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The Greg Chappell interview

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about commenting
by Kiran on Oct 14, 2005 03:48 PM

Chapell is quit right
it is good sign that ganguly is out of team for India
Other great players will be in team nd do thier efforts.....

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Sandip Chowdhury
A big mistake
by Sandip Chowdhury on Oct 14, 2005 03:38 PM

Hi Mr. Chapple,

You got a side which performing well( except past 6 months out of which your tenure is 2 months ). After that if you want 1 and half year to say some thing, it is totally ridiculas. And I can assure you, you will also face problem with some other team member. As of my experience in my own field, because you simply have an attitude problem as a manager or Coach what ever BCCI say.

Same thing Steve waugh mention it prviously. Both ganguly and Steave waugh's Achievement is better than your coaching achievement, remember this.

Don't compare with the english team, they are in very dire state when vaughan and Flether took over the team.

And at the end I am not a ganguly suppoter, I am an Indian team suppoter. I would like to congrats Rahul Dravid for his captaincy. He really deserve it. I am also firm beliver that rahul still not a automatic choice of player in One day.

Best Of luck Dravid. Mr. chappel want student, not leader.


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r.shyam sundar
about cricket
by r.shyam sundar on Oct 14, 2005 03:34 PM

it is the right move taken by indian selectors to appoint rahul dravid as indian captian,because he earns that post as a reward for his hard work. heis a team man and also a cooperative guy, in the field he does not shows himself as if he his having a good cricket brain but he really possesses it. it is visible in the team meetings as well as in the media by his statements and ideas which he suggests in the team meetings which we come know about by reading news-papers,net.he also encourages the young crickters and also back them behind the closed doors.he will definitely help the indian cricket to rise up from their crisis situation which they are in now. he will also prove his appiontement as captain of the indian team as a good decesion practically as a good one if he is given longer run by our selsctors.

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why is vvs laxman is out of the team
by vemana on Oct 14, 2005 03:13 PM

could you please explain why vvs laxman is out of the team ?
please don't say that he is not good for the shorter version of the game.

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Hurrah for Greg
by gkarthikeyan on Oct 14, 2005 03:03 PM

It is pleasing to know that Rahul has been appointed as the captain. The crucial role of the coach in preparindg the team is undisputed. He will be the best man to asses rather than the board sitting on the tables.

I think ganguly should learn that he cannot win matches as an individual and only a team performancve can win matches.(I think it is unlikely he will learn it).

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Debashis Pal
Greg Chappel
by Debashis Pal on Oct 14, 2005 02:55 PM

Hi Editor,
I have read the interview of GC thoroughly. Now he is saying Rahul is the right choice, but I am sure he will say different thing after 30 days. As everybody knows that GC is is great cricketer (batsman only) but at the same time he don't have the sportsman spirit. He is very famous for instructing his brother to bowl underarm than as a cricketer. Indian selectors once again lost the series (forth one day internationals) before the match has started to an Australian. Congratulations to Indian selectors.
Another point to be noted that now he has started saying Sehwag is a Great cricketer (along with Sachin). This is for simple reason that Sehwag is the front runner as Captain after RD. Mr. GC is very clever.

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