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No Fanaa in Gujarat multiplexes

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RE:Ridiculous !!!!
by sam on Jun 07, 2006 01:18 AM  | Hide replies

why compare CM modi to Chandrababu naidu.
if Mr Modi is competent then why he is not listning to the common man's problem. solving one problem without knowing what side effects it's going to creat, if he's doing good for the people of gujarat.Then why he is harming the people who are affected by his so called good works. we know that the Dam work is importent for people of gujarat, but they should have taken care of rehabilitation.But no. what they are good at doing suppressing the people who raise there voice against there atrocities.

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RE:RE:Ridiculous !!!!
by Jignesh on Jun 08, 2006 06:53 PM
dear o dear sam, One thing i could make out from this whole thread that, It is a very dangerous situation for india, as so many so called intellectuals don't have their own way of thinking... They just think on basis of what media feeds to them. Do you know that when was the work on Narmada dam resumed after long break ? And for what reasons ? Let me tell you, a committee appointed by supreme court, visited the site in gujarat and gave a report that this is the best possible rehabilitation done in history of india to best of my knowledge. Now the only major part of rehabilitation is with Madhya Pradesh. And hey, we here in gujarat don't have deaths due to malnutrition, single sucide by farmers due to heavy debts.We are Having world class infrastructure... And what not? So stop crying foul you all un knowledgible so called intellectuals... And from next time onwards please for the sake of my motherland India, give your openion only after being well wersed with the problem and not the way amirkhan did, just plunged in to the water without knowing the depth of it... I will be personaly very thankful to all of you my brothers and sisters of india.

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RE:Ridiculous !!!!
by Jaimin on Jun 29, 2006 06:05 AM
Hi ppl..

there are lots of controversy n messages going for the amir's movie fanaa ..

Well agree wt aamir what he said ..he has its own rites..thats true...n may be its true tht he is having sympathy wt the ppl who r going to affected from SArdar Sarovar project..good there shd be..
but WHERE THE HELL AAMIR WAS when ppl of gujarat were suffering from drought...ppl u have nt visited Saurasthra..better visit it n u ll find tht wt's the importance of water & Sardar Sarovar to ppl of gujarat..
lets see it in aonther way...imagine tht Govt. of India passes bill to Stop Bhakra Nagal o Nagarjuna dam...as there may be fear of breaking ...n can ruin othrs life ..is tht all the ppl who r supporting NBA ll also support this...

k..NBA mean Narmada Bacho Andolan...rite...o is it 'NAAM BANAO ANDOOLAN'... Medha patkar...rite is doing tht only ...jus earing fame wt such stupid protests...its easy to fool ppl wt such emotional talks..but jus imagine if all agony happening wt ppl of gujarat happens wt u n ur state ppl..i dnt think u r going to stay cool..

so better put urself in other's shoe n than write wtever u wana...

Jaimin - Los Angeles

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Everyone has the freedom of expression
by sam on Jun 07, 2006 01:00 AM  | Hide replies

Hi,Its very pitty that we are degrading our cultural values which our rich india had inherited. and that to because of Gujarat Govt. all of a sudden there is a huge cry that Amir has given some comments, and which are not well digested by BJP. by doing so the main culprit is BJP. It is trying to get media attention.
again playing with people's mind.if it really cared for people of gujarat then let then first rehabilitate the people who will be affected by this narmada project.why BJP running away from it's duty?

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RE:Everyone has the freedom of expression
by Jignesh on Jun 08, 2006 07:03 PM
Hey Sam, I didn't have much space in my last messge so I am adding something more here. Are you aware that Madam Megha don't just want this dam to be constructed? And for that she has been coming out with one or the other issue , now and again to stop that, with a great failure though, because those issues are baseless. Let me make you aware, Megha patekar has provoked the affected people to such an extent, that (1) they never participated in the initial survey of the affected people, (2) They have been not allowing the rehabilitation officials to enter their villages. And after that all they are crying foul, for not being rehabilitate. Where the hell Gujarati's or Gujarat Govt. Say we want to build the dam but we won't rehabilitate the people. The question is when will these affected people will come ahead to get benefitted by rehabilitation program and become prosperous. So again I will tell you please,Please,Please,try to look at the other side of the coin too and don't plunge in to some issue without having enough knowledge about it. I will like to quote a sanskrit shlok for all so called intellectuals "Purna kumbho na karoti shabdam, ardhah ghato ghoshmupeti nunam"

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Stop targeting gujrat
by Yogin on Jun 06, 2006 06:52 PM

Hi all

I would like to request all to stop targeting gujarat. Gujarat and Narendra Modi has been soft target of quite a few news channel.

