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UPSC Topper dreams of a Perfect India

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To the Hudugee from Namma Bengaluru
by slider on Feb 06, 2019 04:10 PM


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by Balabrahmachary on Jun 06, 2017 07:44 AM

my heartful congratulations and i think you should role model for indian youth specially girls, please.

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Yashodhan Joshi
4 attempts! What a shame. Must be from Reserved Category
by Yashodhan Joshi on Jun 04, 2017 09:25 PM

4 attempts! What a shame. Must be from Reserved Category.

Had you been from open category, one attempt was enough.

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resources are still limited...
by dineshhassija on Jun 04, 2017 08:08 PM

...therefore reasonable targets may be fixed.

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ramachandiran nil ramiah
Blessings for the dreams
by ramachandiran nil ramiah on Jun 03, 2017 09:22 PM

My blessings to the topper. But I fear that finally her dream will end up in retiring at top most post of Indian administration after being ground by the Indian administration run by our politicians

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IAS & IPS are tools in the hands of politicians.
by Rabindra on Jun 03, 2017 08:46 PM

My son, a B Tech, has been preparing for higher education whom I asked if he like civil services his instant reaction as it is allowing oneself a tool in the hands of Politicians, particularly in India. Police Officers and the IASs are mere tool in the hands of local politicians lest they want to be posted well, promoted in time, transferred honourably and other service conditions. Don't you see how in states not to single out any single one the transfer , posting, promotions and other service conditions are controlled by the politicians and it is IAS and IPS who are helplessly go by them. Even the record of Nartendra Modi as CM of Gujrat and his record of posting of these officers and other service conditions are the same as PM it is his discretion to post secretary and transfer them at the whims and fancy. They are protected from the corruption if they indulge on behalf of politicians and they are punished if they chose to function as per what they think are the rules. These posts and persons will have to be institutionalised so that they can function independent of political pressure or else while you are in UP satisfy the whims and fancy of Adityanath, if you are in Karnataka of Siddaramaiya and if you are in Bengal whims fancies of Mamata.

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Heartly Congratulation
by on Jun 03, 2017 03:37 PM

Congratulation for your success. We wish you to find new horizon of success again and again.

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congratulation, DIDI
by MDSS on Jun 03, 2017 03:32 PM

Didi Congratulations to you from my heart, you shown you are great. once again congratulations, greetings from my little family-my wife and my child.
Abid Husain, Mirzapur Disstt. Mirzapur-Uttar Pradesh

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Congratulations, Mam.
by ss on Jun 03, 2017 03:15 PM

Mam, congratulations to you from bottom of my heart. But, your dream of PERFECT INDIA will never come true because most of we people are corrupt and think of ourselves only and not for the country. Anyhow, I wish that your dream may come true one day and I can also see if I alive till then, but hopes are mostly dim and equivalent to almost NIL.

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lakshmy narayanan
perfect India
by lakshmy narayanan on Jun 03, 2017 07:35 AM

To have a perfect India , we need reforms in all levels of decision making . Old systems has to go away . Also must practice restrictions for politicians . Long term plans have to come . Constitution amendmends , IPC amendmends etc are the need of the hour .
Government jobs has to be available for public at all levels , no age bar

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