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Why I like Andaz Apna Apna

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dp dp
by dp dp on Feb 06, 2012 11:52 PM

best film ever

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better than the best
by Vaibhav on Dec 07, 2005 04:51 PM

i agree that it is the most hilarious flick ever made
at least i wont get tired of it
it will make me laugh & laugh forever
its at least a cultured one unlike kyakool...

it is a boon to bollywood The music is so soothing which reminds of OPNayyar.
There people like me who will watch it forever & that will compensate for those who have not seen it

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minny khan
Its the funniest movie ever of salman!!
by minny khan on Oct 01, 2005 10:45 AM

There are many reason why one can like this movie apart from the reason that its a comedy. Aamir khan and Salman khan has come together for the first time and their working chemistry is excellent! The scenes of the movie are very simple and yet its look is all comical. Every scene from the starting of the movie to the ending is hilarious!!! Its a wonderfull movie. I especially love the ending of the movie.'Crime master gogo' -- 'galti se mistake hogaya' ---'plan ke mutabik' All these small small things are the ones that make the movie one of a kind. Those scenes which involves Salman and Karishma looking at each other ARE really sweet and funny. The scenes where Salman keeps going to the loo is also Hilarious!!! You can watch this movie 1000 times and yet you 'll be able to laugh at the same sequences. Its a wonderful movie and my favourite hindi comedy. I think everyone one should watch this movie :-) And the songs of the movie are really good,my being the favourite 'Yeh raat aur yeh doori' which is picturised on salman and karishma. Its a good movie,definitely worth a watch especially if u are a salman fan or Aamir fan.


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wasn't this a hit
by Laiticia on Aug 17, 2005 05:09 AM

Over the years I am hearing various different versions of the type of business that Andaz Apna Apna has done. Some say flop, some say average some say Blockbuster. What is the opinion of this film generally. A Rediff Article said it was an Average. Most people and what I have been generally hearing is that it was hit. Only a couple of days ago I was shocked to know it was a flop.I MEAN REALLY SHOCKED AS IN HEART ATTACK SHOCKED.
Does anyone know a trade anylyst or wnyone who can provide info on this matter

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andaz apna apna freak !
by divesh on Oct 11, 2004 02:00 PM

Andaz Apna Apna is THE BEST movie ever. when the movie was realesed it wd b on the cable only within a week.. i guess only in a week i saw that movie 5-6 times and i went totally crazy abt the dailogues.. i wd use them in daily life.."teja main hoon mark idhar hai" "2 chai kyon 2 chai kyon !! do dost ek chai main piyenge..isse pyaar badta hai".."thak ki tiki thak ki tiki thaa ...iss mein ek he goli thee" i can just go on for hours.. i thgt somethin was wrong w/ me but then i realised its just not me..thers an unofficial AAA club almost everywhere.. school college ...its there EVERYWHERE.. n i love have dailogue sessions its juss amazing ...i knw all of them by-heart ...every scene even the reactions of all the characters..even the songs r gr8 specially "iloo ilooo" loooove aamir khan for bein part of aaa ..he is my fav actor ever and AAA makes him evn more special... paresh rawal is awesome too ..every each n every character is simply amazing .. i dun hav words but im so sure all the AAA FRAKS knw wat am i tryin to say. i have this movie saved in my comp n i still cant get enuf of andaz apna apna .. i jus hope someday rajkumar santoshi plans to make a part2 of Anndaz Apna Apna

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The funniest movie ever.
by rajat on Aug 12, 2004 04:39 AM

Hey folks,
I saw this movie today the 50th time and still not bored of this fabulous movie.

Guys basically I am one of the biggest movie freak you will ever find. I have a DVD / VCD collection of 100 of the finest hindi movies ever made. But ofcourse, AAA (andaz apna apna) is one of them.
Crime master gogo, gogo saab apka ghagra!!
Teja main hoon, mark idar hai.

Smart boy!!

Aap antaryami hai, bahut bade swami hain, shatiman hain, budhiman hain balki aap to purush hi nahin hain... aap to maha purush hain, maha purush.

Jhakas, shabhas mere cheeteh !!

Just some of the most hilarious dialogs u will ever come across.

and finally, Crime master gogo, mocambo ka bhateja, aahen nikal ke gotiyan khelunga.

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Main TEJA Hoon kyun ki mera naam bhi TEJA hai
by Sachin on Jul 12, 2004 05:48 PM

Main TEJA Hoon kyun ki mera naam bhi TEJA hai....this is just of those scenes of the movie which has got the best dialogues and scences ever made in the history of bollywood.....u guys wont believe the dialogues of AAA are a topic of discussion among my family members and and my friends. Not only in family but also in my college, work place everywhere people are just crazy abt. this movie....Basically the dialogues of this movie can be used in ur evryday life...

1. If u get ur hair just trimmed....and if somebody will ask u
Somebody : "You got a hair cut ?"
You Can Say : yaaa...this is the latest french cut u seee.."Baal bhi cut jaye aur pata bhi naa chale".
2. If somebody talks abt. London....then u say "Kya Mujhe London Nahi dekhna hai kya ?"
3. If u r tensed and somebody irritates u....just to make it hilarious....then marofy this dialogue "Sala phele hi itna tension hai ? Karishma kaun ! Raveena Kaun ! uus tension se nekle nahi...ki ek aur tension ..."UNCLE KAun ?"
4. If u r walking with ur dad...and if he does something stupid...or scolds u in the middle of the road then say...."Ahista Pitaji ahista, aapka to pata nahin, lekin meri izaat hai yahaan"
more..mail me

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AAA: awesome comedy
by mansur on Jun 26, 2004 01:21 PM

AAA is the most hilarious n funful movie ever made. i have seen it more than 25 times till now. the characters of AMAR n PREM are totally tailor made for amir n salman. it reminds me of DUMB&DUMBER.
i wonder y santoshi never made the sequel of it???

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by pranj on May 24, 2004 05:43 PM

"Aap to gyaani ho, dhyaani ho, mahapundit ho, bal ki mai to kehta hu ki aap purush hi nahi ho... mahapurush ho mahapurush ho !!!"
This Aamir's dialogue tht got missed in this review is perhaps the most famous dialogue that the film has produced n the most famous dialogue that has made chanting on children's lips.

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