nayak
Whats the big deal!!
by Arunav Nayak on Apr 18, 2007 06:27 PM

Hello!!! when both of them re not complaining abt it, then whats the wrong with u all people and was there any kinda public display of Pornography..

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