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Tiger Pataudi, a truly heroic cricketer!

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junaid anwar
I remember once in a flight to England
by junaid anwar on Sep 23, 2011 01:12 PM

I remember once in a flight to England on way to Africa in KLM,i had a great chance to interact with this legend,he has an aura unmatched by any criceter,we talked for about half an hour on different issues not even knowing me.

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bracelet grace
I 'll tell u
by bracelet grace on Sep 23, 2011 12:40 PM  | Hide replies

How this man was Great`er than these
"Great wall of India" & "God of Indian cricket";

That wall took full 35 matches to score his ton, while
the man played only 34 matches,
with a not out "Double" ton to his credit


How many matches did this "God" take to score his Double ton?
( I think. his friend scored 2 successive doubles, in 1993 itself!)

It's not just in cricket.. In Tennis too

At 26 yrs, that blonde angel Bjorn had;

102 career titles,
with a standing "Record" on 2 different surfaces of Tennis..

This fellaw Roger is nowhere near 100 title, or for that reason holding a "record" on 2 surfaces, at such a young age

They were products of venkatachalapathy..
& not some pedestaled fellow of Bangalore

So, get your statistics right,
before "conferring".......

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prasad rajendra
Re: I 'll tell u
by prasad rajendra on Sep 23, 2011 12:42 PM
rediffmail not working?
What to do?

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Seenu Subbu
Re: I 'll tell u
by Seenu Subbu on Sep 24, 2011 02:36 AM
Poda myire

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Baburao Apte
by Baburao Apte on Sep 23, 2011 12:23 PM  | Hide replies

I shut my right eye and imagined how it would be to face even a slow full toss... I stopped imagining. and Pataudi sir scored more than 2700 test runs against teams like England, WI and AUs and also captained! True HERO!

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Ramdas Nayak
Re: Unbelievable
by Ramdas Nayak on Sep 23, 2011 12:34 PM
Batting with one eye against Wesley Hall and Charlie Griffith who are suppose to be the fastest bowlers ever played in cricket shows how gritty and fine cricketer he was.

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Chrysanthemum sxaz
Re: Re: Unbelievable
by Chrysanthemum sxaz on Sep 23, 2011 12:45 PM
without helmet!

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Mohan Powle
Re: Re: Re: Unbelievable
by Mohan Powle on Sep 23, 2011 12:53 PM
with one eye open you can very well concentrate, when used to. In Arching and shooting too it is practiced.

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Chennai Dynamite
Re: Re: Re: Re: Unbelievable
by Chennai Dynamite on Sep 23, 2011 06:22 PM
Then you are throwing something at someone else. Imagine someone shooting an arrow or a bullet at you, and you have one eye to see it coming and decide what to do.

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m j
Great loss to cricket!
by m j on Sep 23, 2011 11:53 AM

In an era where tigers are becoming extinct, Indian Cricket has lost a Tiger... Tiger who is irreplaceable...
He was in all sense a Tiger... a Great man! May his soul rest in peace...
We all love you Tiger and we will definitely miss you!

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