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Citizens:Why Left will win in WB

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Dulal Chandra Das
Not Virus but antivirus
by Dulal Chandra Das on May 11, 2006 10:58 PM

Juan Rosario's antirosy comments show why we Indians are lagging behind the others. Instaed of uniting people Mr. Juan is differentiating the people in the name of religion, caste etc. Non faith on God cannot be termed as sole criterion for non-devolopment. Run by party who do not beleive in God, as in West Bengal, more than 80% of people voted and they voted for LDF. And run by party who has faith on God,as in Bihar, in the just concluded assembly bye polls only 18% people voted and they voted for the ruling party. The non-beleiver of God showed the people that the people are themselves God and there is no need of assumption of other sort of God.
When LDF took power in Bengal in 1977 Bengal had a skeleton only and now? At that time they looked for meals and now they look for Cold storage to store their tradable food stocks. And lot more! Mr. Juan may not beleive like most of the Indians. After this result they have to think more why LDF is the best alternative chosen by people of but also by the people of Kerala, Tripura.Soon the other states will follow them. After all what Bengal thinks today the rest of India thinks tomorrow!

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who is the real virus?
by Maheedhar on May 11, 2006 02:19 PM

Dear Johnson
I fully agree with you.Mr. Juan Rosario should come out of AC rooms to see the rural India. Kerala rural places are far better than other rural India. His comments on communists base less. Mr. Juan Rosario is a religious fanatic.How can he think everything in terms of caste and religion ?
Mr. Juan Rosario you must take back your comments to give respect to the left leaders who sacrifies thier lives to indian people.

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Johnson PP
by Johnson PP on May 10, 2006 01:02 PM

Although there were lot of teething problems, LDFs peoples planning created a lot of bridges and roads (As Sri Nayanar commented once enthado, rodum palavum panniyunnathu thettanno). Now CPM asked UDF many times, what UDF has done with 30,000 crores they borrowed, no response.

Re (Kerala Communist, 2/5/06) comments that communists are illiterate, CPM leadership has a big pool of youth who are minimum graduates (most of them are LLB/LLM). Just go through the list of current LDF MPs, MLAs, the Mayors, Panchayat Presidents, the present assembly candidates and you will know who are educated. The 7th Grade qualified VS has suggested lot of projects including Neera, Biotech Industries, etc. To serve the people, you dont need big qualification, most important are commitment, honesty & common sense. Till the education bill implemented by communists, education was an expensive business (Read the story of our respected Ex President Mr. K.R. Narayanan). While collecting fee from students, the caste leaders were exploiting Vadhyars (teachers). Certain sectors of the society were not even allowed to have education. Communists contributed a lot in swiping out casteism from Kerala.

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Johnson PP
by Johnson PP on May 10, 2006 01:01 PM

I am glad to see the overwhelming responses from true Indians against the immature statements of Juan Rozario. Friends, now let us try for healthy discussions rather than allegations/counter allegations. Although, I am a CPM supporter, I am not saying whatever they did were correct, but they always discuss the issues in various party forums and conclude an opinion which is acceptable to the common man in Kerala. I have one request to my anti-communist friends, when you make a statement, there should be facts to support that. I would like to tell Mr. Robin that BMW have never said the reason is Hartal (any way Hartals for silly reasons are to be stopped), but it was because of inadequate infrastructure facilities, which was the same opinion of certain NRIs in Europe and Gulf. Mr. Robin, it was LDF who created 1,100 MW of new electricity during their tenure, thus saved us from power cut (Even in the Capital Delhi, under the nose of Dr. Manmohan Singh, now people are suffering with 6 hour power cut!). It was EMS who invited Birla to Kerala and gave them bamboo for cheap prices (later they spoiled a river and made hundreds of peoples cancer patients). Will continue..

