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Was Fanaa worth the hype?

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Fanaa - yawn!
by Taranathks on Jun 27, 2006 07:56 AM

Really boring, pretentious and insipid movie. Weak plot and storyline. Luckily I saw this movie in a ramshackle theatre near my home; I paid Rs 30 for a seat - the movie was not worth more than Rs 10. I wish it was banned in Karnataka too..

Avoid the hype.


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fanaa is worth watching!
by divina on Jun 15, 2006 01:20 PM

I THINK fanaa is an amazing movie .. kunal kohli has done an amazing job!!aamir khan is the best actor in the film industry .. hes better than anyone !!! his performance has been outrageous !! he looks tooo good plus cute plus hot .. as he is becoming old he is becoming more n more good looking!! n kajol looks soo amazing in the movie..her look is just aweesome!! and both of them have acted very well .. they should take all the awards this year!!

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srinivas tummala
by srinivas tummala on Jun 14, 2006 11:13 PM

s fanaa can be rated as a good film infact worthwhile
watching it in multiplex the music, lyrics and aamir
was too good these 3 things pop up the hype it was great watching it.

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Fanaa is a worst movie I've ever watched in mu life
by VIKRAMA PUNCHATHAR on Jun 11, 2006 04:04 PM

Hi..Relax Guys..we are not in 90's style.we are in 21st century...these things shown in tha movie are not practical one...

come..on guys.. grow up..man..give us some thing diffrent like what karan johra does.!!!!..

One of the worst movie I;ve ever watched...

Please don't mack such movies


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by VIJAY on Jun 09, 2006 12:44 AM

fanaa the movie is over hyped and over promoted- a bad movie cannot be saved by decent performances of aamir and kajol

aamir is a good actor, but this role suits shahrukh better

kajol is an excellent actress, but this performance of her is nothing great, there is no great scope to perform and she derserves better

if davinci code can be banned why not fanaa

everybody has right to say what he wants, and i think the gujarat govt should have banned the movie in its state

KUNAL KOHLI- let him join whistling woods are some other school to learn the basics of film making- making movies by copying english films does not need any skills though

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by asha on Jun 07, 2006 10:37 PM

AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL script!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the topic was great...could have written it so much bettter!

Acting was great! Kajol was wonderful...Amir is old looking...but good actor!

BUT every minute of the movie you think that this cannot happen, this cannot happen...A major INSULT to the viewer's intelligence!!!

What is wrong with Hindi film script writers?????!!!

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abhilash rao
Gimme a break
by abhilash rao on Jun 07, 2006 01:30 AM


I though Fanaa had to have a heavenly script for Aamir n kajol to have jumped at it... story it probably does have.. but lacks the basic honesty a film deserves...

Mr.Kohli, how long will you go on cheating the Indian public as hundreds of ur predecessors have done by treating blindness by birth with an amazing retinal transplantation(which doesn't exist till date)... n for ur info... blindness treated after a child is 6yrs doesn't restore vision...

What did u want to portray Aamir as,, a confused youngster who took to IKF or a totally dedicated Kashmiri who finally believes in the safety of his wife n child over his mission. Do you think hiring a creative writer to pen some ghazals is all it takes to make a breathtaking love story? I'm sorry sir... no offence meant.. there r hundreds of B n C grade movies being produced n will be for ages... but comin from a film critic like u..

The next time u wanna make a terrorist flick... please spend 3hrs of ur life to watch ROJA for that is all there is for u to know...

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Sulakshana Dutta
Fanaa Inspiration
by Sulakshana Dutta on Jun 05, 2006 10:28 AM  | Hide replies

well, i thought Fanaa was original and novel ( as the makers themselves claimed), until i watched it.Mr. Kunal Kohli, in the backdrop of a love story adding some masala and changing the characters, have picked the story right away from Ken Follet's best seller Eye of the Needle. Aamir as the terrorist who hides his original identity,his mission,some secret group he has to handover a thing,getting stuck in the storm,reaching the house of the female,killing her father (there it is husband),radio signalling,killing Karnal (there somebody else), female discovering the truth from his lie,running out of the house with her child, he chasing her,she sending radio signal to inform about him-the similarities are endless.and inspite of everything he couldn't make a decent script.the flaws in the story are like big holes that can be seen within-out.other than Aamir & Kajol, there is nothing in the film that is worth watching!

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RE:Fanaa Inspiration
by TIMS on Jun 06, 2006 09:24 AM
The worse thing was:
- Kajol (the BLIND Zuni) doing shinaast for Aamir. Jisney chehra nahi dekha woh kaisey pehchaan karr sakta ahi??? Shocking only happens in hindi film kind of illogical drama..
- And then again, for all the love and shinaast that she did recognising the guy even when he was dead, couldn't recognise him as soon as he spoke 2 words upon his return...Wah bhai Wah

I didnt even know this was a copy - Wow...and still so bad!! Pathetic Kohli rises to the challenge.

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