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The Greg Chappell interview

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Jyothi Mohan
Greg Chappel Interview
by Jyothi Mohan on Oct 14, 2005 07:47 PM

"Most players go through such patches in their careers. They have good periods and they have bad periods"- This is Chappel's comment on Sehwag's form. Wonder why he doesnt think about Saurav Ganguly in the same way.

I wonder if the coach's job is to help them come out of their bad periods or create some more bad situations for them.

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arranging the level of players
by deepakraj on Oct 14, 2005 07:47 PM

sir i just want to tell you that ganguly & sachin have made a great contribution by batting at the top order and i specially advise you that just try that step once again because you know that in whichever position sehwag plays he dominates the bowlers. so it will be very useful for him to come down the order and play during the crunch situaution.

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bireswar chakraborti
stop playing scathy politics, Greg!
by bireswar chakraborti on Oct 14, 2005 05:56 PM

Be focused on your coaching to enable you to remain as coach for indian team. Stop playing your group-politics between kaif-yuvaraj-sachin vs sourav. Endeavour on improving your questionable leadership which has smashed the basic fabric of spirited indian team under the proven and abled captainship of Sourav Ganguly.

You are right while you said that would be able to comment on indian team preparation for cricket world cup , 2007! Have a good sleep at least at this hour! JUST FORGET ABOUT YOUR COACHING FOR COACHING INDIAN TEAM FOR WORLD CUP 2007.


Bireswar Chakraborti

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by SR GHOSH on Oct 14, 2005 05:45 PM

Contribution of both Dalmia & Ganguli to Indian cricket can not be ignored. One filled the coffers of BCCI-today it is arguably the richest in the world. The credit for this goes to Dalmia even though he hails from Kolkata. As far as Ganguly is concerned his individual record in both forms of cricket speaks for itself. As far his captaincy goes his record is the best so far. The BCCI selectors have favoured Ganguly by removing him from captaincy of ODI, he is also lucky for his removal from the ODI squad. The team as it stands is ahead of Bangla Desh, Zimbabwe and West Indies in ODI rankings. In the next two years it has to come up against Australia, Sri-lanka, England, New Zealand and South Africa, who are presently positioned ahead of India in ODIs. Presently Greg-Dravid combination shall be busy building up a new team.But can they overcome the others who are having great cricketers and less politics. To beat them would be an uphill task. Greg knows this and those who selected Greg know it as well. This is why he has been given tenure unto 2007. After the world cup Greg has to go.In such circumstances both Dalmia & Ganguly should concentrate on improving Bangal cricket.

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Deliver Boys Deliver !
by Kannan on Oct 14, 2005 04:53 PM

Great Days a ahead GREG.Comon give these sleeping Indian Players a tough time on the ground.Ultimately we have a say as a part of our tax is circulated as salary for these players !


"Deliver or Getlost" will be the new mantra for Indian Players we hope !

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Gre(g)at Chappell
by UMASUTARAO CHODAVARAPU on Oct 14, 2005 04:37 PM

Dear Sir,
The worst part of Indian cricket - after public and media making a big issue out of Chappeell vs ganguly rift. The best thing ever to happen to Indian Cricket has happened without nursing the ill feelings by not continuing Ganguly as a captain after he has crossed the laxman rekha of Team descipline. No one, even the captain is above Descipline.Captain should set forth example to his team players and one cannot carry on by mere nepotism favouratism and partiality. Greg Cheppell is a God sent gift to the Indian Cricket to bring our the team to glory from the dumps. Let the past be burried and the team, coach and BCCI look ahead for the success of the team and work for it sincerly. Best Wishes.

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Chandraprakash Shah
Greg Chappell interview
by Chandraprakash Shah on Oct 14, 2005 04:36 PM

One must retire at the height of one's carrier either in Cricket or in Politics and should not dictate terms with others. It will be honourable retirement. As Greg himself did in the past.

We shall find many cricketers of foriegn countries retired at pick of their carriers forget about DON BRADMAN. He was genious. Take examples of Sutcliiffe of England and New Zealand. Three great "Ws". etc.

However in India, cricketers want to stick like fevicol to place by hook or crook as they know it is their golden eggs laying hen. Our Indian people too also mad after only cricket and hardly know anything about other games. People only believe in individual worship. But they forget that several aspirints are in queue and they finish their carrier without seeing international cricket.
Those who do not retire should be kicked out to make way for new comers. Greg did right thing to remove Ganguli. He has to yet break the spider net of BCCI and its bossism.

Congratulation Greg. Carry on your mission.

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Alok Awasthi
by Alok Awasthi on Oct 14, 2005 03:50 PM

In 2007 we have the world cup .In 2005 Indian board is changing the captian of Indian team. If ganguli continued as captian up 2007 it is good for the team New captian cannot deal with the situation . This is situation like this we don,t play the world cup and lost the game.

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