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Eden Gardens jeers India failure

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KR Murty
Nel's Bad behavior In
by KR Murty on Nov 29, 2005 01:24 AM

Nel's behavior in the field in these one day Cricket series, between India and south africa, reminds me of one white Shoth Africana, with whom I worked, in Nigeria.

Nel's agressiveness is extreemly deplorable. His stares to unsettle the batsmen, is a very objectionable !!

If the same behavior is shown by any cricket player from the sub-contenent, he would have been warned and fined for his mis-conduct !!!

Even the hit on Dravid on the last part of Mumbai cricket match, neede to be watched carefully by the control boards, to confirm, if there is any intentional hit by Nel on Dravid !!

We, as colse watchers of the game would like to see how Indian crricket control board, and International Crecket Boards take up this issue !!!.

I request all to express what you feel on this issue !!


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this is ridiculous...
by Srikanth on Nov 28, 2005 11:43 PM

The article shows how mean and irresponsible the people are. When the team wins Without somebody then it is all fine.But if the team fails just once then comes the point of the player(famous) not being included irrespective of the person particularly if it is a sachin or ganguly.People don't look into the team and the performance of the team though this is a team game and team performance which reflects at the end of the day.For crickets sake please don't get all the players who are not in form into the picture.

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Eden Gardens jeers India failure
by trishanku on Nov 28, 2005 05:31 PM

Mr. Ahmed, you are a tad too late. The ex captain has already had his share of jeering in Bangalore, your epitome of politeness.

To let you in on the secret, Calcutta jeered at the present uncouth Guru of indian criket because of his ungentlemanly behaviour and also at the bunch of overpaid brats in blue playing the fool before a crowd of 90K and wasting everybody's time.

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Ananth  Baliga
kolkatta boooooooo
by Ananth Baliga on Nov 28, 2005 01:47 PM

What Kolkatta has done to the indian team.The same can be done to saurav in all the cricket grounds in india.I think kolkatta people think that the whole of india which shows in the world map consists of only calcutta.
By merely keeping silent in this whole saga saurav has shown what a shameless person he is.
i hope that in future not even single match is played in eden gardens and hope that saurav alone would perform in the ground and cheer the crowd.
I hope in the coming test series saurav gets a pair of ducks in all the 3 test matches & he is out of indian cricket team forever.

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Sarajit Majumdar
Eden Gardens ODI
by Sarajit Majumdar on Nov 27, 2005 06:20 PM  | Hide replies

Sourav or no Sourav, what is Gregg doing? Didn't he say that he was preparing the Indian team for all difficult conditions? Shouldn't the team care to play on green tops? It seems Gregg thought next cricket World Cup is going to be played in India!

After all that spat between him and Ganguly it appears a name like Dreg Chapell suits the coach more aptly.

Soon the Indian team will realise that Dreg wanted to justify his high salaried appointment with cheap politicking and poor surprises of experimention of number three batsman.


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RE:Eden Gardens ODI
by nagaraj on Nov 28, 2005 04:35 PM
you kolkatans are going crazy.
just see your so called dada's record in the past 10 matches, and check how many centuries has he scored and how many half centuries and also count how many ducks and single digit scores in domestic as well as international cricket.
you kolkatans dont care what india needs, you just care about your state hero( i call him as zero).
i do agree that as a captain he has done a lot. but as a batsmen where does he stand?
do you think that he should be included as a 12th men as a captain?
captain should lead from the front. ganguly should learn from dravid about how to lead as a captain and as a player.
Greg has nothing to loose if you pinpoint at greg.
he as a coach is doing a great job, u kolkatans need not teach him.
by pointing fingers at greg kolkatans are not going to gain anything, instead india may loose a great coach now and in future.
so you kolkatans so called gangulies, ask your dada to practice and learn how to play cricket.
you guys showed your character to the whole world.
cheap act and cheap mentality , i would say narrow minded pupil not people.

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by zeeshan on Nov 27, 2005 05:50 PM  | Hide replies

we all miss you wirtthout you india is0000000000000000000000000000

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by Rahul on Nov 29, 2005 12:37 AM
Ganguly is a pathetic piece of %** in the Indian team.In my opinion Ganguly (now that he is in the test team) should be kept as a 12th man in every match to fetch drinks for his team mates as revenge on behalf of whole of India(excluding Bengal).And for you zeeshan(what ever) i think you deserve a big kick.

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Message deleted by moderator
Rafeed Ahmed
Saurav and Culcutta
by Rafeed Ahmed on Nov 27, 2005 03:24 PM

If Culcutta can do this with Dravid ; same can happen with Ganguly in Bangalore. But I dont think so, because Dravid is a polite man, also the kannada people.

The story which was been created in Culcutta will only increase problem to Ganguly and it wont decrease problems for Ganguly.

Also my opinion ( I hope most of the cricket lovers wishes same ), "Eden Gardens" should be avoided from future cricket matches, since the bad acting of the viewers is repeating again and again.

Plz comment

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Sourav ... petty and selfish..and not a hero
by shravan_tedla on Nov 27, 2005 01:16 PM

Why can't Sourav say that the whole situation is between him and the Cricket Board and ask people to support the Indian Team?

What did Dravid and Sachin do that they should be jeered?

It is time for Sourav to open his mouth and ask his fans to support the Indian team. By asking his fans to support the Indian team, he would actually have elevated himself. But again, Sourav just shows his selflishness.

I am also shocked that no one in the media has asked Sourav on why he is not questioning the derogatory comments of the Bengal fans.

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