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Ex players call for Dhoni's head, retirement of Dravid, VVS

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Demolishing our own wall
by vikram on Jan 28, 2012 10:41 AM

It is something fishy for me to see all the critics now point out only at Dravid or Laxman as the whole failure. They have been our success story in our test era. They are not gods but they certainly are masterpieces for our cricket. The spirit in Dravid is never questionable. Laxman was victimised though he did a lot whenver he is choosen. Do we really give them a confidence that they cannot be touched for any silly reason siting they are not fit for any format. This makes them feel comfortable and also mentor the young guns coming into the side. Why don't we try giving Dhoni and Sehwag some rest and bring in Yuvi and Rohit sharma?. Afterall, this is the time to utilize the experience from Dravid and Laxman to help these young players know test cricket well. Hardly they will expect to play another year or so, but then do we need to punish them for this silly reason. I think it is simply a excuse for anyone who wants to stay on top of situations like this.

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pradeep sinha
Failureof the Indian team
by pradeep sinha on Jan 18, 2012 10:40 PM  | Hide replies

While we all feel bad about the poor showing of the Indian cricket team in Australia,perhaps we are going a little overboard in witch-hunting.Like other walks of Indian life,we hardly ever analyse a situation objectively and attribute a negative situation to the failings of character of the individuals.I think all Indian players a trying hard but have been found to be woefully short in technique against the rising and swinging balls.While the Australians struggle with spin in India ,Indians struggle with speed and swing in Australia. Both sides grow up playing in contrasting circumstances and ,therefore, have not been able to come up with good performance as a visiting side. Ponting himself faced bitter criticisms when the Australian team did not do well enough in India.
Further at times we in India behave as if the genre of fast bowling is superior to that of spin bowling.This is arising out of our inferiority complex as a nation and there is no reason to think so.
Further our ex-cricketers who now act as critics and commentators should be a little modest and balanced in their criticism. They
should remember their own cricketing days and the occasional failures.One feels that at times they pour out their own frustrations rather than furnish objective views.
Hypercriticism will only demoralise the Indian side further.Let the critics also concede that they also went wrong in initially thinking that our team would fair better with players like Lakshman, Dravid and Tendulkar .

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Jake B P
Re: Failureof the Indian team
by Jake B P on Jan 19, 2012 06:17 AM
Dude, 7-0 under his captaincy...what are you ? Australian ? stop pontificating, Mr Short gun Sinha

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anand anand
Re: Failureof the Indian team
by anand anand on Jan 28, 2012 04:20 PM
exactly what i feel.we have a tendency to over do things instead of
analysing.you cannot replace overnight the core of indian batting.where is the next dravid or laxman?tendulkar we cant find now so let the seniors guide talented toungsters like kohli pujara and rohit.these youngstres need time.so let us not go overboard.

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raja rajeshwari
Ex cricketers cry for retirement of Seniors
by raja rajeshwari on Jan 18, 2012 09:20 PM

It is surprising why the former cricketers and journalists are pointing only yo Dravid and Lakshman as failures and seniors and call for their nhead as if the other senior Sachin is young and has scored tonnes of runs in England and now down under single handedly contributing to the Indian total. Have the bolwers performed the young and the experienced. If the Aussie bowlers were a suucess then Indian bowlers also should have been , whereas they were moulded. So it is a TOTAL failure of all players for various reasons including that each team are TIGERS in their own den. I wish the journalists to play few overs under aussie conditions and see what they contribute not sitting in warm places and write anything.

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by BS on Jan 16, 2012 10:17 AM  | Hide replies

BCCI should bring Bangladesh, Zimbabve to India and play 10 Test matches. Win all and that will heal the Aussie wound. Sachin will get 100. many others will also prosper. Our test ratings will improve.

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by Guest on Jan 16, 2012 03:50 PM
nice Boss...

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Yougsters not ready?
by BS on Jan 16, 2012 10:12 AM  | Hide replies

It is easy to blame senior players. But we have very few cricketers of Dravid and Laxman calibre. We have seen Suresh Raina a complete flop at home against WI. If Dravid and Laxman can not play how do you expect youngsters to face quality bowling attack?

BCCI should formulate an exit plan for seniors particularly Laxman and Dravid who have made great contribution to our cricket. They should be given some responsible job so that they stay with us.

They have to go. But let us not make it unpleasant for them. Let us not forget their contribution. They will be asset in some way or the other.

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Re: Yougsters not ready?
by Guest on Jan 16, 2012 03:51 PM
Raina is flop in overseas, short ball, etc... he is great player in IPL. Let him play IPL only..

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anand anand
Re: Yougsters not ready?
by anand anand on Jan 28, 2012 04:29 PM
yes they need respect because they deserve it.they have carried india on their shoulders for long so they deserve it.cricketers like them come once in a blue moon and they are also human beings.so let us show respect to them.groom youngsters under them.

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very easy
by nadodi on Jan 15, 2012 10:37 PM  | Hide replies

Indians find Zero.This high caste hindus & brahmin cats confirm this with 7th white egg and waiting for 8th.welldone.indians really proud of these cats can't chase rats outside their homes.

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Re: very easy
by nadodi on Jan 15, 2012 10:39 PM
that includes 7th consecutive egg.only the same bunch of group older or younger.the result to be same.

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Harpreet Singh
Re: very easy
by Harpreet Singh on Jan 18, 2012 10:38 PM
.... off u very easy

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Adaksh AA
Harbhajan Singh needed in Team India asap...
by Adaksh AA on Jan 15, 2012 09:51 PM  | Hide replies

Mr Srikanth... the biggest mistake you and ur team did is to have excluded Bhajji from the team....

The only fighter in the team....Bhajji has always been a threat to every opposition esp. the Aussies... Then basis 1 test series performance...why did you guys devastate the career of a great bowlerlike Bhajji who is just 30 and has taken >400 wickets and is considered as one of the best off spinners in the world by all sane cricketers around the world!!!

Is it so important to bring mediocre player like Ashwin in place of Bhajji??? Is Regional favourism so important????

Without players like Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh...the team looks so dull and weak!!!!

Common chikka reinstate Bhajji and Yuvi asap...

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mahesh gupta
What we need.
by mahesh gupta on Jan 15, 2012 07:26 PM

1. We need at least 5 good pacers who can bowl daunting line and length. Our batsman practice in nets with these dumbs who now and then bowl down the leg side.(That's why our leg side is so strong)

2. Make green turfs to get our batsmen exposed to such wickets in domestic cricket.

3. Build good positive youngsters who don't get panicked by failures.

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