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Pak forfeit 4th Test

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Pak/England and Australian umpire
by SS on Aug 21, 2006 10:20 AM

It is more than a coincidence, for players from Indian subcontinent to get penalised from Austarlian umpires and /or spectators. It apears that Austarlians buldoze asians whenever slightest doubt comes up. God save cricket.

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forfeiture of test match by Pakistan
by B.RAVI CHANDRA on Aug 21, 2006 10:14 AM

It was obvious, that English were likely to lose the test, and hence cooked up the story of ball-tampering.

Who is the Authority, in a particular incident, to decide that a ball is tampered or not?

Umpires like Darrel Hair & the ever blunderung Billy Doctrove, always play agst the non-white teams.

If Indians Batsmen do not have a problem of playing
Muralidharan, why is that Australians & ENGLISH men
have such issues agst him. Simply because they do not have it in them to accept the superior cricket prowess of other nations' cricketers.

In any case, if the batsmen have so much protective gear, to counter any bowler, why is that bowlers have to have absolutely genuine action, and not tamper ball at all ?

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Darrel Hair should be banned
by Fauwad on Aug 21, 2006 09:56 AM

This is not the first incident when Darrel Hair has acted harshly against the players from the subcontinent. As a result Murlitharan has rightly decided not to play the matches officiated by Darrel hair. As the events unfolderd, esterday's decision was based on pressumption rather than evidence against any player. Its the duty of the umpire to consult the fielding Captain if he finds anything wrong with the ball, rather than taking a unilateral decision. I think its high time that teams from sub continent come together and make sure that such racist umpires are banned from (atleast) the matches involving teams from sub-continent.

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Pakistan forfiet match
by Subramanian on Aug 21, 2006 09:41 AM

It is high time that the Asian countries aling with SouthAfrica as that Umpire Hair not officiate in any match featuring the couloured players. Secondly Asin group should also ask for increase in the international umpires from their region as the currenr list is white dominated.

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Hairy problem
by K.R.K.Varier on Aug 21, 2006 09:37 AM

I was growing my locks for some time. It was becoming irritating for my forehead and face this long growth. I then decided to cut it off. Darryil Hair has been a permenant source of trouble to the sub-continent cricket. His first victim is the now the highest wicket tacker in the world. Why can't the ICC remove these types of controversial personalities from their present assignment. Are we to believe that only subcontinent crickters are trouble makers.

My sympathies are with pak team.


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Cricket Lost at the cost of some silly umpiring decision.!!!
by Saabir on Aug 21, 2006 09:34 AM

Dear Readers,

I strongly believe that at the end it was cricket which was the loser.

Looking into the history of the great umpire Darrel Hair, he has been part of a deep rooted conspiracy against the Asian nations. I don't know that what is the problem with this great gentleman when it comes to umpiring in the matches where the Asian teams are involved. Is he having some grudge against us? If that is so, then this issue must be investigated and this greatest Umpire of All time must go!! In other words, HE MUST BE SACKED.

Not one proof was presented, nor did any ICC official made any statement about the issue of Ball Tampering (which that umpire claims!!), instead they have started discussing the forfieture issue of the Pakistan cricket team.

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Eng - Pak
by Kailash on Aug 21, 2006 09:28 AM

The Umpair & match referees decision are always severe against the sun continent team & its players...What Inzy did is a right one...explanation shd be asked from hair..if hair was guilty ..he shd be awarded suspension for a period...

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Raja Mohan
Double Standards
by Raja Mohan on Aug 21, 2006 09:09 AM

Dear readers,
English umpires showed double standards when aseans are at the receiving end.
Why didnt they award the match to India, when John Snow bowled India out for 40+ rungs, using vaseline on his forehead to keep the ball shining?
Another point to ask is on who claimed ball tampering? England team officials or players? How can a person sitting out of the ground can ask for checking the ball tampering and umpires concluded the same? Apart from that, unless it is proved that Pakistan players have tampered the ball, how can the umpires decide for a penalty? They could have changed the ball, if they found it damaged but cant impose penalty unless Pakistan is proved to be guilty.
Pakistan because of the bad history will be facing these issues for some time, but I think it is high time to protest the double standards of English and Australian umpires.
Best regards,
Raja Mohan

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fiasco !!
by BHASKAR CHOUMAL on Aug 21, 2006 09:09 AM

neither umpires ,nor both cricket teams got harm. The viewers and spirit of game is badly hit.

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Rajagopalan, USA
4th Test in England
by Rajagopalan, USA on Aug 21, 2006 09:02 AM

Aug 21

Pak is notorious for such practices. Gary Sobers commented (when the Umpires used to be from host Country) "in Pakistan, you have to play with 13 players including 2 Pak umpires". Indian blaster batsmen Krish Srikanth was about to be manhandled by Pak spectator right on the pitch. A Nation with shameless people. The so called great Imran Khan has also tampered with the ball with Coke bottle cap which was revealed by his own team mate.
IT WAS VERY GOOD DECISION BY ICC & GOOD LESSON TO PAK. Of course Pak will never learn a lesson thru such incidents & insults. And Pak had nothing to lose in this match, since they already lost the series and wanted to try all MEAN & DIRTY tactics as is usual with Pak in any game, any place, any time, for any reason etc. The whole cricketing World should remember such incidents and whenever there is any dispute, the decision must be totally against Pakistan.

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