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Tamilnadu Election Scenario
by krish on May 02, 2006 09:25 PM

I agree with Mr.Prakash's views penned earlier in this column. The educated and the learned may not wish to vote for either of the Dravidian Parties, who both are devils as far as "Good Governance" is concerned. But stateeither of them is the only option for the poor electorate of Tamilnadu. Between the devils, which is a better devil. Undoubtedly DPA. With no single party likely to gain even simple majority, if you vote for AIADMK allaiance, then JJ will either buy all the allaince MLAs into her party to command absolute and UNBRIDLED power or cow them down to submission as she has done Vaiko. And her monarchy will continue and democracy will be on paper only. Whereas if we elect the DPA to power in the present scenario, it is likely to give a better government with all the checks and balances prevailing with an opposition waiting in the wings to prey on its weakness. So, the only better option between the available two unpleasant options is to vote the DPA to power with sizable majority atleast. The masses can not be expected to think rationally and vote. So, It is the duty of the educated who so far abstainted from voting to vote and help for the formation of a govenment.

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Kerala Communist
by george on May 02, 2006 07:53 PM  | Hide replies

Rozarios comments on the communist is quite true. I am not sure about his opinion on religion bashing by communist but one thing is for sure, communists in Kerala are anti development. The communists in Bengal are changing & China are capatialist breathing free market. People in China are doing lot better than people in Kerala & bengal. more than 300 million people have gone up above the proverty line in China. Kerala communistare illiterate(VS only 7th grade). So if he become the CM.....:). Ask him whos the President of Sovit Union & he will say Kruschev....:). VS was a coir worker & looks like the 100% literate Kerala is going to be ruled by a 7th grader. Perhaps people of Kerala need this. The eliet in the society is being indifferent by not voting. This is one reason why CPM may win.

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Re: Kerala Communist
by Guest on Feb 02, 2009 05:43 PM
Mr george you want to think more elaberatily.You should go the rural areas of the india.The 7th grade is the dream of childrens in rural area. You already gave more interest or respect to China.You can go anywhere can see the power of red flag.You said VS only 7th grade, ok why you don't think about the reason for that.He gave his life to the Kerala people.You are thinking about only your matters and your situations but communists are not like that we are thinking about peoples' problems you don't insult the VS because you have no ability to that we are keralites we are shame about you man.Come and study what was the kerala in before 1957(Untouchability,Kudiyadapp,)

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Jaya's tricks will not click
by Mani on May 02, 2006 06:05 PM

TN CM Jayalalitha plays the cast politics and in dreaming that she will win. But ADMK party of Thevar community (rivalry to Dalits and Nadars) is in alliance with Dalit Panthers (Thirumavalavan's party). Also the Nadar representative Sarathkumar and brahmin representative Visu joined the party for Petty politics.Already Vaiko, the Telugu speaking community leader is with the alliance. But they forget that the people of TN are more cast sensitive. They will not accept this mixed alliance (Do you know this type alliance made DMK to lose in 2001 elections). Even Jayalalitha is avoiding the alliance leaders for campaigning. She will not get sucess in getting the cast based votes this time and she will definitely feel for this ridiculus alliance.

DMK will win the elections with greater margins

Thanks to VAIKO
VISU (who joined the ADMK for their benefit & to confuse people)

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Madhusudhan Marar
Who is real Virus
by Madhusudhan Marar on May 02, 2006 02:00 PM

Dear Johnson,

Congrats for giving a befitting reply to a person
who does not know anything about Kerala and the
communists contributions.

Madhusudhan Marar

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Senthil Arumugham
Citizens:Why Left will win in WB
by Senthil Arumugham on May 02, 2006 07:21 AM

People of TN correctly have decided to bring back AIADMK.

They dont want another 80 /90 toys in the Assembly when they have 11 toys already in the Centre. They are now still more serious after that Dhayanidh Maran/Tata episode.

If the DMK is allowed to come, they may even buy the TN.

This Vijayakant, Karthik, Telegu/Tamil speaking Vaiko supporters formula and all mere imagination. In the whole of India, TN people are very clever and they never brought hitherto any hung assembly.

Arumugham, USA

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shaiju poulose
Who is the real virus?
by shaiju poulose on May 01, 2006 08:45 PM

Mr. Rozario, Could you give some information about the survey you mentioned? Did you have a good bath this morning? Use \'Dettol\' soap regularly!

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