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Citizen reports: Kerala''s drama

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No opposition
by kuttu80 on Apr 05, 2006 11:17 PM

I am talking about bengal.There is no real opposition to Left front.Will we vote a party which doesnt know how many MLA will stay with them tomorrow or a party which presently run the Country with left and fight against left in state elction?

WB CM has done a wonderful work in the past 5 years.Not only IT,he has brought investments in Agro,motor or real estate industry.

Question of rigging will vanish in this years elections due to the measures taken by EC.So,if Left wins this year they will retain the power for next thirty years also .

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joji antony
Kerala The need of the hour
by joji antony on Apr 05, 2006 10:57 PM

The need of the hour in Kerala is to have a strong willing political leadership to take forward the State to the new era of fast developments all over the state. But this is possible only with a strong regional political party which is really interested in the development of the state as its first and supreme priority above the normal criteria like caste, sub-regional and minority majority issues. I dont think simply blaming the current political parties only will do any good. Its time for the electorate of Kerala to wakeup and give a call to the requirements and needs of present and future rather than wasting time on discussing the issues which are outdated now(Eg:Muthanga Police Firing, Kraimanl Khananam, Temple-Church-Mosque issues.). I strongly believe the highly literate youth of kerala will think deep this time before they caste their vote this time. They must realize that we cannot continue turn our face on the realities like the IT Revolution and the Globalization which are being successful in the country. The states administrations who have taken strong and prompt decisions in the past are harvesting on the same now.


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No unnati in Bengal
by Anindya on Apr 05, 2006 09:16 PM

My letter goes in reference to two comments related to " no unnati (development) in Bengal " by Mr Kingsuk P Biswas & Anil Biswas.Business tycoon Swaraj Paul once commented in Kolkata that he always wonder why Bengalis are so hypercritical a people.Our Gurudev Rabindranath said something similer in his memoirs of Europe;the way Bengalis debase Bengal , he wrote with pain - that even a staunch anti Bengali AngloIndian wouldnot do it.Actually we Bengalis have some insidious grave cultural sickness . That is why we cherish so much anti Bengali treason ourselves.CPM's story is not unblemished.But it is better than many other states.And laurels in Agriculture & Panchyeti raj is undeniable.Lastly, Bengal is undergoing an absolutely unprecedented metamorphosis even industrywise- thanks to CPM again.Trinamul congress is a laughing stock.
Quoting Sobhandev Chattapadhaya a member of that tribe does not prove anything as opposition is meant only to bark , and without any gain for this case.
We all agree that many things are not the way they should be.But caling it a no unnati is a gross overstatement particularly vis-a-vis unparallel chronic problems like overpopulation & infiltration .

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Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2006
by T.Durai on Apr 05, 2006 09:10 PM

Just a month to go for the assembly election in Tamil Nadu. AIADMK using the money power dragged Vaiko from UPA alliance. Tamil Nadu cannot see a comedy politician like him in future. He himself don't know what to talk. He doesn't have any principle,ideology or self-respect. So we cannot expect from his party too. Now the AIADMK government using the huge cash resource is influencing the media to give nonsense survey results in favour of them. The media too acting as mouth piece of AIADMK. Major projects which should have come to Chennai went to nearby states because of poor administration by Jayalalitha. Few months ago she was dubbed as the worst CM in India.She and Vaiko are living in fool's paradise right now thinking they are going to sweep the polls. 0% development in the state for the past 5 years. Not even a single mega project for the state. No initiative regarding the Chennai international airport modernisation. While Bangalore and Hyderabad are busy completing the green field projects. All the previous opinion polls went wrong. Sure these opinion surveys also will go wrong and really UPA is going to regain the power in Tamil Nadu. Jaya and Vaiko will sure bite the dust.

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No Alternative in Bengal
by Babu on Apr 05, 2006 08:20 PM

With a whimsical Mamata trying to patch a coalition in Bengal, it is well known that the Left would win hands down-well, who can have a whimsical CM ( should the Trinamul win)... and with the Congress relegated to the third position, there is obviously no alternative that the people can look upto....

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Biplab K Paul
West Bengal election and development
by Biplab K Paul on Apr 05, 2006 07:30 PM

I am a Bengali staying in Gujarat. I do not like to find whether Left front is winning or not or even if there is any rigging or not. I have a simple question Why West Bengal is in so bad state of affairs even though political stability is phenomenal? The answer lies into our psyche.

In Gujarat, I find people are very cautious to any new ideas but once they are convinced about the net benefit of the idea, then they support it full-fledged. Even the political parties get united for the greater cause of the state. Same thing is true for every Gujarati. Their motto is do not waste time unnecessarily because time is money.

In West Bengal we are very good thinker, planner, project designer but we fail badly in implementation. Many a times, we get lost in petty issues and stumbling blocks, which can easily be sorted out through negotiation instead of delayed legal processes. I also find that in WB politicalization of micro issues has improved the awareness of local community, but somehow it could not inculcate the roles and responsibilities within ourselves.

Every election is an opportunity for introspection- my humble request is to analyze ourselves and decide future cou

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