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Varun''s arrest warning to Hindus: Sena

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yogesh saxena
Mr. Gandhi upto the Present period have always suppressed the dem
by yogesh saxena on Apr 09, 2009 03:09 PM

Majority of Indian Hindus are passing through the stage of Psychological Retardation due to their slave mentality. One may feel shame of the facts that daughter of Stefano namely Sonia manio Of Turin Namely Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Who was inducted in the family of Nehru as the part of Conspiracy of some intelligence agencies of The world, when Mr. T. N. Kaul insisted upon and convince Smt. Indira Gandhi to accept this Au Pair Girl in her family by solemnizing the marriage of her son Rajiv Gandhi, than Soviet union may provide her the stability in the political Career, as By that time Indira Gandhi was herself undertaken the pressure of Mr. Kamraj, Mr. Morar Ji Desai, Guljari Lal Nanda in the Indian Politics. Every one knows that the Internationalist movement and it’s Mecca was Moscow , which originated Communist Party of India in 1926 was an anti nationalist movements, as it became compatible bedfellow of the super-nationalists and pan Islamic movement and after Karl Marx, and M. K.Gandhi, Krishana Menon became its follower as an instrument of exploitation in the name of poor to become rich by extracting the hard earn money of the genuine elite genius Citizen to the Shrewd Opportunists.

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menda vijaya
Bal Thackeray
by menda vijaya on Apr 07, 2009 12:18 PM  | Hide replies

Congress men are not winning with help of bangladeshi immigrants.They are winning by their performance and good governance.Bangladeshis are one factor in your hate campaigns to whip emotions among public. They are not as dangerous as the hate that is being whipped up.You have successfully whipped up hatred by destroying the livelihood of small vendors of idli dosas, small snacks on the foot paths and living under terrible conditions. You found maratha pride is the issue you would be come a great leader. But M.s Bal Thackeray you are not a Shivaji. You are nowhere near even the tip of the nail of that great hero.You appear to be living under impression that people love you for your 'great deeds'. But Sir, let me tell you that all over India no one respects the attitude of yours.Given the chance, they will throw you out of the ballot.Marathas produced the great Ambedkar. Because I salute every maratha. What a performance. Ambedkar is equal to Abraham Lincoln. Because him 30 crores of oppressed indians, our own very countrymen are living with pride and peace.Ambedkar is a devine intervention in IIndian society. As of Bangladeshis and Ambedkar, it is the Congress who made it. Bangladesh was created by Congress government by breaking the back of Pakistan.It is that kind of great deeds that make a leader. Not by kicking on those poor idliwallas.Thanks.Any way we dont consider Varun a great hero.He is zero. As long he is with people like you he remain a BIG ZERO.Thanks.

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Suman Naidu
Re: Bal Thackeray
by Suman Naidu on Apr 10, 2009 07:18 PM
Is this another sickular msg Ms.Menda Vijaya.looking at ur comments i can surely say that u were a hindu dalit who converted to Christianity just for the sake of benefits and perks which u have received,shame on u to sell ur religion.
Its people like u who are a threat to hinduism.

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rajender gaur
by rajender gaur on Apr 04, 2009 07:07 AM


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Sanjeev Mishra
Still without moustache
by Sanjeev Mishra on Apr 03, 2009 10:37 AM  | Hide replies

A 29 yr old without moustache, doubtful...

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rajender gaur
Re: Still without moustache
by rajender gaur on Apr 04, 2009 07:07 AM

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Prokash Das
Tribute to Bal Thackeray
by Prokash Das on Apr 02, 2009 09:31 PM

Many many thanks to Bal Thackeray for his BOLD SUPPORT to Varun Gandhi. This is a man (Thackeray) whome we are indirectly taught not to respect, but situation always arises when we are bound to respect him. If other so called Hindu leaders were bold enough like Bal Thackeray to take unambiguous stand, it would be better for Hindu society. But unfortunately they are tiger among their own supporters and 'chuha' among the the general public.

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by Muldic on Apr 02, 2009 08:13 PM

supreme court could give reprieve to Varun gandhi.

Varun gandhi has already raised to popularity and there seems to be no comeback to him.

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New York
Hinduism is nothing but a COVERT mask for Casteism in India
by New York on Apr 02, 2009 11:31 AM  | Hide replies

Hence Govt must appreciate cultural and socio-economic diversity in Private Institutions, Temples, Judiciary and in Defense services.

* 50% of Temple Priests,Judges,Defense Staff must be from OBC communities.
* 35% Temple Priests,Judges,Defense Staff must be from Dalits and Tribals.
* Remaining Temple Priests,Judges,Defense Staff must be from other Castes.

You must do this till 85% of all registered marriages in India are INTER-CASTE or INTER-FAITH.
This is the only way to STOP India from dis-integrating.

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dileep mishra
Re: Hinduism is nothing but a COVERT mask for Casteism in India
by dileep mishra on Apr 16, 2009 02:42 PM
I hope u r not indian bcoz an indian cann't write such a baseless statement.By giving 85% in Defence you want to weaken India. You want to make Defence as weak as other govt.deptt.Do you want your health treatment by a doctor who got admission bcoz of reservation ??????

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Re: Hinduism is nothing but a COVERT mask for Casteism in India
by SUBHAKANT MISHRA on Apr 02, 2009 03:48 PM
Dude, U forgot Minorities,let the balance 15% of the priests,Judges etc be selected from Minorities.He he he

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Re: Hinduism is nothing but a COVERT mask for Casteism in India
by Aditya on Apr 03, 2009 07:51 PM
Mr. New York, Don't tell about India and Hinduism. Both Christianity and Islam are a mean for killing others.

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Khagendra Dasd
Re: Hinduism is nothing but a COVERT mask for Casteism in India
by Khagendra Dasd on Apr 02, 2009 04:54 PM
Only immature person can say so.It is Hinduism which came when there was no trace of others."Paropkaraya Punyaa Papaya Parpidnam" has remain the essence of Hindu religion.Lots can be quoted.khagendra.

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Message deleted by moderator
by vasanth on Apr 02, 2009 11:15 AM

Elections are not only winning but are also the spirit of an true patriotism which we should show in our voting. as because of an anti incumbency from an partcular religion that exsists an party shouldnt loose.but in India we have an big factor called religion now that has changed all the lives in terms of economy.lets not forget the past and start voting.i have voted many times for the Congress and its aliance but now understaood they will make Hindus refugee in their own land. let that concept of refugee camps stop with Kashmir alone for the Hindus.lets get more wiser and start an kurushetra against Pakistan and we can have the natural allies 'The Americans'.vote for the BJP

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Maddali Sitaramanjaneyulu
by Maddali Sitaramanjaneyulu on Apr 02, 2009 04:56 AM  | Hide replies

The arrest of Varun Gandhi under NSA is CRIMINAL. Who ever may be responsible for this act should be booked under NSA not Varun Gandhi. This NSA should be reviewed forthwith and include a provision to review the case to find out whether the person charged is implicated and if imlicated the person responsible for implicating however big he or she may be boked under NSA

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prakash shetty
by prakash shetty on Apr 02, 2009 04:23 PM
when POTA was impleted by NDA then the congress and others so called secularist parties opposed like anything.they said it will be misused against minority even if some of them are terrorist or anti-nationals.so the UPA cancelled POTA.now the same people misusing the NSA against majority as a safeguard law for appeasment of minority.whether these parties taken oath to sell the country to others gradually?

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Message deleted by moderator
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