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India is NOT a thirld world
by Guest on Jul 22, 2009 01:19 AM  | Hide replies

I am requesting to the world that they should think before speaking something. If India is a thirld world then how do we have toplisted billionaires, our moon missiles, our economy and most important we've organised so many world conference any thirld world country can't even think to do that because they don't have enough fundings.so, Mr.Hayden just use IQ before making any baseless comments. It'll affect your personality.

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Vivek Chandrasekhar
Re: India is NOT a thirld world
by Vivek Chandrasekhar on Jul 22, 2009 01:13 PM
You really dont believe India is a third world/poor country ? Just curious if you have travelled widely. We are one of the poorest places on earth PER CAPITA. Please dont relate the number of billionaires with per capita income, it is only a function of the polulation. For eg: if we merge India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, we will be a bigger economy than China. Does that mean we are also a better place to live ? No. Sorry if I am the bearer of the bad news.

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pradeep kris
Aussies are actually deported Englishmen
by pradeep kris on Nov 26, 2008 02:12 PM

Aussies calling India a 3rd world country should actually see what they themselves are. UK used to Deport their BAD Blood and worse - prisoners to Australia. Hayden should examine that he would be considered a 4th world country

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manoj jain
Hayden is a defeted and bitter spotsman.
by manoj jain on Nov 24, 2008 09:21 PM

Now again fined for slow over rate in first test in Sydney. Hayden must eat his shit he said from his mouth. Having failed in so many innings has made him a mentel junkee it seems. He probably has forgotten that few years back he was dying to stay back in India after one day series to play in test cricket. And not long back he along with all his fellow team mates were playing in IPL for some money and they want to sell books with shit to make more money. He appears to be a man gone crzy because of continous filures. Probably they can learn from Sachin, or Sourav.

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ramesh palanivel
Australia fate
by ramesh palanivel on Nov 21, 2008 05:08 PM

Mr. Ricky ponting bus does not have Shane warne and Macrath so the bus is not moving, he has to find like them in the indian street i think they will get from our country

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Abhimanyu Sharma
Hayden's Remarks are immature
by Abhimanyu Sharma on Nov 21, 2008 03:36 PM  | Hide replies

Hayden's remarks about India being a third world nation reeks of immaturity and jealousy. perhaps he doesn't read the papers... we have sent men and women to space, had successful landing of an unmanned probe on the moon, have nuclear capability.... does australia have anything is comparison? after all, as Botham had once remarked, what can you expect from the descendants of criminals???
Sunila Goray

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Re: Hayden's Remarks are immature
by rahul on Nov 26, 2008 08:06 PM
we are third world country..dont u knw that? or r u dreaming? lol..hayden is r8...dont b ashamed of wht u r becos of ur fellow indianns n politicians

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sheeja menon
Hayden's comment
by sheeja menon on Nov 17, 2008 08:55 PM

We deserve it. We are enamoured by white skin all the time. Little wonder that we pay these Aussies such hefty sums for the IPL (which secures their interests even after retirement)and they still foul mouth us. ho is now a Racist?

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