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Yuva a loser?

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A Movie for our generation
by rajivlodha on Jul 03, 2004 01:27 AM

"Yuva" is excellent, the Best.

but our "indian teens" dont want to see the real life things ... they want to see their "DreamZ" of preety women and 1/4 of 56 Millions.

who says yuva is a "flop", he says so to market other films (and every one who says so).

If you are looking for a new story, something "Hat KE", go and watch YUVA.

I have seen this film for 3 Times, and i enjoyed every moment of it.

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Great work by Manirathnam and his team
by Ponds01 on Jun 07, 2004 11:06 AM

Excellent movie I have ever seen from Indian Cinema. Some trade magazines publish that this movie is a flop because it was not a blockbuster in non-metro theaters. I totally disagree with that. There is a history that the same magazines had rated foreign movies as super hit even if they failed to run in non-metros.

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YUVA - some stats from the opinions here
by vsk on Jun 07, 2004 10:16 AM

Just to make a point. There were 40 opinions expressed here. 37 of those 40 thought YUVA was a good film and asked the trade pundits to shut up....

You dont expect such a majority view even from such a small sample for a "LOSER"

Adding my bit to the stats, that makes it 38 of 41, YUVA is a very good film and a winner....box office or no box office....

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Trade-pundits better get their analysis right.
by Ajit on Jun 06, 2004 09:35 PM

How can you say "Yuva" is flop when it recovered close to 90% of its budget in its first week?
"Yuva", made at a cost of 11 crore, collected Rs. 8,59,68,264 in its first week in India; add to that another Rs. 1,73,61,750 from overseas.

Main Hoon Na took 2 weeks for crossing 90% of its budget.

Trade analysts are targeting the Mani Ratnam film with all their biased reviews and wrong information.

Thats bad, guys !!!

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varaprasad reddy
A Classy Offering !!!
by varaprasad reddy on Jun 06, 2004 01:39 PM

The heck with the reviewers and so-called trade pundits...I strongly believe a lobby working against the film...as was evident from the very negative talk generated right after the premier screening in Singapore.

As far as the film is concerned,I dont agree comparing Yuva with His previous ones.Infact each one of his celluloid offerings is in its own league.The portrayal of the class struggle in India,derived from 3 sections of social strata...the cinematography...the slick editing...very refined performances from all...excellent BGM...inspiring art work...and above all the Narrative style( a point to make,only the style is inspired from Amores Perros,Pulp Fiction,etc) is beyond my expression.

Overall its a Maniratnam movie...I may tend to argue that there is not a single movie of HIS which is bad.

Keep going Mani sir,We are definitely with you.

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Don't attach stigmatizing flop tags to films within days of release!
by SIGH on Jun 06, 2004 02:44 AM

Why is it that everyone in Bollywood is so eager to declare films "Hits," "Flops," or "Average Earners"? Does Hollywood make such classifications about English films? NO! They simply say how much money the film has made, whether it has taken a good opening or not, etc. Only in India are such tags attached to movies. When is the media going to learn that such tags only hurt a movie's chances? Movies without stars are rarely going to get good openings, so after the first week (or four days, as Rediff does) they'll be stigmatized with the FLOP tag. Others will read this and say, "That movie is bad," and they ALSO won't see it. But what if that film is good? IT NEVER EVEN HAS A CHANCE! Sure, once in a while a Munnabhai MBBS comes aroud and defies the early FLOP tag through word of mouth. But how often does that happen?

The media should give films a chance before shouting to everyone who'll listen that a certain film is a flop within days of its release. Just say how much money the film's making! Whether it's taken a good opening or not! Don't claim films are flops within days of release, because such tags only destroy the vast majority of films' future prospects.

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by sivaramakrishna on Jun 04, 2004 07:52 PM

i want tell you that bollywood tradepundit are always against mani and abhi films. and i am a huge fans of both when i saw the movie firstday firstshow i knew abhi will get all the all his due.the same trade pundits has declare hit third day itself and now they are telling humtum also a hit.i am following the collections in banglore firstweek 96% hydrabad95%chennai98% who ever seen the movie is saying picture is excelent.you can see rediffreview,siffyreview.you know what is the public reaction.come on abhi fans time to celebrate his first big sucess.bachke rehana choclate superstars juniorbigB has arrived.

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Yuva is a Milestone in Indian Film Industry
by Ameer on Jun 04, 2004 03:49 PM

A Movie with a good message and music. We should appreciate Mani Ratnam the way he thought to deliver a good message to the youngsters thinking about people rather than love fundas, and next goes to AR Rahman has done good work in music

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Rediff Box office rating unreliable again
by sailesh on Jun 03, 2004 11:33 PM

As a regular reader of rediff, i look in to see what the rediff box office says abt a movie. Yuva is the second personal instance when it has been wrong. Sometime ago, I had taken my kids to a movie Jajantaram Mamantaram which Rediff called a flop. I returned from a housefull Metro with disappointed kids. This time I went to Yuva, and the theatre was 90% plus full on a week day! Is rediff box office so unreliable?

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