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Cong''s devious ways

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by Nitin on Mar 10, 2005 12:27 PM

Please, you need not support the BJP that much. It is very evident in your article that you support the NDA.
In Goa, the BJP lost their majority and thus what happened followed. Why don't you write articles on the BJP speaker's role?
What happened in Jharkand was totally wrong, I agree with that but you can't claim the BJP has taken the moral high gound on issues relating to democracy. Did you know that Manohar Parrikar brought down the previous government to install his own? In Arunachal Pradesh, the BJP had only 2 MLA but dissolved the Congress govt to form an NDA govt? The same thing happened in Manipur and Nagaland. For you I guess these events are not a "murder of democracy" but you choose to think that democracy committed suicide. Before you stand all in praise of those carde of uneducated fools who have spoilt this country and done nothing for the rural poor, remember the are not saints but are in fact minions of the devil.
I condemn what the Cong has done in Jharkand, I honestly do but please I would love to see some articles on the BJP too. They are indeed the scourge of Indian politics.

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Lots of cash and one ministry - 2nd part
by indian on Mar 08, 2005 01:21 PM

Well Done Ms Sheelaji ! You have mentioned in your part 2 article that same night BJP convinced him (Har Narayan) to join NDA. But you didnot mention how much BJP promised to pay for this support. Do you have any justification that these horses are free for BJP/NDA camp. Please maintain some honesty to your profession and narrate the complete episode of BJP too in this trading. Your Story is pro BJP and anti congress. Put some more masala when your write the next episode. Eagerly waiting for your PART - 3 . an Indian

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Cong's devious ways? ???
by Vinay on Mar 07, 2005 02:18 PM  | Hide replies

This is why India doesn't improve.... what kind of journalism is this??? Anybody with common sense knows that these news reports are all imaginary!!!

If at al for a moment we belive that Congress has its devious ways, what about BJP's ??

Why all the MLA's which BJP claims to be its supporters are away from Jharkand..?? Let the BJP allow all these MLA's to cast their vote democratically....

I feel that this is the real murder of democracy!!!

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Kaushik Das
RE:Cong's devious ways? ???
by Kaushik Das on Mar 09, 2005 06:47 AM
There are far too many people willing to write about the "devious" ways of BJP. In a way, this article states facts and is actually, surprisingly, quite unbiased. Besides, in this case, congress is the one that is clearly showing its devious means.
This is actually good journalism.

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abhinav gaurav
RE:Cong's devious ways? ???
by abhinav gaurav on Mar 09, 2005 06:57 AM

I dont know how much knowledge u have about Indian political scenario and how much knowledge you have about politicians in India. But they way u have commented the article as imaginary it clearly shows that u have not read newspapers for ages u never lived in India. Go and stay in Bihar for few weeks and u will realize whether these articles are imaginary of missing many more truths.

May god bless u with more vision.

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by atal_bihari on Mar 07, 2005 11:30 AM  | Hide replies

Rediff should stop yellow journalism. Why should a
congress leader share the events with rediff.com
knowing fully well that this report is going to be
damaging to congress party. Is he a lunatic? This report is just a figment of imagination of rediff
journalists, many of whom are 3rd grade chamchas of rss or VHP

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ashok chavda
by ashok chavda on Mar 07, 2005 11:23 PM
why not? I do not see any yellow journalism in this. This is the purest form of journalism, and this is the way it should be. hats off to rediff.com. please keep it up. and mr. atal_, congresswale koi dudho dhule nahi hai. we all know their real faces like we know the real faces of BJP wale. read Tehelka of this week. how nicely they have spot lighted Modi government.

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Oh ho ! Rediff started it again !
by joseph on Mar 06, 2005 06:07 PM

During BJP rule you supported them. When you found that people are against communal forces, you stopped anti congress tirade. Now it seems that rediff has started it again. If Ajit Balakrishnan fails to throw away these communal elements from your news desk people will throw away you.

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Vikram Jha
Well written piece.
by Vikram Jha on Mar 06, 2005 01:14 PM

I am eagerly waiting for the second part.

Vikram Jha

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