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AB shines, Viruddh doesn''t

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Viruddh is a fantastic movie
by Milind on Jul 25, 2005 05:33 PM

Viruddh is a fatastic/classic movie. I 'ld rather say this is the best family entertain this year...better than Waqt. I wish this movie will be Big Hit!!!!
All the performances were superb. Unlike rediff review Sanjay Dutt's role was important and acting was superb for the mechanic (tapori) kind of role. Only Sanju dada is suitable for such roles.
The script was very well written and executed. Mahesh Majrekar is best in executin serious scripts like vastav,astitva,viruddh.
A Must see movie!!!!!!!!

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prakash tiwari
ab is great
by prakash tiwari on Jul 25, 2005 04:25 PM

ab is great in this movie,but jhon is super great, not for his acting but for his acting but for chooosing small role in the film. he really does not know how to act against amitaab sir.

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Nice Movie!!
by Kpil on Jul 25, 2005 01:30 PM

Well i use to say many times that if Rediff reviews comment any movie as bad, that means the movie is so good and vice versa.No doubt the rediff is driven by appreciation of junk movies(u know wht i mean, like Paheli crap n all). It's 1 AM for me, i just came back from theater and just now i registered at Rediff to post this message.It is an excellent n very touchable movie. Superb performances by AB, Sharmila tagore, Sanjay Dutt and John Abrahim.I must say that as shown in the movie our law system is similar to reviews here which can prove fake to real and real to fake without any shame. You(Rediff) guys are the media, you should not misuse your power to potray incorrect version of movie or any news.Thats all i need to say. Be genuine!!!

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Bipasha in virudh
by Sanooj on Jul 25, 2005 01:09 PM

I think i saw Bipasha.In the sequence where John and Anusha fall in love with each other , two ladies walks through the side of the road ..I guess one of them is Bipasha ..

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Please don't give reviews, let ourselves decide
by Avi on Jul 25, 2005 01:02 PM

After reading the review of Paheli on Rediff, I started thinking that all reviewer are paid by SRK. The way you wrote the reivew of Paheli, I thought it is going to win Oscar. It seems that you have lot of reservations about Mr. Bachchan. Viruddh is an excellent movie and everybody should watch it. Just fogive the reviewer please.

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The Movie is gud but AB rocks maan!
by Prashant on Jul 25, 2005 12:15 PM

Hi guys,

Yesterday I saw virudhh and it was another sterling performance by our AB ..I think it wd be blasphemy to compare him to any one in the filn inds..Guys just compare him in Sarkar and Viruddh ..Boy such 360 ' change , he was so strong in tht movie and the vulnerable looks he renders in the movie ..tht only let u gasping , even in the first half he appreaednot too strong .but in the next half see him ..You got to elive dat AB is just great.
Well I agree with the reviewer of the movie some parts of the movie were too melodramatic and the promotions of AD's .well then Mahesh manjerkar is the person fr that .so blame him..But teh movie is worth watching .
The kinds role AB is playing effortlessly carts him to top of teh ranks now also and trust me he's will be surely giveing likes of sharukhs and Aamirs run for thier money and tht too at this age..Boy he's GOD

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please stop ur reviews
by waseem on Jul 25, 2005 11:06 AM

paheli is breathtaking but it didnt take away breath of anybody this movie is quite good i thing u need to acknowledge this fact please change ur review as it is going to kill goood cinema ,things can always be better and same applies for this film as well and for ur reviewer ,but i thing we deserve a better reviewer than person who is doing this time please put some thought processes into it

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Virudh is superb unlike the review
by apurva on Jul 25, 2005 10:11 AM

Mr raja sen pls stop writing reviews either you are bais or you have no sense of movies. Their is nothing called I liked the first half and second half was average, which is enough reason for a movie to be hit.
Bye the way either you love it or you don't like it.

As for the viewers pls go watch Virudh. After vastav and astitva mahesh manjerekar is back with a bang. I think he should stick to realistic cinema. he does it best. The movie is a emotional journey. One can relate to the movie age is no bar. The bond between the elderly couple is phenominal.

Amitabh's best after black this year. Sharmila performance is effortless only she could match up with the towering act of the big and the very big bachchan.SRK this is what all the the year people have being critcising you. Go watch all his movies from black to Virudh you will get your answer.

As for the other cast from jhon to Sanju all are superb. The newcomers amitabh dayal and anushka dandekar do stand out.

Only one suggestion for mahesh manjrekar I may be wrong had he not shown the opening flash back. It would have created suspense till the end.
Do not go by redif review go watch Virudh with your family

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Thakur Punit
Review ke Viruddh.
by Thakur Punit on Jul 25, 2005 09:14 AM

after sarkar the review of viruddh given by the critic writer is absolutely. I hope critic writer should write about the story and what justice all actors had given to keep story doing graeat rather than proving movie as ok because it does not fit his or her personal trste.I think viruddh is yet another powerful family drama and will definately attract people who are very much attach with their family Hope all us watch the movie in theaters ans contribute to its sucsess.

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