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Exclusive: Karat on PM''s post, ideology

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Thera Bap
Karat as PM
by Thera Bap on Apr 22, 2009 08:40 PM

If only wishes were horses!

Honestly, it would be a great sight if he were to become the Finance Minister, run down the economy to the ground with his Stalinist economics, and wait at the doors of the IMF with a begging bowl. But it is my country and it can’t be allowed to happen. Thankfully, Karat’s dream would remain his own and the electorate would give him and his folk the boot. Even in Kerala and Bengal, they are headed for miserable numbers and it won’t be surprising if the CPM falls apart under the weight of the rubble of the drubbing they are about to receive. In the worst case scenario of the CPM being offered one and half berths in the new Cabinet, he could induct Pinarayi Vijayan, who could be trusted to negotiate a decent deal with some Canadians or so, so that there is enough in the coffers for the party and the comrades, which would keep the folk together in the short term. This corrupt, hot-headed dispensation at the helm is the worst the CPM had had in ages and the voters are about to pronounce their judgement on these self-appointed guardians of wisdom.

Get out of the way of this nation, you red-shirts, in the great march that has begun. We will make it without you and will be happy for it.

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Karat and all Commies are bad losers.
by kumar on Mar 25, 2009 07:48 PM

These Communists are such a bunch of losers. Bad ones too.

I would rather go for Varun than idiots like Karat. Whatever Varun said, while uncivil or discourteous, was not wrong as such.

You need to see why some Hindus, generally quite tolerant, say such angry things.

There have been centuries of murder and mayhem that Hindus have faced at the hands of aggressive Muslims and Christians. When Hindus see the same nonsense go on even now, at times the anger spills out.

You may argue that some Muslims and Christians have been good citizens. Well, what is the big deal? Especially when you look at how many of them have gone the other way. (All J-K terrorists are muslims; 70% of Naxals in Orissa and all Naga seperatists are Christian.)

The greater issue is of equality and justice.

Who asked for partition?

Who gets away with murder even today in J-K?

Which community is a refugee in its own country? (Kashmiri Hindus)

Why is it okay for missionaries to go around bad-mouthing Hindu culture when Satanic Verses (critical of Islam) gets immediately banned?

Some Hindus think enough is enough, and Varun looks good to them.

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Wake up, Mr. Carrot.
by Vish on Mar 25, 2009 05:53 PM

You got no third-front.

People are not half-dead brain lost with their half-brain lost to dead foreign ideology. At least, we're cured of this disease after seeing 50 of this disease unleashed from Nehru's litter and enjoyed by blood suckers like you.

This is not for coming elections. You're good for nothing forever. Get lost and find some third-grade foreign dictator who'll allow to lick his stinky ass.

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murli nair
we dont take money from businessmen, we decline.
by murli nair on Mar 25, 2009 05:17 PM

From China then ?

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ravan Raj
elect CPm so that they will make india as abengal or kerala
by ravan Raj on Mar 25, 2009 04:45 PM  | Hide replies

elect CPMso that they will make india as a bngal or kerala.and we all can beg all over the world like mallus and bangus

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Message deleted by moderator
ravan Raj
CPm will form next gove.Praksh karat as PM,
by ravan Raj on Mar 25, 2009 04:43 PM

PM-prkash karat
home minister-half Pinarai vijay-half vs achutandan
external affirs-Brinda karat
finance-d raja
defence-sitram yetchri.

hey enough left leaders are there forthe post.
e4lect left leaders to make entire india to a west bengal.

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Manoj k
Left has been LEFT BEHIND
by Manoj k on Mar 25, 2009 04:41 PM

Rediff Guys if you have nothing to put, then leave the site blank rather then talking about an idiotic party who is still living in the era of Stalin and belive China is next to god..does not understand the basics of economic and National Interest is last in their books...so please give us a break when you sought view of a guys who does not understanf the ethos of being INDIAN...

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