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Cong''s devious ways

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Did BJP not lost the popularity in Jhar khand?
by Joybhaaret on Mar 06, 2005 03:54 AM

I am a supporter of Congress because I dislike BJP ideology. After reading this article it looks neither of the party can wash their hands from the undemocratic manner to gain power.
If Ekka is wishy washy then Congress might be better off to do without MLA like Ekka.They have nothing to worry about.
1. At the first sign of opportunity Ekka will demand unfair favours.Finally the governemnet is going to fall because he is so opportunist.
2. His constituents will demand the answer for his sell out to BJP. That would assure his loss in next elections.
3. Mr.Razi was right to some extent.He noticed that ruling party BJP has lost the public confidence.So he decided on the basis of the party who got more MLA's elected than before elections.His decision was right to give the Congress an opportunity but he was wrong to give them so much time to prove their majority.
4. Its unfortunate that some of these tactics still work.
We still MUST learn from the previous experience instead of start condeming Sonia Ji at every mishap.

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Quite Hilarious
by zero on Mar 06, 2005 12:32 AM

Least to say, this is perhaps the most filmi style and hilarious article, I have read as a political headline. If it is true (I believe it may be), It tells the inside story of Indian politics. No one is far from using religion, caste, coercion or pure greed. Best of luck, on recovering the money spent or the independent candidate.

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k v paul
by k v paul on Mar 05, 2005 11:45 PM

hey sheela bhatt. how much money did u get from the NDA to present such a nasty report.Who started the dirty game first of all from Goa. The BJP speaker did not allow one member to vote while testing the majirity in the floor of the house. Would you reporter will tell why?.Hoe come u do not know What the BJP and their suporting parties had done in previous occasions.

George Fernandes is one of the most useless politician in India.

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by Vinay on Mar 05, 2005 11:25 PM

It's really interesting to see that the NDA supporters who are writing so many articles about the Congress and talking about murdering the democracy.Every other single soul is targetting Sonia Gandhi..(afterall that's the whole intention)
However everyone is forgetting that both BJP led NDA and UPA are equally responsible for murdering the democracy.NDA is a step above..murdering people in the name of democracy....

However the point here is that how can NDA claim the support of the lone MLA from Jharkhand Party whose party has giiven letter of support to the UPA.
Isn't BJP putting pressure on the lone MLA and asking him to act against his own party wishes..?? Is it a democratic action ? All the newspapers say that the Jharkhand Party has given a letter of support for Soren to the Governor.
Then how come BJP parading him to the governor and then to the President...
More than the UPA it's the NDA which is playing dirty....

NDA is killing the democracy by hijacking the lone
member of Jharkhand Party Enos Ekka forcing him to act against his party's wishes.

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Cong's devious ways
by K.Lavanya on Mar 05, 2005 11:24 PM

The Indian populace cannot expect anything more than this from a party like Congress. It's a party that's a wolf wearing sheep's skin. It is high time people of India realized what they've given to the Congress in the form of power.

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Editor is biased.
by Saswat on Mar 05, 2005 10:54 PM

Editor of this article is biased.

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Pro-NDA Rediff??
by Govi on Mar 05, 2005 10:35 PM

The recent developments in Goa and in Jharkand do make a mockery at the extent of real democracy seen in India. However, the rediff website seems to be sidelined to NDA. The scathing attacks made by many of the writers here plant a seed of hatred towards the ruling UPA. These kinds of "hungama" were not unknown to the previous NDA government. Now, respectable reporters like Sheela Bhatt writing some remarks like this just makes people to think........ "Media just wants to make a fool of people, they do not help in any way.... but just make more confusions. they need just stories.... so that they can make money". Just a shame..!

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