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''Paheli is the right choice''

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Why paheli !!!!!!!!!!
by Naushad on Oct 03, 2005 07:03 AM

its a real paheli for me why Paheli was selected over Black...God save Indian cinema!!

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Paheli vs Black
by Susan on Oct 02, 2005 07:35 AM

Paheli & Black-2 different movies, 2 beautiful movies. And being selected for the Oscars-is it THAT big a deal? I didnt think we were making movies for the sole reason of being recognized and selected for the Hollywood awards. I think a lot of us enjoyed both movies-and we should just see how India fares at the Oscars this year-thats all. Will we be truly recognised there-instead of us thrashing either movie out here just because it was or was not selected.

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by DP on Sep 30, 2005 02:42 PM

I saw Black and let me tell you that there was nothing spectacular about the movie. It had good performances from Amithab, Rani & Shernaz (one of my chilldhood favorites). But apart from that the film felt like it was taken with the director and not the audience in mind...
Ppl who rant and rave about black should take a look at a few of the Oscar winners, before they decide...
Paheli alos does not stand too much of a chance, what with its songs and dances, but is a better choise that Black

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paheli - the worst choice ever for oscars
by priyanka on Sep 29, 2005 05:59 PM

Well what to say. I am totally speechless after the selector's decision to send Paheli to the oscars. Black is by far the best performances of both Mr Amitabh and Rani till date. I think Black is such asthetically made that it would have clearly made a powerful impact in oscars. I think the selectors dont have even an iota of knowledge of which movie to select for such a big event. Probably its the money given to the selectors for backing such a disgusting movie dats doing the talking in their decision. Thanx a lot n great going guys. Keep on making such drastic decisions. All the very best!!!!

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Paheli is the right choice??
by Prashant on Sep 29, 2005 05:05 PM

How can one compare Paheli with Black or Swadesh? Both Black and Swadesh are par excellence in script, acting. Black is not a copy. If Blackis rejected by Canes,we have swadesh. Paheli is not the right choice. Above all,we shud also consider regional movies for the nomination.

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Oscar Choice
by Mangesh on Sep 29, 2005 03:55 PM

I've seen all the movies which are in run for oscar. According to me Swades would have been a better choice; as this film is highly acclaimed and it shows the real picture of rural people. Between Paheli and Swades; I think the more weitage should be given to Swades.
This movies has good picturisation, songs,musics etc.

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black remains in black
by archana on Sep 29, 2005 02:56 PM  | Hide replies

it was truly dishearting to see that Paheli had takenover the wonderfuk BLACK!.Wonder when people will stop looking at hefty amouts n give fair justice to quality.Paheli which is a remake of a kannada movie surely doesn't deserve an oscar.Black has excellent performances but is really worth nothing except costumes

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RE:black remains in black
by Amit on Oct 04, 2005 04:48 AM
Paheli is a remake of a Kannada movie??!!! Thats the most stupid remark ever made. Paheli in fact is derived from Vijaydan Detha's novel which goes by the name of "Duvidha". Please validate your sources before making such outrageous remarks!
Also I still think that it was a good move to nominate a movie like Paheli which is basically an endearing folktale. Remember "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" which was a Taiwanese product based on a Chinese pulp folktale...and it won the Oscar a few years back. By that logic Paheli may have a good chance this year...hopefully :-)

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