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Bollywood supports Aamir Khan

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by mahak on May 03, 2007 07:28 PM  | Hide replies

wel i suport aamir cmpletly.....hes the 1 who actualy has guts 2 speak against the rong doers
no mater wht.....the thngs wich r polit.cians shud hav done , is done by aamir.......bt som ppl r taking hm rong..who cares... he has always supportd the rite...he is "THE CITIZEN KHAN" truly

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Ileana Daniela
by Ileana Daniela on May 31, 2007 02:41 AM
My name is Yle and I leave in Romania.
I support Aamir and "HE IS THE BEST"
My E-mail is:yle_yle_76@yahoo.com
Thank you!

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I Love U
by nabiha on Jun 04, 2006 10:00 PM

i m a big fan of Amir Khan i saw fanna its really really fantastic movie and he is looking so dammned and gorgeous. god gives u success thats all.
love u toooooo much

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Saud Rashid
by Saud Rashid on Jun 02, 2006 04:57 PM

Hi I think FANAA is a good movie, due to controversy the movie got more attention. Its a good movie. Kajol was superb and Aamir is always.

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by Vhrai on Jun 01, 2006 11:03 AM

Democracy : For the people,by the poeple , to the people. everyone (citizen of India) have freedom of speach.

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vittal rai
Ammir is right
by vittal rai on Jun 01, 2006 10:59 AM

every one (citizen of India) have rights to raise their voice. We cannot allow politicians to do what ever they like. If Ammir thinks he is right he can raise the vocice.

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avtar signh
Aamir khan
by avtar signh on May 31, 2006 10:00 AM

altt the political persons are useless. where were all the politicians when LAGAN aws in oscars making country pride. aamir is gr8 actor.

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Ram Bharose
Fanaa Controversy
by Ram Bharose on May 30, 2006 06:53 PM  | Hide replies

Democracy in India has become a big joke....Why can't an individual voice his opinion without fearing adverse repurcussions? I don't know if Aamir has an ulterior motive behind his stand or not, but if as a citizen of India he wants to support a particular faction he should be free to do so. If the BJP Government in Gujrat is secure in the stand taken by it, then it should not need to quell anyone's voice to prove its point. Let the court reach a verdict on the issue. Hopefully, people will become more tolerant towards others' point of view and instead of mud slinging will try to find a constructive solution to the problem.

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Paras SHah
RE:Fanaa Controversy
by Paras SHah on Jun 06, 2006 02:59 PM

Imtiaz. Same way aamir dont have anyright to support NBA who wants to stop development work. If some1 hurst your religoius feelings then u kill them. lots of people killed by who draw cartoon.

But u r aloowed to do anything against 1 state ?
What did we do ? did we kill aamir ?

If we think he has supported our enemy then we also have right to oppose him.

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kejriwal rabindra
Aamir Khan's statement
by kejriwal rabindra on May 30, 2006 05:29 PM  | Hide replies

Why the film industry or Aamir Khan did not raised their voice for the vilonce demonstration against an article in Danish paper, if freedom of expression is so dear to these big names in the film industry they should have shown guts to say against these demonstration in whole of India.
What about the ban on Satanic Verses written by Salman Rushide?
What about the ban of DaVinci code in Punjab and many other parts of the country.
It seems the film industry has double standard in their opinion when it comes to freedom of expression.

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RE:Aamir Khan's statement
by Imtiaz on May 31, 2006 09:09 PM
Hi Kejriwal
dont mix up the religion with the secularism if Amir is commenting on dam it is not related to any religion and moreover he is against the dam...
As far as danish paper is cocerned no one has any righ to abuse or say any wrong words about any religion.
So think in a broad way which should solve the problem but not raise the problem...

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Message deleted by moderator
RE:Should Applogies
by shivani on Jun 01, 2006 12:01 AM
Hey feroz,

Please be openminded and true secular.dont support aamir just because he is muslim.

Dont forget that people of gujrat are really really happy with Mr.Modi and he is elected CM.

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On Fanna movie (Aamir Khan)
by Bhavesh on May 30, 2006 03:09 PM  | Hide replies

From my point of view Aamir Khan is wrong. He has rights to say but he has no rights to support NBA activist without any knowledge. Non-gujarati people dont know about Narmada dam, this dam was started before 25 years and still this is in trouble. This delay is due to only Megha Patkar. She is interested in not to constuct Narmada dam. Aamir Khan dont know about this; her malicious desire. In MP, they are working for rehibilitation but Megha's activist is stoping MP's officers to rehibilitate. One sie she told about rehibilitation and one side she stop work of rehibilitation. This is not justice. First of all government have to watch on Megha Patkar. She is the main villian of this drama. Gujarati people are very soft and they have no problem with any person but if someone hearts us than we can not keep quiet.
Film indursty tell about no politics on films but all have to think no politics on Narmada also.
Narendra Modi is good human being and he is doing good job in Gujarat. He has bad impression outside Gujarat but you come gujarat and ask people of Gujarat about Modi. The bottom line is please promote Sardar Sarovar dam as this is life line of Gujarat.I repeat Aamir is wrong.

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RE:On Fanna movie (Aamir Khan)
by SUDIPTO BHATTACHARYA on Aug 08, 2007 01:05 PM
bhabesh,let me tell u 1 thing.aamir said nothing but truth,he said exactky what supreme court said.he never against the plan,he wants the rehabilitaton of the poor farmers.there is nothing about wrong in aamir's comments. bjp and modi sucks.jab modi danga karwata hai,tab khamosh q rehte ho?

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