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''Results may lead Left to see stars''

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jay hooooooo
by a on Apr 29, 2009 05:35 PM  | Hide replies

1. Poverty

2. Hunger

3. Jobcut

4. Lack of proper governance

5. Rising price of essential commodities

6. Economic instability

7. Family Dynasty

8. Lack of Social Security

9. Poor people becoming poorer

10. Lack of Infrastructure for Industrial

11. Lack of Basic Health Support in Villages

12. Lack of Security

13. Peasants are starving and Dying , no steps
to support them

14. No employment facility for youth

15. Young people are frustrated because lack of support fro Govt

16. Lack of Basic Infrastructure for Sports

17. Thousands of Villagers are living wihout Electricity and Drinking Water

18. Fee Hike in private schools

19. Promoting Corruption

20. Deviding people

21. Corruption

And Lots More......

Jai ho

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Sunil BS
by Sunil BS on Apr 29, 2009 05:43 PM
1) Indias name will become Akhanda Bharat including Afghanistan and Pakistan they will get wiped out of the map of the world.
2) Pictures of Lord Hanuman the symbol of Victory servitude the almighty will adorn the coins
3) Colonel Purohit will lead the Indian army to Victory over the Pakis and Talibans
4) All women will be treated with respect cabarets and pubs will vanish a clean sattvic culture will prevail
5. Simi and Mujahideens will vanish... a true muslim will practice islam to the best of his ability, a true christian will practice Christianity to the best of his ability, and all hindus will be vedantists and display the best refinement of culture and the whole world will bow down to an India as an example of finest culture...
7.) Everyone will perform Karma Yoga in a manner we will see development without compromise on our culture..
8) Yes Sanskrit speaking will make a person more sharper inculcate Sattvic qualities in return there will be peace and harmony...
9)The whole world will come to India to learn how to live in the highest culture as a human being....
10) Taxes will be comfortable as the government will be corruption free.
11) Those Christians and Muslims who are against true Vedic culture will notice the benefits will hang their heads in shame and repent for their misunderstanding including the Congressmen and all the PSeudo seculars

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by modelrator on Apr 29, 2009 05:36 PM
Any body may agree on your above points except point No. 2,5, 67, 9 and 11. Oythers are OK.

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Left has done nothing to this country- But their Leaders talk tal
by Patriot on Apr 29, 2009 05:23 PM

Left had not contributed anything to this country except tall talk as if there was there was no India but for them. They survived only by slogans and saying that they are the best implementors of Land Reforms. Decades of their Rule in West Bengal they contributed to misery of the poor by enhancing poverty levels in the state on par with neighbouring states of Orissa and Bihar. Many states like Andhra Pradesh on which leftists ridicule are far ahead of Bengal. Left Leaders should analyse them and gaze the real public opinion rather wrath against their leaders.

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