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The Greg Chappell interview

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Raj Bhatnagar
Good job sir
by Raj Bhatnagar on Oct 15, 2005 04:13 PM

Hi greg sir
how r you sir as far as I think that you are quitely correct on your position. you know very well now what is important for indian team. Everybody know that Always indian team follows ads and glamrous they are forgot they must be hard work and concentrate their works. sir I agree with you that all are lazy and they do not follow what the needs that time. I know sir in your direction our team will go leaps and bound. Plz sachin work so hard ok I am your great fans plz don't loose hope and concentrate on your work ok our wishes and all prayers with you ok bye
Raj bhatnagar

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by VIDYASAGAR on Oct 15, 2005 03:08 PM

Three important points i would like to share

1. Omission of V.V.S.laxman

It appears that omission of was decided prior to challenger trophy. If taht is the case, it would have been wise to give chance to a some other player in the challenger trophy. If you see his over all record is much better than many other players who are in the team.
2. Dravid as captain

It another mistake, As it is clear the team is divided into groups. Also Dravids decision to declare the match when Tendulkar was nearing 200 against pakistan is one of the ugly decision in cricket history always chasing him.
3. Haribhajan singh continuing
I always wonder how player like haribhajan can continue for so long he never produced magic spell all world class spinners are doing so. Spinner role is so important in turning the matches .His record so far appears to me he managed to get the wickets with the help of captain by bowling at comfortable conditions he never give the team edge under difficult circumstances.

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about Dravid Captaincy
by eswar on Oct 14, 2005 11:43 PM

Hi I am Mr.B.Eswar

In my view Dravid is the right person for captaing of Indian Cricket.The Selection committee take good decision two days back.



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Who will measure the performance of Dungapure / More / Dravid / Shastri / Chappel
by Indian on Oct 14, 2005 11:21 PM

First I like to convey my surprise.. the people (including one columnist) who was so shouting to exclude Sourav has no comments yet!!!!!!!!!

Or now, the are coward enough to face the reality now.. if Sourav could be the captain.. he will easily win all this series.. even after the best effort to make first pitch by those well wishers of Indian crocket.. but those crowd now knows.. they need to performed.. They have a coach who has a great record of making an champion tem (south aus) a looser.. they know they have a captain who is now struggling with his form and who definitely does not have courage to accept even punishment like match ban for Indian cricket..

But congratulate them.. hope they will not dig the Kabbarshtn for Indian cricket.. best of luck..

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Are you sure Mr.Chapple?
by Siddharth on Oct 14, 2005 09:57 PM

I think Mr. Chapple had one agenda, "Get rid of Ganguly". He has achived that and now look what he is saying? Sehwag is a special cricketer, was not Mr.Ganguly?, Sachin needs time...had he given more time to Dada, he might have struck the form. Mr.Chapple got good working conditions with Dravid, who stopped him to make the same with Ganguly???Yes he is ruling the Indian Cricket today, no doubts. I have been greatest of fans of Indian cricket and I cant dare to see them loosing, but just imagine, if Dravid fails to win 6 out of 12 ODIs? then?? Will the selectors look back to Dada? I think this is the biggest unjustice made to Sourav'da. He was the backbone for the careers of Sehwag, Yuvi, Kaif and Bhajji. Two months old "Shark" has swollowed him. After hearing the news of Gavaskar's retierment from International Cricket, yesterday was the sadest day for me, learning that Dada has been dropped from captaincy. Long Live Indian Cricket!!

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Ashish Subba
The Greg Chappell Interview
by Ashish Subba on Oct 14, 2005 09:39 PM

"The Winner takes it all, the looser stall small". Greg has won a battle from the ungrateful indians whose memory is small. They forget how Indian Team in any field have been ruined by a "Foreign" Coach. Rahul has already started buttering Greg and de-owning his mate. He has it seems started to already think like god since the day captaincy was announced in his name. This clearly shows what is going on in the dressing room and who has mastered this. The person we call "the wall" has also been badly out of form. Why does this ungrateful nation forget Rahul's misreable form in the recent times. He was an embarressment in the world XI one day team alongwith Sehwag. We all want to enumerate foreigner, so why not take the example of Australia where Steve Waugh was the captain for not his own performance but for the perfomance of the team. Indian cricket is sick at the moment. A strong doctor is required who will not throw away the ethos of the team for personnel gains. It is time for Saurav to say goodbye to cricket for now the ungrateful people and the equally ungrateful team for whom he has stood up at all times has betrayed him. This is my India. Foreign Stuff and Foriegn goods! Amen

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nothing new in his comments
by sitikant on Oct 14, 2005 08:38 PM

I was surprised to hear the comments which Chapell has made in his recent interview. He has tried to answer questions in a way which are politically correct. There is nothing new or different in the message he is passing to his readers/listeners. I am sure Indian team will surely perform at sometime. Indian team was never short of talented players, but the greatest challenge for him is 'How soon can be come back with a team that can confidently challenge great greats like Australia and England'? And I am sure if the results do not show in the next few months, we will wonder whether removing Ganguly from captaincy was ever done with a right intention of making it a more successful team or settling his personal disputes with the ex-captain .

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indian medium pacers
by sajithsredharan on Oct 14, 2005 08:35 PM

Dear Mr, Greg

I am happy to give you my comments on indian pace bowlers ,Why we are are not able to bring bowlers like stock bowlers when the ball is old ie after 35 50 overs like Hadlee Mod Amarnath wasim akram pushing the ball when the ball is dead to the shoulder level after the pitch. this will make the game different when the pitch is dead or the ball is old.

Thanks for giving the opportinuty and like to get a feed bach on this .



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