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Aus attacks: ''Adopt their culture''

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by Mahi on Jan 27, 2010 03:21 AM

I have now words to tell you haow much I praise you. You just wrote what I wanted to say. I am offended by so many indians staying there giving lectures on not to speak Hindi or behave in particular way because you are not entitled to do so being in foriegn. I want to say to all of them "JUST GO TO HELL ".
Those who deny their real self to be more like the natives please stay there as a second grade citizens. India is better off without ppl like you.

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Naresh Sharma
Change PR immigration rule.
by Naresh Sharma on Jun 07, 2009 08:55 PM

There is nothing wrong what australian teen doing ,they have right.if some one snatch their job and career,then definetly ,each one get angry.95%Indian student migrate to Australia not for education purpose.failure in India go to Australia to learn English and Parents can get big dowry amount in name of Australia PR.

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Shame Shame Shame
by Guest on Jun 04, 2009 05:45 AM  | Hide replies

Where in the world is it ok to go on a rampage and lynch your neighbour because he doesn’t share your religious beliefs? Where in the world is it ok to drag people off a train and beat them senseless because they are not from eth same city? Where in the world is it ok to not involve the police in a car accident scene, but rather deal with the other diver by bashing in his skull so he knows next time to watch out for the guy on the bike? Only in India.
Australia is no more or less safe to live, work and study than in any other place in eth world. It takes common sense. Indian student should stop looking for the cheapest place to stay and the restaurant that will let them work an illegal 20 hours more than their student visa will allow. Would you stay in a 300 rupee hotel in Mumbai and then get angry because you got robbed?
Having visited India on several occasions (and plan to go again very soon), one is left to wonder why India thinks it appropriate to point fingers at Australia when it can’t protect its own citizens from one another?
It’s ok for Amitabh Bacchan to knock back an honouree doctorate, but what about all those movies he made in cities rife with crime? Where was his moral stance then?
I have nothing but shame and regret for ALL the horrible crimes that occur on our streets in Oz, but it’s high time that the Indian media stop pointing all accusing finders and take a good long hard look at itself. The Indian media is causing far more harm tha

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mary mary
Re: Shame Shame Shame
by mary mary on Jun 04, 2009 05:52 AM
I have nothing but shame and regret for ALL the horrible crimes that occur on our streets in Oz, but it’s high time that the Indian media stop pointing all accusing finders and take a good long hard look at itself. The Indian media is causing far more harm than good- with more Indian students now open to being abused in Oz because the Indian media and a bunch of ‘educated’ students feel the need to trash an otherwise friendly country.
So Australia has crime, booze and slow police response times, But in India I can tell you, I would never set foot in a police station on my own and only in India is it ok to drink until you can’t stand and then get behind the wheel and drive home or bash in someone’s skull because they ‘deserved’ it for getting you angry while you were drunk.
I’m sorry- it is not ok for me to judge a whole nation based on the actions of a group of religious extremists or wannabe Munna Bhai’s?

To the Indian media and those students who now want their 15 minutes of online fame- stop exaggerating and take a good long hard look at the bigger picture and at the damage you have caused to your image and the Indo-Australian relationship.

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Message deleted by moderator
yeda peda
Re: Re: Shame Shame Shame
by yeda peda on Oct 17, 2009 04:33 PM
THey are more itnerested in fame the media..if australia was a bit smart..they shoudl jus tstart rejecting all the indians students say we dont want any indiansthen you wil lsee their true color..YOu need to ban them since what happens is you are creating problems for good educated employed indians..these students

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You certainly can talk about cricket with Aussies, you know...
by Guest on Jun 02, 2009 08:42 PM  | Hide replies

Today's media is sensationalist - Of course there are some racists here, and opportunistic criminals, though I feel that this issue is a multi-faceted one. Consider - Returning to Melbourne in 2005 after having been out of the country for a few years, I was surprised to see such an explosion of Indian students here. Of course, I can understand that is reflective of India's recent ascendancy in a globalised economy, and the readjusting of the Australian education system to one that is focused on profits, rather than quality, perhaps to the detriment of equity of access to local students. I don't have such a problem with our current education/immigration policy, although a more socially marginalised Australian may resent such developments and perceive some kind of 'invasion' - which of course gives no justification whatsoever for the recent acts of violence, but suggests that perhaps all aspects of Australian society are not so adjustable to such a rapid demographic change?
Most Indians I have met are curious, clever, personable people who are great conversationalists - some are boastful, know-it-alls, but then every country has its pains in the neck. In this regard, I would add to Anurag's suggestions that it is in very poor taste here to talk openly about one's wealth, not because of jealousy (ps - most Australians don't live hand to mouth - many are debt laden but possess considerable collateral), but because claiming self-importance is taboo. And you can mention cricket!