Gujarat has made tremendous progress under BJP rule and especially under leadership of Narendra Modi.

The people you are blindly posting their message should be aware that Gujarat Government had assured Yash Chopra of complete security coverage at all movie theatres/multiplexes where his movie will be released. It is decision of multiplex owners and not government to stop the screening of movie.

How many persons are affected by the Dam? 100,200...1000? But if dam is constructed millions of people will have the access of their basic need, water, which they are deprived of for decades now. Women have to walk as many as 10 kms to have access to drinking water. So please try to see other side of the coin as well. I agree all the people affected by the dam should be relocated properly but at the same time dam construction should not be stopped. Do we stop walking if our hands are paining? Stopping the construction of dam will not ensure the better relocation of dam affectees.

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Nilay Shah
One individual has all rights
by Nilay Shah on Jun 06, 2006 02:53 PM

Hi to all Indians,

I know that aamir has his own rights to speak in public or in private.. its democracy.. but why should he gives statement against Gujarat government and mainly against Narendra Modi.. He is the one who elected by Gujarat People.. so if he insult him then it indirectly means that he insults people of gujarat.. I am not against aamir or his film fanaa.. but he must be apologise for his statement on Gujarat Government and Narendra Modi..

and those who r non gujarati, before gives any statements against gujarat government, please visit gujarat once.. u can understand what narendra modi for gujarat..i'm not telling u that narendra modi do this or he do that but u only decide what he did and not?? then after we will talk on this issue..

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by ryan on Jun 06, 2006 02:25 AM

we are becoming a nation which does not tolerate any contrary view... any thing which is not to our liking and immediately there are strikes or bandhs or some sort of violence... dangerously reminiscent of pre war nazi germany... aamir has a right to his own opinion .. any body who disagrees with him has a right to his own too.. but why force others to watch/not watch a movie as a result.. are people so ignorant that they need to be told what to do???

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well done aamir
by rashid on May 27, 2006 07:55 PM

Hey.. Wats wrong with wat Aamir said..He just wants the displaced people reallocated,now where's that wrong...CONGRESS and BJP should stop targeting Aamir b'coz he is a muslim..Its all for those votes,right..I,as a muslim will watch FANAA,no matter wat these parties say..and I must warn these parties that our is a democratic country and voting for third front parties is becoming a need for us,the so called minority,Muslims..MANMOHAN OR MODI should think about those poor people who got no where to live(roof), coz of that dam..They must provide them houses first...Damn these politicians..

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by SHAILESH on May 27, 2006 01:27 PM  | Hide replies

fanna is nice movie it should be releies all over in maharashtra & Gujrat also, but first of all amir khan should be ask sorry to N. Modi in for his comment

I was seen fanna there is no problem to relies in Gujrat...


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ravi shankar singh
RE:what else expect from narendra modi land
by ravi shankar singh on Jun 07, 2006 09:51 AM
mr. sarfaraz you are advocating freedom of speech for aamir. similarly do the gujrati people have no right of freedom? if aamir cannot respect the sentiments of gujrati's why they should bothered for finacial impediments for aamir . gujrati's are also free and they have democratic right of freedom of speech not to associate with statements of aamir and they have right not to watch his movies as well the theater owners are also free to screen movies of their choice.
aamir and you people are wrong in one thing that for all they do not like blaming modi for it.have you not seen the assurance given by the modi to makers of the film that the filme will be given due security protection. do you want from modi that he should pressurise the theatre owners to screen the film fanaa against the will of theatre owners.
aamir is a celibrity he should know and be ready for repurcussions of indulging himself in such types of controversial issues.
he is on different plateform he should do his job of film and not to indulge himself in such types of volatile issues.

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by saeed on May 27, 2006 06:24 PM
its like king asking some money from the begger.

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by zara on May 26, 2006 11:45 PM

Having freedom of speech is one thing and not showing his movies in Gujarat is another thing. Why should anyone give a toss about what Amir has to say about our Govt, offcourse you can not expect him to support Mr Modi in any ways. Who cares !!!!!

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