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Karnataka to send most BJP MPs

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Change all leaders.
by harkol on May 17, 2009 06:47 PM  | Hide replies

Congress needs a grass roots change in its leadership structure in Karnataka. Deadwoods like Dharam Singh, Kharge, Jaffer Sharief, Janardhana Poojari, Moily, Oscar etc. Should be kicked upstairs and told to be senior citizens.

A young lot should be ushered in, which can revitalize the party in Karanataka. if they did well, they'll be able to kill JD(S) and attract most of its votes and some from BJP as well.

Till them it will be advantage BJP.

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sunil sirohi
Re: Change all leaders.
by sunil sirohi on May 18, 2009 12:26 AM
-Had it not been for Mangalore church and pub incidents, BJP would have lost there.
-Why and how?
-the real literate people could see the sinister designs of Congress here by divisive policies.
-Here in Mangalore people could sense the danger of congress when 2 or 3 congressi workers with media roped in Sene men to create disturbance in a PUB.They were all caught.
-Do you see the difference? Here people are thankfully more educated and alert.
-We all should hope people to be more alert like Kannadis all over India and see the real danger of Congress. Even kandhmal incident of Swami and Mata killings have had a congress hand in it. Go and research.
-Thankfully the congress experimentation here did not work. Congress even tried hard to instigate communal tensions by trying to put up a idol of Chaplin in a tample.

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Re: Change all leaders.
by deetee on May 18, 2009 12:04 AM
young lot was byregowda, now baba will fail to recognize him

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BipinChandra Yakal
Re: Re: Change all leaders.
by BipinChandra Yakal on May 18, 2009 12:36 PM
But look at the margin by which byregowda got defeated, it's not that greater.....

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Bad article
by idonthateteamindia on May 17, 2009 06:35 PM  | Hide replies

Mr. Vicky Nanjappa
You are totally making nonse points. You are making some stories here.
1. You said 'Ananth Kumar was also assisted by the low voter turnout in Bangalore South'. This is totally wrong. Lower voter turn outs always help Congress.

2. You said 'Another setback for the Congress was Krishna Byre Gowda's defeat in the Bangalore South constituency at the hands of former Union minister Ananth Kumar who benefited from the division of votes between the young Congress nominee and Captain G R Gopinath, the high-profile Independent in the fray. '.
Captain G R Gopinath got 13000 plus votes. But your favourite Congress candidate lost the election by more than 30-40K votes. Another non-sense point from you.

3. You never talked about biggest reason for Congress and HD(s) failure. They hated BJP. They had internal tie ups which people rejected. I request you to highlight this as well.

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Re: Bad article
by padman on May 17, 2009 06:53 PM
i think you should read all people comments. you will come to know why bjp won most seat in karnataka.

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Re: Re: Bad article
by real on May 17, 2009 06:58 PM
who are pundits ...its rediff , times of India..times now..ndtv...all sold out media..half baked truth media ...don't think every one who drinks in pub and bars and sit in front of tv/pc will become pundit....???

ppl doesnt want ur culture so they defeated the pub and bar tenders...

Even in AP, which cong swept , Renuka chowdary got defeated by a margin of more than 1lak which pundits cant digest..

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Re: Re: Bad article
by idonthateteamindia on May 17, 2009 07:22 PM
Dear Mr.Secular lover
If BJP wins you guys cant digest. You say communal, non sense. If Gowda or Congress wins, you love it and l i c k h i s a**

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Good verdict by karnataka
by DotMetrix on May 17, 2009 06:34 PM

I must say only people of karnataka, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra and MP has given good verdict. All anti national forces are united against these states now.

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Sorab Bangarappa
by V H on May 17, 2009 06:25 PM

Mr. Vicky Nanjappa,

I think you better do some research before write a report. S.Bangarappa doesnt mean Sorab Bangarappa. It is Sarekoppa Bangarappa.

Anyway I'm not a fan of Bangarappa. I dont care what you write about him. But looking at the amount of preparation you do on report and its quality its hard to trust your report in future.

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by bhargav on May 17, 2009 06:24 PM

Karnatka has given a good verdict.....

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jimmy joseph
by jimmy joseph on May 17, 2009 06:23 PM

but no cheers from 'C'.

its part of game .

But shame is 'CM' running for 'fellow sex' for 'LS seat'

its called 'LICK' any ass for 'narrow govrn'

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jai hind
by sam on May 17, 2009 06:19 PM  | Hide replies

now bom blast wil start soon because many pragya panday modi varun are there in bjp

and blame on congress and muslim community

bjp {bharat jalawo party}

jai hind

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Rajdeep Drohi
Re: jai hind
by Rajdeep Drohi on May 17, 2009 09:26 PM
dont worry congress will support conversion as always and india will become the next latin america.

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Manbir Singh
Karnataka Affair
by Manbir Singh on May 17, 2009 06:19 PM

Lost candidates should not be given tickets in next Parliament Election. They should be given chance to work at grass root level and help present CM to decide about the list.

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Manbir Singh
Re: A great verdict
by Manbir Singh on May 17, 2009 06:26 PM
you are right ASLI but, we don't have shortage of leaders in any party but, old like LK Advani and Murli Manohar or Sharad Powar etc are not allowing them to perform because they have decided to have last breath on minister's chair. We need young leaders who knows our traditions and problems of the country even he is Harward/Cambridge Educated. Only foreign education will not help. It must be combined with Indian traditions and culture.


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