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anurag gangwar
Re: You certainly can talk about cricket with Aussies, you know..
by anurag gangwar on Jun 03, 2009 05:36 PM
You can discuss cricket but it depends to whom you discuss and when is very important. My advise to all future students is to avoid any discussions especially in night shifts or in bar or clubs when mostly people are badly drunk. Once you establish yourself in OZ certainly you can discuss with your mates but seeing the current situation in Melbourne please avoid any such thing which could lead to a quarrel. Anyway thats my opinion.

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Raju Nadig
Living Abraod
by Raju Nadig on Jun 02, 2009 03:11 PM

I have also lived abroad and for some length of time. I conceed living outside of India do require some adjustment and adaptablity which one should do . But any thing which the locals do that has racial undertones is very unfortunate. I am sure nobody can define what is racial, but the simple yardstick is if your behaviour or comments hurt the sentiments of others and especially people of other nationalities , it is in bad taste and deplorable. Having said this the recent incidents cannot be condoned under any circumstances. we may have tons of argument for and against the OZ culture , there cannot be two opinions or justifcation for physical attacks. Let there be no confusion , when a country issues visa to a person of other nationalites , it is duty bound to protect that individual. let us not be swayed by statistics or people's opinion or experience or tips ( they may be usefull) of having never faced susch issues, we must remember that every issue before snowballing into a major controversy always has enough smoke to indicate that there is a major fire lurking in the corner. Aus Govt would do well to take credible action to bring back the confidence of the people intending to visit that beautifull country.

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Utpal Parekh
Indians in Australia are low level cultureless louts!!
by Utpal Parekh on Jun 02, 2009 02:05 PM  | Hide replies

As far as Australia is concerned, the story is dramatically different.....Students with poor academic track record from Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges going for undergrad courses and a minority going for MBA courses with the average GMAT score in the range of 570 to 600....yeah, you can check it with IMS or Time......

Even though i don't want to come across as snotty, the poor standard of Indian students going to Australia is exemplified by the very low percentage of those who actually end up with white collar jobs...most end up doing menial jobs at gas stations and restaurants....many of them are extremely badly behaved and are culturally quite backward.....also, as they eat into grassroots jobs of Australians, there is a resentment that has built up over a period of time.....

And even though that does not justify any violence perpetrated against them, there is a lot of soul searching that the Indian community and the Aussie univs who admit them, have to do......

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vivek nooney
Re: Indians in Australia are low level cultureless louts!!
by vivek nooney on Jun 03, 2009 06:06 PM
So Utpal in your scheme of wisdom a persons culture can be judged based on GMAT score??? why cant you accept the fact that some tier 2 and tier 3 institutional products are trying hard to have a second chance at life???

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Cheap/Fraud rural south Indians responsible for economic crisis
by dallastxusa on Jun 02, 2009 11:16 AM  | Hide replies

These miserly south indians from villages do not want to spend any money, live 10 people to a room in filth, eat annam pappu all day, create fraud resumes, dont get haircut, dress shabbily, stare at white women, sexually harass them, dont bathe etc. What else do you expect from others besides hating them? Not all, but the south Indians from villages have destroyed the global economy with their cheapness and fraud.

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s A
Re: Cheap/Fraud rural south Indians responsible for economic cris
by s A on Jun 02, 2009 12:13 PM
same with Gosais from north indian villages

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Raju Nadig
Re: Cheap/Fraud rural south Indians responsible for economic cris
by Raju Nadig on Jun 02, 2009 02:56 PM
I dont know who u are , but get educated and grow up. It does not help just making a statement like this . u r only causing animosity which worse than those Oz attacking indians . During these difficult times , please support objectivity rather than indulging in arm chair critisism of poor taste.

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Re: Re: Cheap/Fraud rural south Indians responsible for economic
by Guest on Aug 17, 2009 06:06 AM
Guys.... I am not sure who you both are... But i think we should stop fighting about South and North India, and start thinking about India in general and try to resolve the situation. If we say Australians are rasists, what so you think you guys are ??? being rasists to each other (North & South)... well abt me Im an Indian (dont care which part) and am settled in Australia. And i love this and country and the people around here.

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Anurag Gangwar
by BMUsman on Jun 02, 2009 11:00 AM

I have gone through all the tips given by Mr.Anurag Gangwar, Thanks Anurag, you have analyzed the condition very well much better than others and put down valuable tips to those who intend to go there.

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