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Multan 2004: When an angry Tendulkar slammed Dravid!

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srinivas rao
by srinivas rao on Jan 21, 2015 03:50 PM

Hats off to you Rahul. You were prepared to look bad for the team to look good. Regarding the Sydney test, had we declared earlier, we could havve lost the test and series and Sourav declared when Dravid was batting on 91. He wore a gutsy smile after being hit by a Brett Lee bouncer. He made no issue about missing out on a hundred. He made no issues when we was dropped from the Indian team. He agreed to keep wickets to suit the composition of the team. After taking the team to safety, he never bothered about his own wicket. He was cuaght on the squareleg boundary after his Adelaide 233 and cleanbowled Imran Farhat reverse sweeping at rawalpindi on 270. He was the last out at Hamilton after making 190 runout stupidly by two tailenders when he was batting on 180 and 217 and recently in 2011 after making 112 in Kingsston was caught on the long on boundary batting with the last batssman. All unlike Dravid shots. I can give another ten examples and had he remained not out his average would have been higher than Kallis. He never played for personal gratification and always put the team before self.

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mohammad basit
known for Selfish batting
by mohammad basit on Nov 09, 2014 02:50 PM

He is only confirming what he has been criticized for so far.
He is only talking about the records he missed out and not about the matches India lost due to his selfishness.

Look at Dhoni/Kohli, Rain they have won India more matches even at the cost of their personal records

Also his admission that he could not manage captaincy say a lot about his lack of leadership skills.

He survived so far even with poor playing records for years together because of the advertisement contracts and support of BCCI middlemen.

I dont see any reason to read him, he is a fake hero made by ad gurus and marketing managers.

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prasad sun
why did sachin did not mention abt 100th hundred
by prasad sun on Nov 09, 2014 10:54 AM  | Hide replies

Why did sachin did not mention abt his 100th hundred in his book becoz he knew that for getting that he played slowly and cost india the match and later celebrated his 100th with much fanfare and India's loss. He did not have guts to mention abt it.

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prasad sun
Re: why did sachin did not mention abt 100th hundred
by prasad sun on Nov 09, 2014 11:09 AM
From the above article it clearly saya that sachin is not concerned abt India winning but abt his own records.

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Kamal Garg
Book By Chin Chin
by Kamal Garg on Nov 08, 2014 09:36 PM

I don't appreciate Sachin writing book, then there was no occasion to spoil his own reputation of becoming a controversial and selfish player, it might not heart chin chin but as his fan it has hurt me very severely.

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Mike Teflon
Bizarre decision indeed but...
by Mike Teflon on Nov 08, 2014 07:50 PM

It was an outlandish decision by all means and showed Dravid in poor light as a captain, even without the so called decision in dressing room.

Another 3 to 4 overs could have been given easily as it was only the 2nd day. India beat Pak on the 4th day itself, if my memory serves me better..

Having said that all, Yuvraj batted freely and Sachin was unduly circumspect.. Yep, I watched that game. He further slowed down abominably, when he sensed that a double hundred was there for the taking..

Dravid definitely made a feeble decision, but Tendulkar was equally to blame..

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ramakanth k
Humans are all selfish no wonder to comment bad on sachin
by ramakanth k on Nov 08, 2014 07:49 PM

We human grow trees and mercy lessly cut when require land. we feed cattle and sheep etc and when they end up giving milk etc they transfer to slaughter house. We take all the things from parents and when they become old most of the human neglect and fee wife/husband /children are top priority and they are only permanent .

Like we all enjoyed and watched cricket for 24 years for only Sachin's battings he made all of us so joy and suddenly every body criticising Sachin as selfish etc.

He returned to England for world cut after third day of his father's death whom he loves a lot

No body has a right to question Sachin's commitment.

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ramakanth k
SACHIN is 100% correct in his book
by ramakanth k on Nov 08, 2014 07:41 PM

Sachin is 100% correct what he said in his book in every aspect. whether it is about claiming no catch by Ricky and puppy or Rahul's non-sense declaration, greg chapel divide and rule and behind the scene politics all are correct. and reasons for not touching the fixing issues may be fixing and Indian cricket will die at once may that is reason he does not want kill Indian cricket4ewqb

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Red Iff
Vinod Kambli
by Red Iff on Nov 08, 2014 06:50 PM  | Hide replies

did he mentioned anything about Vinod Kambli in the book? hearing all other stories but did not hear anyhting about Kambli

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ramakanth k
Re: Vinod Kambli
by ramakanth k on Nov 08, 2014 07:28 PM
what kambli deserved to be in Sachin's book all indecipline acts, notorious guy

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Aiyer Raju
You can't blame Dravid
by Aiyer Raju on Nov 08, 2014 10:50 AM  | Hide replies

If I remember right, Sachin was stranded on 194 for a long long time. With his 200 on mind Sachin was more concerned achieving it than the team's interests. Since time and tide cannot wait for anybody, Dravid had to move on. Sachin should have achieved it in the subsequent matches to prove a point. Well. Sachin, unfortunately Cricket is a team game unlike Chess.

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Ashish Sharma
Re: You can't blame Dravid
by Ashish Sharma on Nov 08, 2014 06:20 PM
That's incorrect for several reasons. But above all the captain cannot deceive his own team members and batsman. It's like a backstab by Dravid. Whole team and supporters where shocked at that decision and there was enough time in the match.

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ramakanth k
Re: Re: You can't blame Dravid
by ramakanth k on Nov 08, 2014 07:32 PM
I can remember what Rahul did at that time is utter non-sense. As Sachin rightly said it is not 4th day it is 2nd day of the test and as he is further said his batting is also for teams cause .In test cricket every ball has to play with merit. one ball is enough to cost a players career and test match. No body knows better than Sachin how to play a test match

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