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Citizen reports: Kerala''s drama

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johny mathew
election manifesto
by johny mathew on Apr 13, 2006 09:20 PM

pepople want develeopment not announcement all are fed up with announcements which will take years for execution
Revenue generated goes for salary, pension and interet for loan
develompent without capital is immaginary to cheat the people then make it how the capital will be generated
without disclsing tthe capital generation for develoment is fake to cheat the people in teh name of development

johny mathew

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Prabodh Saha
Opposition Ensures Success of WB Left
by Prabodh Saha on Apr 08, 2006 07:37 PM

Ironic, isn\'t it?

The West Bengal Left Front only needs to manage itself and keep their Front intact. The rest is done by the Opposition (to ensure LF success)!

There is a Dreamer, called Mamata Banerjee. She thinks her whims can topple the \"organized\" Left. She fails to realize that to beat an organization like the WB Left, she needs a stronger organization. She wanted quick success by changing sides too frequently. Just to ensure successive Electoral defeat for her party and her allies.

There is a useless Politician, Tathagato Roy, heading West Bengal BJP. I expected a lot from a person of his caliber (proven in other fields of life). I am disappointed. I don\'t want to waste time on CLOWNS like Rahul Sinha - pampered by Tathagato.

So the alliance of Mamata-Tathagoto dreams of beating Left with the help of Election Commssion.
What a joke!
What a wastage of EC\'s effort (read: Our Money!).

Then comes the Congress, headed by Pranab Mukherjee - the most crooked political mind behind Sonia. He is the man who master minded Stupid Mamata\'s political death during 2001 election.

Compare this OPPOSITION with the likes of Buddha,Anil,Biman & Karat.

Result is OBVIOUS!

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Jayaraj Shantharam
CTV for every household in TN
by Jayaraj Shantharam on Apr 06, 2006 01:45 PM

Just been wondering as to what is the source of finance for such schemes as Free CTV and rice at subsidised rate.
Is it from innocent from innocent tax payers?
Is it from the black/illegal money accumulated by these politicians ?
Is it from the shareholding of Sun TV ( believe it is a family business) which is come out with a IPO and also on the expensive side?

If it is the third reason, expect some price rigging on listing of Sun TV and god save the poor investors.

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Syed Sami
Proof for the Promises - Election Tamil Nadu
by Syed Sami on Apr 06, 2006 01:30 PM

It was very interesting to go through some of the election manifesto put forward by the main parties in Tamil Nadu, the ADMK and the DMK.

I still beleive with all the advancement in the world and India's growing supremacy these political parties still live in the dark age. 'Giving free TV for a family'! I simply couldn't control laughing at it.

How many growth schemes these parties propose that would improve the life of so many deprived villages in Tamil Nadu?

What schemes they have in mind to deliver to improve the BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE of a common man's everyday life? Like, medical facility, transportation, public libraries, cleanliness, education, etc...

When they put forward these free give away ideas such as TV, bicycle, etc.. do they ever back these up with their budgetary plans? Do they ever make it clear how are they going to FUND these ideas without wasting public tax payers money?

What are these media doing? Do they ever confront these politicians to talk about the numbers and make them clear to a common citizen?

I am not the one who will fall into such foolish propagandas and promises nor are the people of Tamil Nadu.


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Election Scene in Tamilnadu
by S.Elangovan on Apr 06, 2006 01:29 PM

There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics but only permanent losers i.e people. This is true for election scene in Tamilnadu. Electorates should not indulge in petty issues, like politicians, but move to raise the debate to a higher level. If achievement of the ruling party (AIADMK) is listed then 1) Tangible support or contribution of the government in promoting self help groups (women) and thereby setting example to other states to follow it. 2) Brought water supply from veeranam to Chennai, whose residents contribute a large share inTamilnadu governments Tax like sales tax or Income Tax or property Tax , but a neglected lot 3)The State's revenue went up due to better collection of sales tax, Excise on Liquior, stamp duty etc. The Major deficiencies are No long term plan for growth, TN is Non-VAT state, infrastructure bottleneck, free power to farmers, excessive borrowing leading to increase the interest outgo, failed to develop a good rapport with Centre etc. On the balance the ruling party only failed to deliver . Even DMK would have done the same even if they were the ruling party. No party should be allowed to rule more than one Term. This will bring betterment.

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West Bengal elections - CPM - the master riggers
by A.R.GANESH on Apr 06, 2006 01:19 PM

I do not know to what extent the EC's electoral reforms are going to work in West Bengal. What I do know is that the leftists have mastered the art of scientific rigging like nobody else and it would be extremely difficult to dislodge the communists. I lived in Kolkata for nearly 40 years before moving over to Chennai. I am still a Bengali at heart but I am appaled at Bengal's lack of progress inspite of the fact that the average Bengali "thinks he is very intelligent!!" although his state has fared no better than Bihar or Orissa in terms of development!! It would be a big tragedy if the Bengalis do not wake up at least now and throw the communists out of power.

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TN Elections - People without Choice
by Champakali on Apr 06, 2006 01:15 PM

The current scenario in TN is a very sad one. The people of TN really do not have any choice. Choosing between an aged cunning fox and a power hungry mistress is what awaits the people of TN. The only masala factor is a new entrant ( from the tamil film world , of course ) who seems to have a clean image as compared to the immoral lifestyles of the so-called heavy political weights.

With both the BJP & Congress playing second fiddle to these power touts, there is very little room for logic and reasoning. The entire desperation of this election is well personified by Vaiko who represents the fallen nature of the polits in TN.

Men & Woman with absolutely no regard for humans are perhaps playing the role of their lives which was not available during theior stints in the film world. Tamilnadu is a state of degraded politics, darkened religious understanding and immorality which is best depicted & promoted by its filmdom.

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voters ID
by vasanth on Apr 06, 2006 01:02 PM

Ya I accept that there will be some hiccups in getting the voters ID in many place accross tha state but for a surprise we have to praise the Mylapore division , where we got the ID in just 10 minutes .

You believe me or not it happened that too on a sunday morning around 11.30.

There will always bea positive side as well as a negative side in everything,now proud to tell about the positive side of an highly complicated gavernment job which will normally takes days to even know the procedure , which they will resist to reveal for simple reason of bribe

This situation has to become common in all government agencies througout the state - hope will happen

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AIADMK should come once again
by MuraleKrushna on Apr 06, 2006 10:44 AM


Actually in last 5 years tenure there has not been any big scam kind of a thing to point on Jayalalitha. Its better she should come once again to power. DMK is running a family business. IF they come to power they will have media and television in their control. Just for their sake SCV cable bill is not passed by the governor. Bcos information minister is from DMK. Jayalalitha is the right person to handle DMK

It will be nice if jayalalitha looks on the infrastructure of Tamilnadu. It will be nice we have lot of flyovers, to ease the traffic congestion. One request if she comes to power, the Auto should be streamlined. Bcos in chennai these auto drivers cheat, no meter... its really horrible. if government looks on this it will also be good. something how the auto system work in pune or bombay, if that happens it will be really great in chennai.

MuraleKrushna Sb

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