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'Bring back Sourav'

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saurav is harming the team and indian cricket
by ayesha on Mar 03, 2006 08:51 PM

why is it always about saurav ganguly? what is important is the TEAM. Thinking as a team and playing as a team is what is important. if a player fits into the team, and plays as part of the team, it will show in the results. no player is bigger and more important than the team. saurav has been out of form and a passenger in the team for over 2 years. he remained captain of the team when actually he didnt even deserve a place in the team, as he was failing match after match.

we need a tough coach llike greg chappell. we employed him because we knew he would bring in changes in the thinking of the players and mould them into a fighting unit. we can see how successful he has already been. he has a vision and he has put his plan into action. we need to support him to do his job. he is our friend and not the enemy. he wants exactly what we want for the indian team and he knows how to go about it. the team have a huge advantage having him as the coach. let's support and respect his efforts.
saurav has had his day. he cannot have his way. new players have shown their worth, their talent and are performing consistently. even for one as thick skinned as saurav, he has to step down now.

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alex prakash
by alex prakash on Mar 03, 2006 05:47 PM  | Hide replies

It's more than 50 years since we got Independence,still our administrators (even in sports)give importance to foriegner's words over our heros,the same silly thing done by our rajas to some of our freedom fighting heros.I wish to say the same as Ranatunga said INDIA SHOULD LEARN TO RESPECT THEIR HEROS.S Ganguly is undoubtfully a hero,who raised the indian cricket to a great height,.BCCI might have forgotten everything,but we the people rate u as a great HERO.

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by Ravi on Mar 04, 2006 05:35 AM
Whats wrong in appointing a foreigner; Will a local be able to enforce discipline in the team? Will he be able to weild control over top duds like Scahin, Dravid etc? Has a local ever gotten us to such progress as we see now? Has a local had the guts to select a player mainly based on merit?

Ganguly was a good player; not now. Past laurels are ineffective in a professional organisation. Afterall, BCCI is not a charity organisation to keep honouring guys for their past performances.

Learn from the Aussies; Afterall they had the guts to chuck out Steve Waugh from the ODI team. No local coach will ever have the effrontery to do that.

So the results are pretty evident: Aussies rule; India are getting better thanks to John and Greg; But stop your banter and allow Greg to concentrate on his work.


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silly chappel wants to be in limelight!
by Mahadevan on Mar 04, 2006 12:42 AM
That is well said alex

More is that, chappel wants be in the limelight. thats why even after the issue with Ganguly is getting settled down this aussie is pulling along (how silly?). I think he is playing with the morale of the all the fans----all the more he has nothing to lose even he fails to win the controversies.


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by pulse on Mar 04, 2006 09:53 AM
You guys will never be able to think beyond that?

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by kiru on Mar 04, 2006 05:15 AM
if you dont want a forigner to speak, then why are you bringing in a forign coach. once you bring him to do the job, then just kindly let him do the job.

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Sameer Shaikh
by Sameer Shaikh on Mar 03, 2006 11:23 PM
Mr writter, its not binding on foreign policy. Did Chappel came here like britishers.. no... We called him, in fact ganguly called him. We are adicted to foreign material.. whether its hollywood movies, pop songs, english wine, foreign companies, foreign coach, dollar, foreign culture and now even indian man desires white woman over our indian woman... So globalization has started and now it will be differet with liberalization for everything

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Karthikeyan GANAPATHY
by Karthikeyan GANAPATHY on Mar 04, 2006 04:24 PM
hi alex , I am very sorry to see that you trying to equate the issue of freedom from British to that of Greg Chappell comment.By the way I am not quite sure whether our politicians has done better than british (who atleast left us English as the communicating language with which our whole country is now competing against the world in outsourcing).

As for Greg chappell comments , all he asked from Ganguly was be a team man. Chappell may be a foriegner but HE IS OUR COACH. why dont we "patriotic" Indians realize this. He is a professional who is doing the job what it is meant for.I totally support Chappell atleast he has told the truth about Ganguly who is trying to live on past glories and earn a livelihood.

Let INDIA win the world cup , if only we listen to Mr.Chappell

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